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Why is Subaru Paint So Bad?

Why is Subaru Paint So Bad?

Subaru has a bad reputation because the paints of their vehicles are of cheaper quality and get damaged easily. A good quality covering is beneficial to protect the metal surfaces from corrosion and damage.

Why is Subaru Paint So Bad? The Subaru paint is so bad because the company uses a soft or thin layer of clear coat to cover the metal surface. Moreover, the use of cheaper quality products, poor surface preparation, and inappropriate methods during painting cause this problem. The chipping and fading issues are common due to exposure to extremely hot or cold weather, moisture, and poor washing techniques. 

It is better to use durable and high-quality varnishes that last longer and regularly maintain them to save cost and time.

Why is my  Subaru paints so bad?

Subaru paint is less durable and lasts for only a few months. The poor paint quality issue comes in most of its models that are painted in Japan.

This is because the manufacturing industry uses a soft coat that is damaged easily. The American-based manufacturing industry uses medium hard coats that last longer.

Thin layer

The Subaru manufacturer uses a thin layer of paint on their SUVs to reduce its cost. However, the thin layer is less durable and scraps off easily after some time.

In addition, the company’s primary focus is to produce lighter-weight automobiles. The use of a thin layer decreases its overall weight but compromises the quality.

This thin layer starts to peel off, and metal parts become corrosive. The issue mostly comes in lower parts because pebbles and stones from the road site hit these surfaces and produce scratches.

Environmentally friendly low-quality paint

The issue also comes because companies prefer to use environmentally friendly paint. These are made up of water-based compounds and contain fewer chemicals that are harmful to people.

Moreover, these are cheaper and are of low quality, which can cause issues after some time. These are less durable due to the use of low-quality compounds for manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry added this because these are cheaper and give financial benefits. The use of cheaper types also decreases their manufacturing cost and becomes cost-effective.

Poor quality paint

The company does not focus on quality and uses inappropriate methods for painting its vehicles. As a result, applying a clear coat is difficult, and you have to do it with full attention and care.

Using inappropriate methods can decrease longevity and increase the maintenance cost for people.

Poor surface preparation before performing this job can worsen the outcome. In addition, improper handling during the application of clear coats also decreases their durability.

Fading issues

The fading issues of clear coats are common in their SUVs which decreases the overall look of your automobiles and makes them less attractive.

Moreover, these do not appear to be brand new because of the dullness in their shine. The fading issues also come when you park them outside in summer.

Exposure to extreme cold weather in snowy winters causes the fading problem.

The extreme outside temperature and UV radiations from the sun are harmful and decrease the original shine.

The shine also gets dull when you wash your vehicles frequently with acid-based cleaners or from unauthorized dealerships.

Scratch and paint chipping problems

Many people complain that scratches are produced on soft and thin layered paint. It also peels off due to a slight collision with hard objects.

The hood or front bumper sides are more susceptible to chipping and scratches.

The chipping is joint due to poor surface preparation and the use of inappropriate techniques for the application of a clear coat.

You can see the chipping when you park your vehicles outside during the rainy season. The exposure can damage this layer and make the metal parts rusty.

Excessive chipping increases the risk of damage and causes clear coat failure due to corrosion issues.

It also peels off when you remove the dust or dirt from its surface with a hard brush. Therefore, you should not use these brushes for cleaning purposes.

Swirl marks

Many people complain that swirl marks are prominent on their SUVs which can decrease their resale value and make them less appealing.

The swirl marks mostly come when you clean the dust and dirt with a dry towel and rub it harshly. Moreover, the poor surface preparation and buffing before clear coat application cause this issue.

The inappropriate washing from unauthorized dealerships produces swirl marks on the exterior surface.

The thin and low-quality paint layer is more susceptible to these marks.

What Subaru models have a paint problem?

The issue is not prominent in all of its models and depends on its manufacturing site.

Japan-manufactured SUVs are more susceptible to pain chipping, swirl marks, and scratches due to the use of weak and soft layers.

The issues are less common in united states manufactured SUVs. However, it is prominent in some models, including outback, Ascent, and Forester.

The Japanese-based manufacturing companies are making recalls of these specific models to regain the customers’ trust and improve their market reputation.

The customers are highly disappointed with this issue because it compromises the quality. The chipping issue is also seen in 2018 and all of the latest models of Crosstrek.

Is Subaru paint protection worth it?

This company gives its customers a paint protection package to increase the clear coat’s durability.

The company applied the invisible coating on the top layer of the clear coat, which is considered the protective layer and decreases the risk of chipping and scratches.

Subaru’s paint protection policy is worth it, but it is a costly procedure and takes time. It protects the clear coat from scratches.

You can freely drive on the road without getting worried about this problem. In addition, you do not need to repaint the SUVs before selling them.

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