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USB Ports in Tesla Model 3 Not Working

USB Ports in Tesla Model 3 Not Working

Sometimes, Tesla USB ports stop working, and people find it challenging to find its main cause. The USB ports are present in the Tesla Model 3 to connect the phones with them for charging purposes. You can also connect your smartphones to play the music stored on your phone.

USB ports in Tesla Model 3 do not work due to accumulation of dust, blown out fuse, broken USB or charging cables, and broken USB ports. In addition, road accidents, spillage of liquid drinks, outdated or bugs in software, and faulty USB drives also cause this issue.

The USB ports in Tesla model 3 are present on the front side of the center console. You should check its functioning before going on a long trip because you have to charge your mobile phone. The faulty system also makes the trip boring because you cannot play your favorite audio files.

Accumulation of dust

These ports are openings, and dust can accumulate on their inner side. As a result, the cables cannot make the appropriate contact due to dust accumulation.

The dust comes on these parts when you do not close the windows during driving. Many people want to save their cars’ fuel and do not use air conditioners while driving.

The opened windows cause the entry of dust and dirt into these openings. In addition, the problem also comes due to poor maintenance and cleaning.

The small dust and debris particles cause problems for charging cables to contact the port. You can remove the dust by sucking it with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.

These devices use air pressure to suck the dust and debris particles. In addition, the cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol also makes these openings free from dust and grime.

You can roll the hard paper and remove the debris from these visible openings.

Blown fuse

The USB port system also contains the fuse to provide the electricity supply for its various functioning.

You cannot receive a power supply in these ports because of a blown fuse. As a result, it causes a problem for people to charge their mobile phones and connect them with computerized systems.

The USB devices do not work due to a blown-out fuse. You can see the sound loading error on the screen after inserting the device into the ports.

These are electric cars, and their fuse blows out when you overcharge them. Moreover, you can also face this issue when you do not charge them appropriately.

The less and overcharging both are damaging for its fuse. In addition, the damaged wires and loose connections also cause the fuse to blow out due to the power supply fluctuation.

You cannot fix this issue at your home and do not drive with a blown-out fuse. Instead, you should take your vehicle to experienced mechanics and authorized dealerships to replace the fuse.

Experienced professionals remove the old fuses and appropriately adjust the new ones.

Broken USB port

People often complain that they cannot recognize these accessories when they connect the data cable.

The problem with recognition comes due to broken ports. The breakage comes due to physical damage or inappropriate handling and care of the Tesla cars.

The charging cables also get damaged because of their thin wire. As a result, you cannot play music and charge your phones from them.

The issue also comes when you attach the heavy electrical devices with them for charging.

These also break out in case of accidents and collisions with road hurdles. Moreover, they also break out when you insert the wrong-sized cable in its opening.

It can also break when you hard press the cable or drive. Therefore, you should check the size of the charging cable or your USB drive before inserting it. It is also necessary to add it carefully and not apply extra pressure on it.

You must replace broken parts with new ones by visiting recognized dealerships.

Spilling of liquid 

Many people have a bad habit of eating in cars during driving. Driving at high speed and sudden application of brakes causes the spillage of liquid drinks.

These liquid drinks are harmful to the electrical components of your car. In addition, the accidental spillage of beverages into these ports affects their function.

The accumulation of food crumbs while eating food can also cause poor contact with charging cables.

The spillage of liquid drinks also makes the internal electrical components faulty in your Tesla.

The issue of inappropriate contact between these two components comes from dry spots of liquid spillage.

You should keep good quality microfiber cloth with you during driving. It is beneficial to absorb moisture quickly from all types of surfaces.

You should clean the liquid spillage as soon as possible before it becomes dry and cause a problem.

Road accidents 

Road accidents can also cause damage to the computerized system, and it cannot detect the charging cables or drives when you insert them.

It is necessary to control the speed of these Tesla electric cars while driving. As a result, these fully electric vehicles suddenly gain speed, which can cause accidents.

You should drive them carefully and slowly to decrease the chances of collision. In addition, you can also contact the dealerships to repair the damaged part under warranty.

Software issue 

This device uses specific software to detect charging cables and their proper connection. The problem with this software comes due to a bug in the system.

In addition, you also need to update them for calibration and make them more accurate. It cannot detect this device because of its outdated software.

You can take your Tesla Model 3 to the dealerships to install the latest software if you have less knowledge about it.

Moreover, you can also do this by turning on the screen and tapping the control icon. You can see the safety and security menu after selecting this icon.

Scroll down and then click on the format USB device button. You can see the ok notification on the screen, and all of the previous data will erase from the system when you click on the OK notification.

Faulty USB device 

The port often does not work in Tesla cars when you insert the faulty device. It can cause damage when you press them hard in the system.

Moreover, many people also insert or remove them frequently to check their functionality. The frequent insertion and removal also make the port opening loose.

The device does not adjust appropriately in the damaged ports and causes a problem.

Take your cars to the dealerships if the software does not recognize the drives. Avoid frequent removal and insertion because it can cause complete damage to this accessory.

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