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Subaru Outback Trunk Won’t Open All The Way

Subaru Outback Trunk Won’t Open All The Way

Subaru Outback is a famous SUV in America, and it has a trunk on the rear side as the cargo area for storage of your luggage. Sometimes, it is stuck and causes a problem for people during their trip.

Subaru Outback trunk won’t open all the way because of the broken and jammed lock or latch. The issue also comes when the key remains stuck in the lock, or you forget it inside the SUV. The low battery voltage and misaligned trunk striker cause this issue. The corrosion of the lever and problems with cables that connect the release button with the latch also become faulty. In addition, it is due to a broken or defective release button, faulty lock actuator, non-responsive key fob, and broken hatch.

Many people prefer to buy this SUV because of its large trunk, which is helpful during vacations and long tours. It is also beneficial during luggage shifting due to the large cargo area than other vehicles.

Why won’t the Subaru Outback trunk open all the way?

Many people face the trunk issues in this vehicle due to faulty components.

The stuck part cause issue because people cannot place their luggage on the backside.

Faulty latch/lock

The latch or lock is present on the bottom side of the trunk to close them firmly and make your luggage safe.

It means that the main function of the latch is close or open it according to the need of the people.

These latches or locks become bad and cause an issue in opening and closing. In addition, the breakage of the latches occurs while driving your vehicle on uneven roads for a longer time.

Driving on uneven terrains and bumpy roads produces vibration, directly affecting the locks.

The lock can also break down due to physical stress during opening and closing.

The consecutive use for a longer time and old age can also break its lock and cause them to remain closed.

It is better to replace the broken latch with the help of a mechanic. You can also reduce their problem by handling them carefully while opening.

Key stuck in a broken lock

Most SUV trunks are key-driven, and you have to open them with the key. Sometimes the key is stuck in the hole during the closing of this part.

The key also remains in the latch due to a broken lock. The issue will also occur when you insert the damaged or broken key into the lock.

The moisture comes on the lock or the key when you park the vehicle outside.

When you insert the corroded key into the lock, it remains in the hole. The issue of the key will also occur when you forget it inside your vehicle.

Sometimes people also drop down their keys while moving somewhere on the road.

You can grease the key if it causes an issue while moving in the hole.

Low battery voltage

The battery provides the power supply to run different parts in the vehicles.

When the battery becomes faulty, the power cannot reach from the button to the latch for its appropriate functioning.

The issue with the battery commonly comes when you are using old batteries in your SUVs.

In addition, the corroded terminals of the battery cannot provide sufficient power to operate the button.

Due to low electrolyte and fluid levels, the dead batteries also cause the failure of the trunk.

You should clean the corroded terminals of the battery. You can also recharge the battery after using them for a longer time.

Uneven trunk striker

The trunk striker is a plate-like component that helps close its lid. It is the metallic part that can become damaged due to physical stress.

The improper handling during the opening and closing of the lid can cause the misalignment of the striker.

When its shape becomes improper, the lid is stuck and cannot open. In addition, the hitting of your vehicle with other trucks and road hurdles produces dents on the rear surface.

When you close the lid, which has dents and improper shape, it can cause the issue.

If you feel that the lid is not opening appropriately and causing the issue, check its corners whether they are smooth or not.

Corrosion of lever

The lever is present on the interior side of the Subaru Outback trunk. Therefore, it is beneficial to close the lid properly for luggage safety in your cargo area.

When the lever becomes corroded due to the presence of moisture, then the spring will not catch the lid and cause rough opening and closing.

Due to excessive moisture accumulation, it becomes difficult to open them again when you close the lid.

In this situation, you hear the clunk sound after pressing the open button, but it will not unlatch due to a corroded lever. The release lever also becomes faulty when they become old.

You can resolve this problem by applying anti-rust sprays to prevent the accumulation of rust.

In addition, you can also grease them with high-quality greasing agents.

In server damage, you also have to replace the whole latch assembly.

Issues with cables

The cables are present from the trigger button to the trunk latch for appropriate functioning. 

The broken cables cannot supply the signals to the latch when you press the button to open the lid.

The wires can break down when your SUV hits another vehicle from the driver’s side.

In addition, the issue of the poor connection also comes when wires become faulty due to the presence of moisture on the interior side.

You have to resolve this issue by changing the damaged wires with the new ones for better system working.

Faulty button

The trigger button is present on the driver’s side to latch and unlatch the trunk.

When it becomes faulty, the signals cannot go to the latch for their opening, and you face the problem.

The issue can occur when you are pressing the buttons so hard. Moreover, the frequent pressing of the buttons will also make them malfunction.

Sometimes the children also start to play with this button and continue using it, making them faulty.

Key fob problem

Many people also use key fobs to operate features of their SUVs. These key fobs become non-responsive, and you cannot use the trunk.

The fault in this component occurs when the battery becomes dead and cannot supply enough power for its work.

In addition, the issue with key fobs will also come due to damaged and broken internal wirings of this device.

Sometimes the system of the key fobs is not upgraded, which can make them non-responsive.

You can fix this problem by changing the key fob’s battery and then rechecking them. If it is still not working, then you should have to reprogram the system.

Damaged lock actuator

A lock actuator is a small device that helps lock the trunk appropriately. It uses the motor and gears to lock and unlock the latch.

When the motor of the lock actuator becomes faulty, then the latch cannot release its lid for its opening.

The problem in this small motor occurs due to bad connections and faulty wiring harnesses.

In addition, the failure of the control module of this motor and the blown fuse also make them faulty.

When the issue comes due to wiring harnesses, you have to replace the wires connecting the button with the latch to fix this problem.

If the complete motor becomes faulty, you should replace the whole part.

Broken hatch

Some people also try to open the trunk manually without using the trigger button. The hatch helps open the lid by using a hand.

You have to press the button on the bottom side of the Subaru emblem to open it.

The damage to the hatch due to improper care and handling during the opening with hands can cause the issue.

However, you can prevent the hatch from being damaged by opening them carefully.

You should not press it hard and do not put stress on this part while unlatching.

How do you reset the Subaru Outback trunk?

When you cannot open the trunk of your SUV, then you have to reset the system. If there is a problem with the button, fix it by restarting.

You have to press the rear liftgate button on the backside. The button is specifically present on the door jamb of the rear side gate.

You can only see this button when it is in the open position. After finding the button, press this button for resetting purposes.

You have to keep pressing this button several times and release it after listening to the beep sound 3 to 4 times.

Close it after hearing the beep sound and then open it to check it is working accurately.

How do you open a stuck trunk on a Subaru outback?

When the trunk remains closed, then move towards the driver’s side. The release button is present on the driver’s side to lift this part.

The other method is to open it from the inside of the vehicle. The handle is present on the inner side of the SUVs to open the tailgate in an emergency.

You have to approach the plastic cover on the bottom side of its latch. Remove the plastic cover, and you will see the lever.

When you find the lever, activate it to unlatch the lid and resolve the problem.

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