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Tesla Model 3 Speaker Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Speaker Not Working

Many people complain that Tesla model 3 speakers stop working during driving which can make their journey boring. This is because they cannot connect their mobile phones or USB devices to the car’s sound system.

Tesla Model 3 speakers do not work because of a blown-out fuse, dust in the speakers, and damaged wires. The issue comes due to a problem with audio settings and non-updated software. You cannot hear the music because of poorly connected mobile phones, damaged USB cables, or slow internet connections. In addition, it happens when you move out of range from the antenna stations and change the car’s battery.

You should test the speakers before going on road trips to make the journey exciting and enjoyable.

Blown out fuse

The speakers need electricity to produce clear sounds from the head unit. You cannot listen to any sound if the fuse blows out.

The continuous listening of music at high frequency causes the fuse to blow out. In addition, the issue also comes due to the surge in power supply.

The uneven power supply from faulty wirings and circuits causes this problem. You can also face this due to poor installation and use of the wrong fuse.

The use of low or high ampere fuse also blows out because of fluctuations of electricity supply. You can open the hood to check out the blown fuse in the box.

Remove the blown-out fuse and install the new one. Add the one that can easily withstand the power of the speakers or sound system.

Dust in speakers

The dust also accumulates in the porous openings of the sound system, and you cannot hear the clear sound from the speakers.

The dust comes when you drive on the poor roads with windows opened. The off-road trips with open doors also cause dust accumulation on different parts.

The poor maintenance and inappropriate cleaning practices cause this issue in your Tesla car. In addition, you can face this when you do not cover them with the plastic case when these are not in use.

You should clean and protect them from dust because excessive dust makes them faulty. For example, take a toothbrush and turn off the sound system and your car.

Gently clean their porous openings with this toothbrush to remove dirt particles. Moreover, you can also suck the dust with a vacuum cleaner and hairdryer.

Cover them with the plastic case when your car is not in your use for a longer time.

Damaged wires

The different wires are connected with a sound system to give them a power supply. The cables get damaged due to consecutive usage.

The frayed wires cannot provide enough electricity supply to the audio settings. In addition, the loose connections of cables from the electrical circuits also cause the interruption in electrical supply.

The insulation layer on these wires becomes faulty due to overheating and a surge in the power supply. In addition, the short circuits between two poorly attached wires cause damage.

You should check the wiring system if the speakers are not producing enough sound. The damaged wirings cause issue in the front and rear side sound system.

It can disturb the whole electricity supply and make the audio system faulty. Therefore, it is better to replace the damaged or frayed wires with new ones.

You cannot do this procedure at home and need help from an experienced technician. Take your car to the dealerships to do the complete procedure.

The issue with Audio settings

You cannot hear the subwoofers’ sound due to an audio settings issue. Therefore, it is necessary to put your car into park mode to hear the audio.

Moreover, the knob is present to adjust the volume up and down. Scroll down and check you have set the audio setting volume to maximum or in the audible range.

Adjust the volume from this button and try to reboot the system if the issue persists. Try the screen-only reboot method to fix the issue.

Hold this button on the steering wheel for 4 to 5 seconds.

Old software

All electrical systems in your automobiles are connected with a computerized system for its appropriate functioning.

Sometimes you cannot hear the sound from the subwoofers after updating the software. The issue comes because the latest update does not recognize the system accurately.

In this situation, you should reset the system to detect speakers. Moreover, these do not work due to non-updated software.

You should turn on the notification sound from your screen to get the latest update message.

Update the latest version of the software to fix the problem in your Tesla car.

Connectivity issues

Most people connect their phones with the sound system to watch their favorite shows and listen to songs.

The speakers do not work appropriately due to connectivity issues of the phone. You can connect your smartphones with a USB cable or Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth problem comes due to excessive connections. Bluetooth is on multiple devices, and the sound system keeps disconnecting.

The issue with the connectivity of Bluetooth causes this problem. Moreover, the faulty USB port and damaged wires do not connect your phone to the sound system.

Sometimes you use mobile phone data, and signals are not strong in your area. You cannot hear the sound due to poor internet connectivity.

You should ensure Bluetooth is turned On in your tesla Model 3 while connecting your device with the infotainment system.

It is also necessary to ensure that mobile phone data have strong internet signals.

Out-of-range antenna stations

Many people complain that they do not hear the sound from the speakers when they turn on the radio during driving in hilly and mountainous areas.

The problem is common on the front and rear sides, and you cannot hear the sound. The issue mostly comes due to damaged or faulty antenna wires.

In addition, you are driving away from the radio stations, which means that antenna stations are out of range and cannot receive the signals.

Check the antenna and its wiring when you do not hear the music after turning on the radio.

Battery replacement

Most of my friends who used the tesla model 3 complain that they do not hear the speakers’ sound after changing their vehicles’ batteries.

These cars run on batteries and take the power supply from these electrical motors. The batteries do not recognize the various system when you change them.

You should enter the reactivation code to activate the radio after changing the battery. The radio code is on the owner’s manual given with this automobile.

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