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Chevy Silverado Third Brake Light Not Working

Chevy Silverado Third Brake Light Not Working

Brake lights are the necessary safety component of all the vehicles in America, including Chevy Silverado. Your truck must have this safety brake lamp to reduce the risk of accidents.

Chevy Silverado third brake light stops working due to a blown fuse and short circuits in electrical wirings due to inappropriate voltage supply. The broken and faulty brake pedal switch also causes this because of insufficient signal to turn on this light. The problem with the ground wire of the brake pedal switches and pressure sensors can also cause the brake light to turn off. 

It is also beneficial to install them in your trucks because it also protects the rear end of your vehicle from collision and damage.

What is a third brake light in Silverado?

It is the addition of a safety feature in the Silverado, also known as a safety brake lamp or high-level brake lamp.

The light coming from this lamp is too bright and has high penetrating power. The safety feature is present on the rear side of the truck.

It is located on the truck’s tailgate at a high angle, making it visible to the upcoming drivers.

The major purpose of this light on the tailgate is to alert the other vehicles when you stop at turning points.

It is beneficial for vehicles moving in a lane at the same speed. Therefore, when any of them apply the brake, the light on the rear side will turn on to alert the drivers behind you.

It is also known as the center brake lamp because it is present at the central position on the tailgate to make it visible to the driver who has diverted attention.

Why Is Chevy Silverado Third Brake Light Not Working?

Many people complain that their third brake light turns off suddenly. It can cause problems, especially when they drive their trucks on the highway.

Blown fuse

The fuse is present to supply them with sufficient power for their appropriate working.

When the fuse of this component is blown out, it can stop its functioning. It happens due to overheating in the vehicle.

When you are driving at high speed for a longer time, it can cause this issue. Moreover, the problem also occurs when there is some issue with the wiring of the circuits.

In addition, many times, people forget to turn off the electrical component of the trucks at nighttime.

The working of any electrical part throughout the night drain power from the electrical source.

The faulty and inappropriate installation of fuses also causes the problem. When you unknowingly install the fuse with a high ampere, it cannot run for a longer time.

The draining of more power can cause the fuse to blow out. Many of my friends who use the Silverado also complain that its fuse also blows out suddenly while traveling.

A sudden blown-out can occur due to a wiring issue. You can resolve this problem by changing the fuse of the lights.

You have to find out the fuse box of the tailgate on the front side of the vehicle in the main fuse box, which is located under the hood.

Remove the blown fuse and install the new one of appropriate ampere for their adequate functioning.

Broken wires

The wires are also present in this system to supply power from the brake pedal switch to the rear end of the tailgate to turn it on.

The broken or faulty wires do not provide sufficient power to these safety lamps, and they stop working.

The issue with wires comes due to short circuits in the connections. The short circuits in these cables can come due to the poor insulation of the cables.

When the bare wire comes in contact with metal, it produces a short circuit that can cause a malfunction in cables.

The wires are often at the risk of breakage during the opening and closing of the tailgate. Moreover, the breakage is also common in the old cables due to their less strength.

You can resolve this issue by properly insulating the high-quality wires and keeping their contact away from the metal frame.

In addition, you should also check the connections of the wires and circuits so that they are not loose.

Faulty bulb

The bulb is present in the brake to illuminate them and provide light while driving. 

The burned bulb causes this light to stop working in your pickup trucks. The burning of the bulb is common when you drive your vehicle on the uneven road for a longer time.

They became faulty and burned out due to an inappropriate power supply from the switch. The loose and corroded connections can also cause this issue.

In addition, it becomes difficult to drive the truck on highways at nighttime due to burned bulbs and turned off lights.

You can resolve this issue by unscrewing it from the tailgate and adding new bulbs.

This component also has a shorter life, so it is better to keep the spare bulb with you while driving for the safety of your trucks.

Problem with brake pedal switch

The brake pedal switch is present on the pedal side of your Silverado. The switch also has a spring system to turn it on and off.

When you press the pedal, the springs close and turn on the switch to illuminate it on the rear side.

The switches also break out when you accidentally apply more stress on the pedal. In addition, these switches also have specific life after which they stop working.

However, the replacement of this switch is not costly and does not take much time.

Bad ground wire

The ground wires are also connected with these switches for accurate working. The bad ground wiring also causes the failure of the pedal switch to work.

The loose connections of ground wire interrupt the power supply.

In addition, corrosion also comes on these wires due to moisture. The rusty wires easily inhibit the current supply and cause resistance in their flow.

The ground wires also get damaged due to physical stress and inappropriate handling. If the high-level brake lamp is not working in your vehicle, check the ground wires.

Replace the damaged ground wires with new ones. Then, clean the corroded ground wires by using electrical cleaners for their good working.

Faulty brake sensors

The sensors stop catching signals when they become dirty. The exposure of dust to these sensors ultimately decreases their capacity to provide signals to other components.

You have to replace these sensors when they become faulty. In addition, you can also keep them clean for proper reading and functioning.

Is it illegal to drive Chevy Silverado with a broken third brake light?

Yes, it is illegal to drive on the road when this brake light is not working accurately. Therefore, it becomes necessary that your truck should have this safety feature in America.

The police officers on the road can stop your vehicle and warn you.

When you drive with broken lights, the police officers also issue citations. Therefore, it is beneficial for the drivers that are distracted on the road.

Turning on the high beam safety lamp light makes them aware of the road.

How do you test a third brake light in Chevy Silverado?

Testing its switch is necessary to find out the exact problem. Attach the probes of the multimeter with its switches.

Turn on and off the plunger and see the reading on the screen. The change in readings shows that its switch is working correctly.

The no change in readings indicates the issue of the fuse and bulb. Change the damaged or burned-out fuse or bulb to fix the issue.

No change in readings on the multimeter shows the issue with its switch. Instead, it shows that the button is broken and not working correctly.

How do I restore my third brake light in Silverado? 

This brake light contains plastic material on its outer side. Driving for a long time with this light on causes the oxidation of plastic material.

The plastic oxidation will cause this material to accumulate on the sides, making the vision blur. You have to restore them for their appropriate working.

Disconnect the electrical connections and remove the lights from the tailgate by unscrewing their nuts.

Use a soft cloth and spray it with isopropyl alcohol. Rub the towel circularly on the surface to remove the scratches.

After that, rub the surface of the lights with 600 grit sandpaper in a circular motion.

Next, take 2000 grit sandpaper and move it to every corner of the safety brake lamps to remove the oxidized material.

Clean the surface again by using a towel sprayed with an alcohol mixture to make it clear. Then, attach the lights again and connect them with wires.

Apply the coat of carnauba wax for more finishing and a clear appearance.

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