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Top Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

Top Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

Different trucking companies are offering their valuable services in various states of Oklahoma. Some of them are family-owned and private ones that have started their business from a low level. 

Top Trucking companies in Oklahoma include Freymiller Inc., Black Mesa Trucking, JRCB trucking, Northwest logistics heavy haul Dugan Truckline and Savanna trucking, which are working with construction, oilfield industries, and transporting Dirt, sand, and other materials. They are also hauling heavy Freights by their fully equipped trailers.

Stevens Trucking Co

It was founded in Oklahoma City in 1980 and continuously upgraded its demand in the market by providing valuable services to its customers.

Moreover, it is not working in a single city, and it has also worked in more than 40 contiguous states for more than 35 years.

The company has almost 500 trucks and more than 200 trailers giving their shipments in different states.

Their superior service includes oilfield flatbed transportation in the lower 45 states, which is available at all times of the day. 

The quality of their tractors and trailers is so good that they can easily tow more than 150,000 pounds of weight with them.

They have experienced staff who know the ins and outs of complete truckload services for delivering dry freights.

Moreover, they have a proper tracking system through satellites in their trailers to transfer the fleets.

A & A trucking

It has been working in Oklahoma City and its nearby states for more than 15 years. It also has a better quality quad and tri-axle dump trucks that can haul more weight.

Moreover, their tractors also have belly and dump ends which is beneficial for hauling heavy objects. They are continuously gaining the trust of their customers by giving punctual deliveries.

In addition, they also have professional drivers who deliver your parcel safe and sound without any damage.

Transferring construction materials always requires heavy trucks, and the tractors of this trucking company are beneficial for the movement of construction material from one place to another.

Furthermore, the staff of their drivers are also experts in handling, towing, and transfer of sand, gravel, asphalt, and rocks.

Their most critical prominent services in the intrastate region include the transfer of common carriers of all types of materials.

Western Flyer Express

Rodney and Randy Timms established the Western Flyer Express in the 1990s, and it has family-owned and operated businesses in different cities.

They have started their business in the market on a small scale of five to six trucks and trailers. However, due to their continuous improvements and valuable services, it is growing in the market, and now they have more than 300 trucks and trailers.

They also provide all types of facilities to their drivers and workers like laundry, kitchen, showers, and cables for relaxation.

They are also open for 27/7 technical support and services. Their significant services include cross bordering, pneumatic, dry van, and refrigerated systems.

They are charging less than other companies due to their fuel-efficient tractors in the industry.

John Christner Trucking

The transportation solutions and delivery of goods and services was the family business of this company, and it has been working since the 1980s.

Their shipments are rapid on an intrastate level because of more than 800 trucks and more than 850 drivers for on-time delivery of booked orders.

It maintains its safety standards by adequately inspecting all parts of its tractors on every entrance and exit point.

It also provides a temperature-controlled environment for your specific products ranging from minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit to plus 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their repairing shops are also equipped with up-to-date tools and experienced staff for providing better and valuable services.

Copeland Trucking

It has been working for many years, and it is also a member of the Oklahoma Trucking Association. It is beneficial for hauling heavy things like single drops, double drops, and flatbeds.

It contains land of almost 10 to 15 acres, which is available for storage of shipments. It is also giving mechanical services to its drivers and employees.

They also facilitate clients through Forklift, crane services, and air ride Van services. The other benefit is that it is also working on Saturday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

They also have after-call services, which are approximately 2 hours after delivery of orders.

C & A Trucking Co.

It comes under the categories of top trucking companies in the Oklahoma area that are responsible for transferring petrol and petroleum-based materials near Oklahoma.

It contains highly qualified drivers and employees for loading and unloading this complicated product. The drivers also provide safe shipments of petrol from one area to another area.

Oklahoma’s more prominent petroleum industries have a contract with this company to transfer their goods and services on time and safely.

Different chemicals industries also transport their chemicals like Sulphur, lube oils, acids, and resins through this company.

They also deliver all oils like gasoline, diesel, and motor and aviation fuels with proper care and handling.

Yocham Trucking Inc.

It has been working for more than 20 years and providing reliable services to its customers with safe patching and dispatching materials.

It is a vast company and contains more than 80 dumps and more than 30 bobtails for hauling heavy material like rocks and other materials.

Moreover, they also have a service for collecting dirt from commercial areas, roads, parking lots, and stock ponds.

They are also providing rapid service for hauling your heavy material of any time from one place to another.

They also have roll-off containers of different sizes, including 10 yards to 40 yards. It is also providing timely delivery and placement of dumpsters.

The working hours for dumpster containers are from Monday to Thursday from 06:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They also have fully equipped tractors for the safe transfer of marbles.

Jump Transport L.L.C

It is provided safe and on-time services to the construction and oilfield industry for many years in the United States.

They have a variety of trucks, including winch trucks, flatbeds, double drop trailers, dovetails, step decks, and stretch trailers.

 In addition, it is adequately facilitating their customers with safe transportation, whether it is a single load or plant relocation.

The high-quality equipment fleet facilitates the proper transportation of every type of freight.

Mccorkle Truckline  

David Mccorkle began trucking company in high school and first bought a 1941 Ford truck in the 1950s.s

He is hauling cattle and hay because his father was a cattle auctioneer. In this era, it is delivering dry products, especially ceramic beads.

