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Common Problems With Open Range RV

Common Problems With Open Range RV

People love to travel in the open range RV because of their exterior design and wide dimensions. However, there are some issues with its quality which cause a problem during trips.

Common problems with Open Range RV include delamination of paint, faulty brake system, poor rear axle installation, broken drawers, and low-quality tires. In addition, people also face soft spots on the floor, faulty heaters, loose water fittings, warranty problems, and failure of sliding motors in these RVs. 

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Open Range RV Problems Solutions
Delamination of paint Sanding, scrapping and repainting
Issue with brakes Spray brake wires with rustproof spray
Poor installation of the rear axle Replace the bent axle with new one
Broken drawers Fix with metal clamps
Low-quality tires Add new wheels
Soft spots on the floor Add new plywood piece
Warranty issues Extended warranty does not cover floor, ceilings and batteries
Failure of sliding motors Check for blown out fuse
LP gas leakage Tighten the connecting points
Heat from LED light Change LED lights

Delamination of paint

People complain about the paint delamination issue from the interior walls of the RV. You can see small bubble formations on some corners of the interior walls.

Delamination or bubbling issue comes when the painting job is not done correctly. For example, poor surface preparation during painting causes these problems.

Moreover, its paint on wet, dry, and hot places produces bubbles later. You can face delamination issues due to excessive exposure to moisture.

Exposure to high humidity leads to the formation of tiny water-filled bubbles on the inner surface of painted walls.

You can see blisters when the paint layer loses its adhesion to the wall due to exposure to water and extreme heat.

You can fix this issue by sanding the specific area and then repainting it. In addition, remove the water-filled bubbles by extracting water with syringes.

Remove the blisters with scrapping and repaint the damaged surface with high-quality paints to prevent further issues.

It is also better to trace out the areas that cause water leakage and increased humidity in interior walls.

Issue with brakes

The brakes of Open Range RVs suddenly stop working during driving which compromises the safety of the passenger during long trips.

In this situation, you are applying brakes, but these do not have enough force to stop your RV. The brake issue comes due to the breakage of brake wires or lines.

These are steel cables that are present on the lower side to resist the pressure of your vehicle when you stop them.

The breakage of brake lines occurs due to the overloading and carrying heavy equipment. The thin wires cannot withstand the extra pressure and are prone to wear and tear.

Moreover, you can also face wear and tear when these steel wires are exposed to corrosion from road salts and water.

It is necessary to fix this issue because the improper working of brakes increases accidents. Purchase the oil-proof rusting spray from the market to coat the brake lines.

Spray the wires with this material to protect them from corrosion-related damage.

Poor installation of the rear axle

The axle is the shaft-like material that powers its wheels for their movement. You face an issue in the movement of wheels due to poor axle installation.

It causes an issue in alignment during driving and poor steering wheel stability. You can also face swaying or leaning issues because of a misaligned rear axle.

Issues in the alignment of axles come due to severe accidents that bents them. In addition, they also bend and do not correctly transfer the power when you are accidentally hit with potholes or other hard surfaces.

You can fix this issue by taking your RV to their service centers. However, it is a significant problem that is costly to repair, and you can take help from the customer service centers of the manufacturing brand.

It is unsafe to drive with a bent axle because it stresses other components like the shock absorber and transmission system.

Broken drawers

Drawers are present in RV to provide a storage area for placing cloth, shoes, and other accessories and not create a mess on the floor or bed.

Many of my friends who used this complained about the broken drawers. As a result, it becomes difficult for them to store their accessories.

The breaking issue occurs due to their frequent use and low-quality manufacturing material. In addition, the loose nuts and bolts that are installed to connect their joints cause breakage.

You can fix the cracks in the wooden material using metal clamps and then tighten them with bolts. Moreover, you can also use high-quality glue to fix the broken ends.

Low-quality tires

People also face the issue with tires of this RV that blow out after some time. It becomes hard to fix the blown-out wheels when there are no service centers in your nearby location.

These are made up of low-quality rubber material, which damages when you drive on unpaved or bumpy roads.

The company adds low-quality tires to reduce the cost of the vehicle and make them lightweight. The small hole in their exterior surface leads to puncture.

You can fix the issue by installing the new high-quality tires as an aftermarket addition that bears the heavy loads.

Check the air pressure in all wheels to reduce the blowout issue. Keep the air compressors with you during the trip to refill the air.

Soft spots on the floor

You can see the soft spots formation on the floors of the bathroom and kitchen. In addition, the soft spores on the plywood floors show water-related damage.

The issue comes due to water leakage from the lines or hose damages. The water leakage generally comes from the kitchen because of loose water fittings.

The water fittings become loose because of corrosion on their surfaces. The high pressure of water also makes them loose and causes leakage.

The exposure to water comes when nuts and bolts on the sides of hose attachments are not tightened properly.

The water is entrapped in the wooden material and produces soft spots there. You can hear the squeaking noise while moving on floors.

Tighten the nuts of the hose attachments using pliers to reduce water leakage. Finally, sand the plywood material and refurnish it with a paint coat.

You can also remove the damaged part and install a new patch of plywood there.

Warranty issues

Many people purchase the extended warranty programs of Open-Range RVs to get rid of expensive repairs.

An extended warranty benefits people because the company can repair broken or damaged parts free of cost.

It does not put a financial burden on people to repair broken items. However, this company’s extended warranty program is unreliable because it does not cover most of the major parts.

There is no repairing or replacing for the batteries that wear out with time and are costly to fix. In addition, an extended warranty does not cover issues with walls and ceilings that are prone to damage because of poor-quality material.

Registering the complaints in customer service centers is necessary to recall the extended warranty program.

Failure of sliding motors

People face the issue with sliding motors after every 6 to 7 months. The motor burns out suddenly and causes a problem with the opening of the slide-outs.

Burning of the slide-out motor comes due to less power supply than their original requirement. In addition, the issue also comes due to fluctuations in power supply.

It is the electric component that is vulnerable to age-related wear and tear. The issue with the motor of the slide outcomes is due to overheating.

The frequent opening and closing of slide-outs cause the burning of motors. You cannot repair the burnt-out motors, so you have to replace them.

Select the new motors from the market with the same amperage as the old ones. Hire the mechanic for their correct installation and reduce burnt-out issues.

Check the fuse of the slide-out motors because these are not working due to a blown-out fuse.

LP gas leakage

LP is the liquified petroleum gas in the RV and is also known as propane. It runs various electrical appliances like refrigerators, electric heaters, and stoves.

Many people complain that they feel the smell from their RVs due to gas leakage. The leakage occurs due to poor fitting of the valves with respective appliances.

You can face this because of the poor fitting of the supplier valve and the propane tank. In addition, the cracked sealing of the systems causes gas leakage.

It is risky because gas leakage increases the risk of fire and explosion. However, you can fix it by tightening the connecting valves to prevent leakage.

Do not overtighten the valves because it can damage the system. You can also contact the customer service centers of the highland ridge for repairing cracked seals.

Heat from LED lights

LED lights are present in the Open range RV interior cabin to provide illumination. However, many people complain that AC cannot work efficiently when these lights are on.

The issue comes because these LED lights produce heat when you turn them on. It is challenging in the summer because it reduces the working efficiency of air conditioners.

The heating problem comes when the diode and semiconductor are faulty and cannot absorb the heat generated.

You can fix the issue by taking your RV to the customer’s service centers. The representative of these centers removes the old lights and installs the new ones.

Moreover, you can also install lights of different colors that are less bright because the issue also comes due to darker color lights.

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