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Forest River vs Winnebago

Forest River vs Winnebago

Typically, selecting between Forest River and Winnebago RVs is challenging because both have standard features, attractive qualities, specific dimensions, and body frames. 

Forest River RVs with an average length of around 23 feet can accommodate 5 to 7 people, costing you $30000 to $36700 with a separate kitchen, outdoor bathroom, and sleeping rooms. On the other hand, a Winnebago is a massive coach with dual fiberglass manufacturing material that can adjust up to 10 people, have an indoor kitchen and bathroom facility. Also, the Winnebago variants cost you around $100000 to $103000.

They have design and overall structure differences, but each has appealing features, floor plans, and layout. Also, people select them according to their budget because Winnebago is highly expensive with several facilities and comforts.

Moreover, if you are looking for an advanced, modern, and appealing RV, select the Winnebago variants without any fear. 

I have surveyed around 200 Americans using Forest River variants for more than three years. Also, the other 100 participants discussed Winnebago. 

At the end of the survey, I concluded that Winnebago, its brands, models, floor plans, and variants are demanding across the USA. Moreover, only 34% to 36% of people supported the Forest River.

Features and Specifications of Forest River vs Winnebago


Forest River


Manufacturing year



Manufacturing Company

Forest River Inc.

Winnebago industries


Berkshire Hathaway

Michael Happe.

Number of brands

46 Approximately

15 Approximately

Number of complaints




4-star rating

4.5-star rating

Accommodation space

5 to 7 people

8 to 10 people

Why would you compare Forest River with Winnebago?

Both vehicles have a diversity of design, frame, manufacturing material, speed, and other cabin qualities. Also, choosing one of them is challenging, and a comparison is an option.

However, comparing all minor to specifications provides clear information and describes pros and cons simultaneously.

In addition, both vehicles with their multiple variants are part of the market. Also, both offer different advancements with innovative internal settings and performance. 

However, I have made a chart of different features to compare them. As a result, you can purchase any of them without any confusion, and it provides conclusive evidence according to your requirements.


The Forest River is one of the most advanced and appealing addition in the RV industry due to its versatile features and attractive exterior. The manufacturers introduced the first model in 1996, expanding its business. 

In addition, it has more than 100 working plants across the USA. However, the company started a few years back but stands out in the RV industry with extraordinary performance. 

Typically, Winnebago is an innovative production of a small businessman due to his passion for traveling. He started manufacturing these setups in the late 1950s. 

Also, it started a project of civic but latterly became a separate manufacturing portal for Winnebago variants. 

The first manufacturing year was 1958, and the manufacturing portal existed in Lowa, United States. 

Owner name and manufacturing company

A multifunctional company makes the Forest River RVs known as Forest River Inc. Also, it has merged with other motorhome and truck manufacturing businesses. The owner name of this RV is Berkshire Hathaway. 

Peter Liegl works as CEO and maintainer of this business. 

Winnebago Industries makes and sells these setups at negotiable prices, an American RV manufacturer company.

Also, the selling portals are present across the USA with different headquarters and services. In addition, one of the largest Motorhome manufacturing portals is owned and maintained by Michael Happe. 


It is one of the biggest RV manufacturers with more than 46 camper brands. Also, it has a share with different camper manufacturing companies and makes RVs for them. 

In addition, the probability for counting them all is nearly impossible, but a few of them are famous. However, E-pro, Berkshire, and Evo are among the most popular variants. 

A Winnebago RV has more than 15 variants with slightly different specifications from each other. However, they all have advancements and fulfill their travel requirements without any damages.

Furthermore, the 2018 Horizon is popular among more than 30000 American Users due to its extraordinary performance. 

Design and average dimensions

A Forest River Class A Motorhome has a slightly curved front with an R-18 durable roof. Also, it has fiberglass as a manufacturing material with middle doors and ladders. It is a significant fifth-wheeler that is comfortable and convenient for all travelers. 

Also, it provides camping conditions with all internal facilities. The average length of these setups is around 14 to 26 feet. It changes according to models and the number of specifications. 

The Winnebago has an appearance of a luxurious and lengthy coach with a protective roof and attractive overall frame. 

Winnebago Class A motorhomes are vast and have an average length of around 32 to 33 feet. 

Manufacturing material

Like many other RV manufacturers, this largest company uses aluminum and fiberglass material for making a Forest River. Also, the walls are resistant to rainwater and other environmental hazards. 

The roof covers fiberglass layers that resist damages for more than 4 to 5 years. In addition, they are appealing due to the wall’s shiny material and glass doors. 

