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Ford F150 Ignition Switch Problems

Ford F150 Ignition Switch Problems

An ignition switch is the electrical component of the Ford F150 that activates another electrical system to start the engine. 

Ford F150 Ignition Switch Problems include a bad starter motor and damaged electrical wiring that cannot provide the power to start the engine. The bad batteries will also supply insufficient power to this switch and hinder its functioning. The overheating due to temperature changes and broken springs will also cause problems.

You should notice this issue because you cannot turn on the headlights, increasing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, the other electrical component on the dashboard, including stereo and infotainment systems, cannot perform their function.

Issues with truck electric system

The electrical system is the major component of the Ford F150 to run the system that needs power for its proper functioning.

The ignition switch also needs an electrical source to turn on and then deliver the power to different components of the pickup truck.

When this system becomes faulty, you can face issues while starting the vehicle. Moreover, electrical problems will come when the wiring present between the ignition cylinders gets damaged.

The primary reason for their damage is general wear and tear when you place wrong keys in the trucks or apply more stress to fix them.

In addition, the problem will also come when they become old and lose their flexibility. The damage to the antenna wires present in the cylinder will also cause an insufficient electrical current supply to the system.

In the switch, wires connect its various components, and when the connections of these wiring become loose, they cause the problem.

You can fix it by opening the whole part with the help of a mechanic and checking the wires. If there are loose or damaged connections of any wire, replace it with a new one.

You should also check the fuse of the electrical system to fix the electricity problems.

Issues with the starter motor

The starter motor is the major component of the Ford F150 ignition switch that helps to provide power to the whole system by engaging its different parts.

When you turn on the switch, the power comes to the starter motor, and it engages the pinions with the flywheel to turn it on for its appropriate functioning.

Due to the absence of the starter motor or any fault in it, electrical current cannot be supplied to the required system.

Moreover, this motor needs heavy wires to supply a high ampere of current. The issue comes in these heavy wires like short circuits and damaged cables.

Due to this issue, electrical signals from the key cannot come to the motors, and they cannot perform their function adequately.

It also helps the engine compartment to suck the air and fire for sparking of plug and movement of the Ford F150 truck.

The general wear and tears will also produce in it, which can cause the production of clunking sound when you turn it on.

You can recognize this issue by the sign, which includes that your dashboard is showing light, and the engine is not providing enough power.

The issue with its parts will also occur due to dirt and corrosion, interrupting their functioning.

In addition, the corroded batteries and oil leakage will also hinder its working capability and cause poor ignition.

The short circuit and blow a fuse from this motor will also cause the smoke to come from the vehicle.

When you see this sign during running, you should stop your truck and park it in a safe area to check the issue.

Faulty batteries

The batteries are present in Ford F150 to provide enough power to run its different parts correctly.

Sometimes the batteries become bad and cannot able to provide power. 

When the batteries in your pickup truck become faulty and stop performing their function, it will cause the Ford F150 ignition switch issue.

The issues in the batteries will come when you turn on the headlights for a longer time. Moreover, the problem will also occur due to old and low-quality batteries.

The faulty batteries will present the power supply from the ignition switch to the starter motor, engine, and other components.

The battery’s corroded and loose terminal connections are also the primary cause of their failure. The overheating in batteries and melting of its plastic gaskets will also cause the issue.

It also happens due to worn-out batteries that become out of function after completing their lifespan.

When you face the stalling issue in your truck, you should check the batteries and its component to find out the electrical and mechanical faults.


The temperature changes are a natural phenomenon, and it is a typical factor that is not in the control of people.

The high temperature affects your vehicles in many ways and causes damaging effects on their different parts.

The overheating issue will come due to fault in any system, damaging all parts. The overheating will also occur when you park your trucks outside during hot days.

The high temperature from the outer side and the engine’s running will heat the ignition switch in Ford F150 and cause its wires to melt down.

The melted wires cannot provide the current to the engine to start the truck.

It is made up of metal material that contracts and relax according to the change of temperature.

During high temperatures, they expand in size, and you feel difficulty putting the keys in their holes. In addition, the high level of humidity due to seasonal changes will also cause an issue.

The excessive moisture causes the growth of rust on the sides of their surface, which can constrict the path for entry of key.

You can resolve this issue by parking the car inside during low temperatures to prevent humidity conditions.

You can also remove the humidity by using different cleaners available on the market. You can also prevent overheating by turning off the truck when not in use.

Broken springs

The spring is the internal part of the ignition switch that helps in the appropriate functioning of the starter motor.

When you turn on the switch with the help of a key, this spring comes back to its original position. The backup is necessary to supply power to the whole system.

When these springs do not return to their original position, it will cause the steering wheel to lock.

The damaged springs of the switch will also indicate that they are getting old and out of function. You cannot drive your vehicle with broken springs due to insufficient current supply.

They are tightened by using nuts and bolts; if the screws are too tight, then it will also cause problems in their back motion.

The loose screws will also cause an issue because they are not beneficial for tuning on the ignition system when you put a key in their hole.

You can fix this problem by replacing the spring of the ignition system with the help of a technician.

Moreover, you can also resolve this issue by preventing them from external stresses, including hitting hard objects and accidents.

Issues with the turning of the key

The keys are necessary to turn on this switch, and any problem during its movement will cause an issue.

When the coil springs break, you cannot move the keys inside the whole, getting stuck in them. Sometimes, the turning of the keys occurs when their surface becomes corroded.

You cannot turn on the switch if you place the wrong keys into the holes that cannot match its structure.

When you cannot turn the keys appropriately to start the pickup truck, it is impossible to supply the power to the engine for its further functioning.

Sometimes the keys are stuck in the Ford F150 ignition switch, and the engine remains on, reducing its efficiency to perform its function.

The issues with turning will also occur when you put the keys with heavy chains for a longer time.

You can use the correct key in the keyhole to turn it accurately. Moreover, you can also prevent its surface from corrosion and wears or tear.

Damaged ignition switch

The switches become faulty and cannot turn on the necessary components of your vehicles. In addition, they become defective due to spark plugs that cannot provide enough spark.

Moreover, the physical stress during accidents will also damage its components, and you cannot turn them on.

Due to the damage of internal components, the Ford F150 will also produce uneven noise because of broken springs and cylinders.

Most people complain that this issue commonly comes when your truck becomes old, and you buy the used ones from the markets.

You should install new ones to resolve the problem and turn on the headlights that prevent accidents.

You should not attach heavy key chains with them, which can also produce wear and tear in their structure.

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