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WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems

WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems

WeatherTech window deflectors are a simple piece of acrylic material installed inside the window channels of your vehicle.

The most common problem caused by Weathertech window deflectors is a hindrance in auto windows rolling up, resulting in extra load or burning of the motor. It has a loose installation inside window channels that causes them to go away with strong wind. They don’t completely protect the vehicle from wind and rain above certain limits. WeatherTech offers a limited warranty for its products that rules out certain genuine conditions from warranty coverage. It can also be illegal in certain USA states to modify front windows.

It has the intended purpose of protecting the windows from rain and wind and reducing the wind noise. However, customers have a few issues regarding its installation and long-term use.

A brief about WeatherTech window deflectors

WeatherTech side window deflectors, also known as in-window channel rain guards, are an easy-to-install piece of hardware above your pickup truck windows.

Its installation is within the window channel, and you don’t need to apply exterior tape or sticky material.

They have specific designs according to the window contours for each vehicle model from various auto manufacturers. They use 3-4 mm acrylic material in their construction.

They intend to reduce interior heat by offering fresh air and reducing wind noise. Deflectors also protect the windows from water during rain by deflecting them due to their aerodynamic design.

Moreover, they have a transparent design available in various styles and shades to match the aesthetics of your pickup truck. People prefer the brand due to its quality and quick installation with no extra tools or materials.

Common problems with WeatherTech window deflectors

WeatherTech is a well-known brand for its side window deflectors and other accessories. However, they have specific issues commonly faced by customers.

Here is a brief list of 8 issues of various severity levels according to customer reviews and a survey conducted on our website:

Incompatible design

WeatherTech side window deflectors have specific designs compatible with each vehicle. The reason is their in-window channel installation.

Therefore, they should match your specific vehicle’s window shape, size, and contour. It results in purchasing an incompatible design if you don’t care about the particular model of your pickup truck.

Moreover, there is often slight modification in windows dimensions according to the year of manufacturing a specific vehicle.

You will also not find them for each year model for your Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, or other pickup trucks. It results in a compromise to buy any size for that truck available. An incompatible design ultimately leads to improper fitting.

Improper fitting

WeatherTech windows deflectors have a vehicle-specific fit type. The manufacturer claims for precise machining to fit in the windows channels.

In some cases, customers have issues regarding its corners not holding inside the groove. Therefore, you need to rub them or modify them for a perfect fit.

There are also complaints about the too-tight fit, which can damage the glass tint. The acrylic material can also cut the window seals or automotive weatherstripping if you forcefully try to fit them on your vehicle.

Windows rolling up problem

If your vehicle has an auto-up or one-touch feature, these deflectors prevent them from entirely going up. The pinch protection system of the vehicle activates, and the window will roll down instead of going up.

You have to move it upwards again to close the window manually. It results in motor malfunction or, in some cases failure, if you forcefully try to close the windows.

It can cause damage to the glass tint while rubbing against the deflector while going up.

Therefore, people open and close the window multiple times after installation to apply any remedial measures if deflectors pose any hindrance.

Loose installation

These window deflectors fit inside window channels. Therefore, you don’t need to apply any exterior tape.

However, it sometimes results in loose-fitting. Moreover, the company provides metal tabs or clips for installation on certain vehicles.

However, customers have complaints regarding defective stubs. It results in deflectors falling away while driving or even in still condition while opening the door or windows. Moreover, the company also does not accept warranty claims in such cases.

Unable to function in specific conditions

They will work only if properly fitting and under certain weather conditions. They will not cover the water entering the windows in harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, if you have a window rolling up problem due to improper deflector fitting, it will worsen the situation allowing dust and rainwater to enter the vehicle.

Customers have complaints regarding damage to their upholstery and floor due to a gap left on the top of windows.

Illegal in some US states

In some US states like California, it is illegal to modify any side or rear windows. Law clearly states to avoid displaying, installing, or placing any object or material that blocks the driver’s view.

Although it directs towards the illegal use of tinted glass on windows, any law enforcement officer can stop you by interpreting it according to his understanding.

Despite it being a less common and non-obvious problem, it can result in loss of your time and embarrassment in certain situations.

Limited Warranty

WeatherTech offers a limited lifetime warranty for its side window deflectors. However, there are no clear terms and conditions regarding its coverage.

They have a vague policy based on customer satisfaction, but they take their decision as final regarding the validity of any claim.

Furthermore, despite offering a lifetime warranty, they don’t replace products that have expired due to normal wear and tear.

Customers have also complained that they accept warranty claims for broken products but not for any deflector with design fault.

Moreover, they have a long list of excluded conditions from warranty like damage during an accident, incorrect installation, and loss during a car wash.

No provision to purchase a single piece

The company sells window deflectors in front and rear pairs instead of a single one.

It means if you have damaged or lost a single unit, you will have to bear the cost of 2 deflectors.

In addition, it results in financial loss to truck owners because they are expensive to buy.

Are WeatherTech deflectors expensive to buy?

WeatherTech products are the most expensive amongst all brands available in the market. However, they claim to justify the price because of the quality of their products.

For example, both front and rear set of side window deflectors for the 2021 Ford F-150/F-250/F-350/F-450 has a cost of $95-$105.

While its competitor in the market, AVS, has the same deflectors for $45-$55 at an economical price. Therefore, these are expensive to buy as compared to other brands.

What is the customer satisfaction level with WeatherTech window deflectors?

We have conducted a survey on our website regarding customer satisfaction with WeatherTech side window deflectors for pickup trucks of various brands.

We asked truck owners to rate the product out of 5 stars. Out of 433, we get 5 stars from 52% of customers, 4 stars from 27%, 3 stars from 12%, 2 stars from 3%, and 1 star from 6% of customers. Thus, they have an overall rating of 4.14 out of 5.

How to prevent stealing of WeatherTech deflectors?

The Loose-fitting of WeatherTech side window deflectors makes them easy to steal. If you don’t properly fix it in the window channel, be ready to bear a loss of about $100.

You can prevent it by adequately tucking it inside the groove. If the manufacturer recommends using clips, then fix the deflectors with their help so that they don’t be easy to remove.

Can we apply WeatherTech deflectors on the windscreen?

No, WeatherTech does not have any deflectors for the windscreen. Moreover, installing or displaying any object on the windshield is illegal. They also require a channel to fix them, which is impossible on the windscreen.

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