Typically, a Winnebago comprises an appealing, sturdier, thick fiberglass material for manufacturing walls and roofs.

The sheet is spread over the surface and rigid for resistance against different environmental problems. Also, white edges on the fiberglass make it appealing but reduce with time. 

Wheels and tires

Forest River is the largest travel trailer with five wheels and maximum stability. 

Also, the floor plan depends on the number and arrangement of wheels.

They are strong enough to handle the heavyweight of these setups. Also, the tires work with a 5-star rating, and customers prefer them for their long-distance traveling conditions without any fear.

A Winnebago camper has high-quality and efficient tires. It is a four-wheeler with several internal facilities. Also, the stability of wheels with their axles stabilizes it in multiple road conditions. The average lifespan of wheels and tires is around 4 to 7 years. 

Price difference

Comparing both RVs in terms of cost is one of the significant points, and you can separate them conveniently. Also, the River Forest RV is economical for any camper lover with different interior specifications. 

On average, a Forest River is around $30000 to $36700. It is less expensive than many other RVs and from many variants of the Winnebago. 

Different variants of Winnebago Revel are expensive and are luxurious with multiple advanced technologies. Also, you can get old and used models at moderate costs, but a brand new option is costly.

The average cost of a Winnebago RV is around $100000 to $103000. 

What are customer reviews about the Forest River and Winnebago RVs?

The Forest River RVs has a 4-star rating with several positive customer reviews. Also, the user pass-happy remarks for the livability and overall quality. 

Also, every 3 out of 5 Forest River users state a positive statement for the driving quality, towing ability, and other relevant features. 

A Winnebago living camper has a factory warranty policy and exists with a 4-star rating. The customer reviews are satisfactory and have 4.5-star livability.

It has the highest floor plan reviews with maximum clearance, living space, and a walking section. In addition, it has an average floor length of around 17 to 18 feet. 

Complaints and number of recalls

It is a vast RV industry, and a few variants have multiple complaints due to minor to significant problems. Also, 2008 is one of the most popular ones in terms of complaints against this setup. 

A few of them have more than 20 complaints. Also, the authorities resolve these issues through a complaint number and take a time of 2 to 4 weeks. 

The variants of Winnebago constantly ranked as one of the best setups without any significant complaints. Also, it is a recall-free camper, and most complaints are against superficial technical faults. 

They have no reported complaints against the overall construction and design.

Interior specifications

The Forest River variants have maximum sleeping space due to extensive length and height. Also, it has desirable furniture, sleeping beds of appropriate size, and a comfortable outdoor kitchen. Also, they have bunk beds and power awnings. 

In addition, the windows have curtains, facilitation of an air conditioner and heaters are available. The floor is stable and smooth with carpets living sections. A bathroom facility with an exhaust system, ventilation equipment, and other facilities are significant. 

Also, the kitchen compartment has a drainage system, sewage pipelines, and outlets. Furthermore, they have separate fresh and waste water containers. 

Also, it has ventilation sections, heat control equipment, and desired facilities. In addition, they have indoor bathrooms, kitchen compartment with cabinets.

It adds luxury and comfort to the life of travelers. Also, the massive beds with comfortable mattresses, curtains, decorative items, and entertainment gadgets make them appealing living setups. 

Accommodation space

Generally, all of its models make the journey and living comfortable, but each has separate specifications. Also, the Forest River variant can accommodate around 5 to 7 people with sleeping rooms and living lounges.

In addition, it depends on the floor plan and the width of the overall area. The number of people varies with these features and has enough space for 2 to 3 children other than the standard limits. 

All Winnebago variants are like massive coaches with different seat adjustments, furniture settings, and non-identical designs. Also, each has an adjustment space for adults and children, and specifications vary accordingly.

In addition, the tank capacities, internal space, speed conditions, sleeping section, and interior facilities determine the total number of living people.

Advanced features

One of the advanced and significant advancements is the cheaper rate list of Forest River RVs than many others. Also, it has different facilities of heat control, kitchen electric appliances, and an ideal bathroom system. 

The Winnebago manufacturers provide a high-tech, advanced and innovative package in all the latest variants.

However, it includes the overall cost of the vehicle but has multiple advantages. Also, it keeps travelers comfortable in different weather changes with sheets and coverings. 

In addition, the radiant wrappings, foils, and foam blocks secure the sidewalls. Also, the roof-mounted AC and heat systems provide temperature control and stand out in advanced technology categories.

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