It is never a compromise of safety measures, and their yards are properly fenced, gated, and have night guards.

Moreover, the entry of an unknown person in their industry is also restricted, and workers have bar codes cards through which they can gain access at the door entrance.

The company also expands its pneumatic operations in different countries to access clients easily.

Louis V. Lepak Trucking Company

It has been working for more than five decades with United States Postal services and providing safe and quick transportation.

It was established in the 1940s and had family-owned businesses from this era. As a result, they have experienced drivers who also give safety to other people on the roads.

They are also driving LVL Trucking for more than 20 years in the industry. It is also serving the postal office service for more than 60 years.

It is also a significant part of the Freight trucking industry and generates annual revenue of about $8.75 million.

Freymiller Inc. 

The four primary values of Freymiller include safety, excellence, integrity, and professionalism. In addition, it provides a temperature-controlled environment and time-sensitive services to its customers.

They always give self-maintained and superior shipments to increase their value and reliability in the market.

Moreover, they have also completed more than 40 years of shipments. They are also offering rail plus truck services for transportation of Freights at affordable prices.

In addition, the inter-company logistic departments also facilitate their clients with the efficient and cost-effective movement of Freights.

D & M trucking 

It is a competent company working in the United States for about 10 to 15 years. It also consists of qualified and hardworking staff for shipment of your products.

The delivery of products is also safe due to their highly equipped and better quality trailers. It is also better for transportation in a short interval of time in different areas of Oklahoma.

It is also suitable for hauling heavy products in short times like sand and construction materials.

Atr Trucking

 It is a fast, efficient, reputable, and well-known company in the United States. The main motive of Atr is to provide open communication channels for people during the loading and unloading of their products.

They have the experience and professional staff for heavy hauling of Freights. It is a well-known industry for the transportation of regional and long hauls.

It is also offering oilfield services to different industries in that area.

Black Mesa Trucking

The construction trucking company is working from Monday to Friday with competent workers and drivers.

They are carriers of construction equipment and materials like sand, gravel, and dirt. In addition, their fleets also consist of various trucks to satisfy the needs of customers and industry.

They have fully designed their vehicles for recycling, construction aggregates, and belly dumps. For a collection of dirt, stone, and rocks, they have 10-wheel dump trucks.

JRCB Trucking

It has been working in the industry since 2014 and offering valuable services for its customers. It is continuously growing by increasing its customers due to the safe supply of its shipments.

It is offering its services in the agriculture industry to transfer agriculture-related materials. It is also working with the aerospace and defense industry for many years.

Moreover, the industries like oil, gas, construction, and general freight are also transferring their products to their customers by utilizing their services.

Vitran Express

It is a familiar company of United States that is working from Monday Friday in different timings. More than 20 companies are also working under this Vitran Express Inc. cooperation.

The primary industries working with Vitran Express are trucking transportation and General Freight Trucking.

Moreover, the superior services also include warehousing and transportation.

AAA Cooper Transportation 

The largest ground transportation industry in the United States is working in the North, Southwest, and Midwest, with more than 4000 employees.

It is offering lower than truckload service in the southeast and Midwest. It also facilitates the customers according to their needs whether they are of current fleet or complete replacement.

Moreover, their supply chain’s professional staff or employees assist brokerage and auditing needs. In addition, they are also giving fleet maintenance services.

Northwest Logistics Heavy haul 

It is one of the famous trucking companies offering specialized heavy hauling and logistics in Oklahoma.

The experienced employees and drivers overcome every kind of difficult situation and on-schedule transfer of items.

They are famous for loading and unloading super loads and oversized products within a short distance with the complete safety of all types of assets.

For transfer of heavy loads in extended distant areas, they offer the facility of crane and rigging. Moreover, supply of bulk materials, gas compressors, and railcars the Northwest logistics giving the roll-on/roll-off equipment.

Dugan Truck Line

It was established in 1966 with a single truck and a single person working in a single place named Kansas town.

This smaller company grew very fast in the industry and maintained its reputation. They have a fleet of trucks fully equipped with high technology systems to transport good quality products.

Their essential services include handling and delivering hazardous materials, LTL overnight Freight shipping, and Cross-docking.

Brown Transportation

The privately held and family-owned company is working in about seven different states of Oklahoma.

They hired staff who has experience of about more than 80 years of in the transportation industry. This experienced staff increased the reliability of customers by gaining their trust.

 It is the largest industry for hauling aggregate materials in different states. They also coordinate with various private companies, including oil and highway construction industries.

Savanna Trucking L.L.C

They have flatbed style trailers to transfer heavy materials in different areas. Moreover, this trucking company is also hauling tankers.

The hauling of takers requires an experienced driver who can drive them on the road quickly without any risk, and it has a professional driver’s team.

It is also offering the service of big rig repairs, including general maintenance and major repair of different parts.

Coldiron Specialized Trucking

It was started in 1959 within the states of Oklahoma, but in 1972 they expanded their business to integrate nationwide and interstate trucking.

It consists of more than 20 dispatchers nationwide for patching and dispatching products and services. In addition, they are also offering pick and deliveries in 46 continental states.

It is also facilitating its customers by providing storage facilities. They also offer nationwide hauling services as a brokerage by using quality carriers.

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