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Top Trucking Companies in Charleston, SC

Top Trucking Companies in Charleston, SC

Many trucking companies in Charleston, SC transport the goods within the state and neighboring states. 

Top trucking companies in Charleston, SC like Liquid box trucking, Driggers Warehouse, Inc., and Southern Eagle Of South Carolina transport the grains, beverages, meat, paper, iron, steel, and glassware safely. Moreover, the Van Smith Co, Inc, Whitco Logistics, and Pearlstine Distributors, Inc are providing quick service with customer satisfaction.

Liquid Box Trucking

The liquid box is the superior option to choose when you want to transport liquid or dry products. As the name of the company reflects the shipment of the goods, especially fluids.

It offers haulage all over the state, including intermodal transportation, cross-docking, liquid and dry freight, and company-owned chassis.

The employees transport the material in high-quality and non-flammable containers. The vehicle has a standard engine, which can travel long distances and go through rough roads.

Driggers Warehouse, Inc.

The Driggers Warehouse Inc is not well known in Charleston, SC but getting fame with time. Many brokers rely on this company for the transportation of goods from SC to another state.

It refuged the many customers when the employees did not deliver the stuff on time. The company needs to upgrade its system and repair the trucks.

It upgraded the security system after receiving many complaints and negative feedback from the customers and business people.

Pro Transport Charleston

The company started in 1998, and the owner had only one truck at that time. So the founder dealt with the other person and demanded a huge amount to sell this private trucking company.

The second person struggled for years and established it in the state that you know nowadays. Many people call this service for shifting furniture from one home to another.

It has many terminals located at different locations within the state. The employees are also hard-working and work honestly to get rewards and incentives from the owner.

H & J Trucking LLC

The company has the ISO certification and license to deliver the sensitive material from one place to another within the state.

It closes at the weekend and opens all 5 days of the week. You need to call, share your location, and the driver will be at the door.

It can bring heavy materials such as iron pieces, pillars, and concrete materials. 

Van Smith Trucking Company

This company works from Monday to Friday but closes on Saturday and Sunday. It has made its name in the top trucking companies in the Charleston area.

The installation of an advanced and upgraded system of safety makes it easy to tackle and trace. In addition, it follows the 4S rule, which means a solution, safety, simplicity, and speed.

The company sends the other vehicle if one gets technical issues during traveling, so it has the solution. The material is safe and covered with plastic or polythene sheet and reach on time with swift speed.

Dockside Logistics Charleston trucking

Dockside Logistics is a reliable private company that gives the service at low rates compared to the others. Although the size of the trailer is not much larger, the customers are satisfied with it.

It works efficiently on packaging and preservation, order fulfillment, transportation, warehousing, distributions, and 3rd party logistics.

The employee receives feedback from the customer and keeps the contact with the customer by sending automated messages.

Whitco Logistics Transport

The Whitco Logistics with long bed trailers have the space to transport oil and fluid but in the small drums and tanks.

It can hold hundreds of drums one on the other and cover large distances. It has a chain steel chain that will wrap the bulk and join together.

It gives them access to the customer to trace the driver and vehicle. In addition, the employees will reach the position if any issue occurs.

Lisa Applewhite trucking

It is ISO-certified and safe to hire the employee for work in the garden and lawns. The company works according to the instruction of the client, and the trucks hold the recommended weight.

The manufacturer designed the wheels and tire to run on the rough, dirt, and rocky path. 

The plant and horticulture authority collaborate with it and carry unique plants and trees by placing them on the trailer bed.

Southern Eagle Of South Carolina

The company has a contract with beverages and juices industries to distribute and shift machinery and raw material from one branch to another.

It has wrecks and shelves of wood or metal that are optional. However, the packed juices and beverages placed on it are under higher consideration and inspection.

The team members are hard-working and deal with the customers politely. It is the best-transporting company among beverages shipment within the state.

