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Silverado Key Fob Antenna Location

Silverado Key Fob Antenna Location

The key fob-regulated Silverado variants have a specific antenna to pick and transfer the signals to the lock system. The antenna uses radio frequencies and captures signals from different directions.

Silverado key fob antenna location is on the driver side, near the windshield, inside a mounting hole, and on the antenna base. It mounts on the right side of the Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500, and Silverado 3500 and is accessible due to its bullet-shaped body. 

It is an aerial antenna due to standard designs and does not require a plane installation spot. However, their dimensions vary according to functionality.

What is a Key fob antenna on Silverado?

It is a bullet-shaped elongated antenna that can receive input signals from the key fob antenna. Then, it transfers them to the computer system of the Silverado.

As a result, you can wirelessly unlock all doors of the pickup truck within seconds. It is a rubber-based aerial with an average height of about 13.3 inches. 

With quick installation, they can last on the exterior of the truck. It has a bolt-on adjustment which takes 3 to 4 seconds.

The package contains studs, screws, dual plastic-based rings, and a rubber aerial rod. The key fob sends wireless signals to the antenna, which picks them up and sends them to the truck.

With a radio frequency identification tag, the aerial sends signals to the lock system of the pickup truck. In the system, the reading device picks and processes the information.

Due to transmitted signals, the lock system unlocks the truck without a key. The Key fob antenna is specific to the programmed signals.

It cannot work for random frequencies and protect the truck from theft. However, due to their specific composition, they have built-in radio frequency identification tags, which can regulate different commands.

They can separate the unlock signals according to the transmitted information. Due to their versatile performance, they can open a particular door and runs the engines. 

What is the location of the Key fob antenna mount on Silverado?

It is a whip antenna with two different parts. One part is the upper elongated portion.

However, the bottom part is adjustable in a built-in base. On different variants of the Chevrolet Silverado, you can find it on the driver’s side of the pickup truck.

However, it mounts on the exterior of the truck frame. You can locate it near the windshield glass of the driver’s side.

Moreover, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models from 2007 to 2022 have it on the driver’s side of the truck over the hood. They adjust at this spot to receive the frequencies at their maximum level.

Due to front-line exposure, they can pick up the signals from all directions of the pickup trucks. In addition, due to their manufacturing material, they resist water and moisture.

According to their designs, they have steel on the inner side of the antenna. It comprises a rubber covering on the outer side and resists water droplets. They are flexible with a specific life expectancy. 

Furthermore, you can find it on the exterior of the pickup truck on the Chevy Silverado 2500. It mounts near the windshield on the specific base and adjusts with bolts.

Due to their quick installation, their variants are compatible with these aerial options. Moreover, it has a similar location on Silverado 2500 models from 2008 to 2022 due to specific layouts and compatibility.

Silverado 3500 does not use the 4-inch key fob antenna option. However, the light-duty Chevy models can use the 4 inches aerial for signal regulation.  

It has a higher frame which requires an antenna of about 13 inches to capture the signals quickly. Due to these requirements, it comprises a 13 inches rubber-wrapped fob antenna.

These are high-quality options with elongated bodies. Moreover, they can capture three-dimensional signals.

With built-in transmitters, they connect with the lock system of the pickup truck. Due to their quick performance, the computer control unit of the Silverado 3500 shows an immediate response.

How to install a Key fob antenna on Silverado?

You can install a new rubber key fob antenna on the Chevrolet Silverado variants. Due to their particular designs, they have a specific mounting hole near the windshield of this pickup truck. 

However, the mounting hole comprises the base for the antenna. Moreover, it has a plastic cover that is removable with a single push.

For this method, open the hood and move towards the driver’s side of the pickup truck. Assess the mounting hole and push the clip over the base with your fingers. 

Slide it out from the mounting position, keep it aside, and approach the three bolts on the upper side of the base.

However, they have dimensions of around 7mm and provide support to the bullet-shaped aerial. With a ratchet, remove the bolts from the base.

Approach the internal driver side and remove the top clips with a pry-off tool. You can attach the wiring harness underneath the hood to the electric circuit.

For the adjustment of the new key fob bullet-shaped antenna, you can adjust it on the mounting base. Then, spin it clockwise until you hear a click.

Tighten it in this spot and regulate the signals. 

Why does the Chevy Silverado have two antennas?

The Chevy Silverado variants have unique designs according to their overall built and standard specifications. However, they have a single, long, and high-performance whip antenna.

It has aerial looks, collects the Key fob signals and amplitude modulations, and coordinates with the transmitter and truck’s computer. It is a straight rod with specific flexibility.

It has monopole characteristics due to the specificity of performance. However, its models comprise an antenna on the roof of a pickup truck. 

On a few variants, it is above the passenger seat of the truck top. Moreover, it has a fin-like design to resist wind effects.

Due to its design, it looks like a shark fin that can withstand heat and other weather hazards. Also, it can resist dirt and other metallic traces. 

It has constant exposure to different environmental factors. Due to its specific performance, it has a metallic body that withstands moisture and corrosion. 

Also, it is durable due to its metallic base and fin-like top. You can find them on the latest models of Chevrolet Silverado. However, they can capture the signals of GPS and regulates navigation system. 

Also, they can receive cellular and satellite signals. It has several features, which include a solar light that does not drain the electric current of the truck.

Moreover, it has reliable performance due to its connection with the computer system of the Silverado. It provides the facilities for tracking and communication due to standard programming.

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