Southern Lumber & Millwork Corp

Suppose you are building your house or office in Charleston, SC, and want to take constructive material such as cement, ready-made pillars, walls, and ceiling. 

It faced a huge loss during the lockdown because the state closed the transport and hauling. It works 5 days a week, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

The Gel Group, Inc

The chemical industries contact the Gel Group Inc to carry the hazardous chemicals and solutions. It has been working for many years but did not get fame.

The customer is often compliant with the strict and rude behavior of employees. It has gotten negative remarks in the last five years and devalued the services.

The marketing and advertisement can grow, but the owner should hire qualified and trained staff for betterment.

Polyclean Usa LLC

Large and highly secure trucks are available in this company to transport weapons and instruments. 

It also works on the third generation legacy policy to earn more profit and name. In addition, you can transport and distribute the grains, spices, and sausages.

The safety and polite attitude of the employees of Polycleanusa LLC makes it one of the good companies. It provides its services at low rates but on-time delivery.

Plugs Appliance Center LLC

The owner established the Plugs Appliance Center LLC in 2013, registered in US DOT in January 2015, and started work with dedication.

People living in Charleston, SC, can enjoy the service anytime as it works 24/7. 

They have a limited number of vehicles, so it cannot cover the whole state at a time. The manufacturer made the trailer bed with corrosion-free material so you can transport expensive machinery.

Moores Towing

It is an old and reliable company working since 1972. The customers use this service again and again because the employees respond quickly on time.

They deliver the goods in bulk, either it is packed in cartons or tied with the strips. It works on ISO standards and follows the laws and regulations of the state.

Moreover, the towing capacity of every vehicle is different from one another, so the employee confirms the quantity of stuff before picking.

Movers And Groovers, Inc

It works 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and provides excellent customer service. The company revised the policies after a decade and focused on the faults.

The services include packing, unpacking, moving the goods at far places, loading and unloading, and storage services.

The automobile and vehicles companies hire long and heavy weight-bearing trucks to ship vehicles within the state showroom or out of the station.

Palmetto Transportation & Logistics LLC

It is a local company in the United States and provides these services in limited time and cost. It has been working effectively for the last three decades.

You can call at any time and have to share the location. The driver will be there at the time with the labor to load the material and goods.

The company has large bed trucks which have to hold the readymade houses. The engineers need this type of house at the construction site.

Mcteer Enterprises

They are popular for the shipment of meat and meat products. In addition, the company has special refrigerated trucks in which you can hang the meat fragments.

It follows the standards and regulations, and controlled temperature will not allow it to spoil. The services also include the transportation of feed, grains, livestock, and hay.

Mcteer Enterprises is becoming famous day by day because it almost loads and unloads every type of goods, for example dry, liquid and powder form.

Loadex trucking company

The Loadex is a fair option for transporting cows, buffaloes, and goats to farms and dairy industries.

Everything you purchase from the market and superstore is imported or exported via a vehicle. The manager and owner of this trucking company have contacts with the nearby terminal of the company.

The textile industries also send the orders by hiring the truck and drivers with labor or without labor. It facilitates the customers by paying the amount in installments and before or after the delivery.

Long Iron Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc.

The most acceptable company for the movements of heavy equipment such as machinery, vehicles, and construction instruments is the Long Iron Insurance Risk Retention Group Inc.

It has been working for many years and remains open on the weekend. The jobholders can take their service for shifting home on weekends.

It has 2 or 3 trucks with advanced security and protective features in the inner lining that will safely shift the glassware and mirrors.

Henry J Lee Distributors LLC

Every company has the ability transportation of special materials, such as Henry J Lee Distributors LLC, providing excellent service in the shipment of paper and steel.

It is also beneficial for full truckload and truck loads. It is a private company and works within the state. It has an upgraded security system that allows the brokers to trace the vehicle.

The additional features such as wrapping straps, temperature controllers, and sensors make the trucks more reliable and long-lasting for goods moving.

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