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What is the Dog’s Name in the Subaru Forester Commercial?

What is the Dog’s Name in the Subaru Forester Commercial?

Subaru has used dogs in a commercial for their latest model, Subaru Forester, and got a lot of appreciation from the people in the US.

What is the Dog’s Name in the Subaru Forester Commercial? The dog’s name in the Subaru Forester commercial is Barkley, which refers to the breed of dogs belonging to a Retriever family, including a yellow Labrador retriever and three Golden Retrievers. The Golden Retrievers include the father doggy named Auggie and the two siblings named Sebastian and Sadie. However, a mother named Stevie is a yellow Labrador retriever. These dog characters have been part of the Subaru commercial from 2009 to 2022, which shows their affection for these canine animals. 

Furthermore, you have seen a group of four dogs, two males, and two females, sitting on the seats of the SUV and driving on the road.

What is Subaru Forester?

It is a compact SUV that is highly versatile and packed up with advanced technologies.

In 1997, Subaru manufactured this vehicle by considering important factors like passengers and driver safety, space, and a seat for pets.

Moreover, you can also use this vehicle for towing because it can efficiently tow almost 1000 to 1500 pounds load due to a powerful engine based on four cylinders.

What are the names of the dogs in the Subaru Forester commercial?

Subaru has been using pet animals in their ads since 2009 and getting an appraisal from the people.

These animals used in the Subaru Forester advertisement belong to “The Barkley,” a family of dogs containing Golden Retrievers and a Labrador retriever of yellow color.

Most commonly, four characters are part of their commercials from 2009 to 2022, which are already popular canine animals present in animated movies.


She is the female dog present on the seat close to the driver. She is a mother in the Barkley family that is Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Furthermore, she started acting for Subaru at 4 years after training for half a year.


He is a baby Golden Retriever like his father. It is present on the puppy seat behind the front seat.

Moreover, he lives with her sister Sadie in the same family and is more energetic than her.

He does not require a large seat to sit on, so the SUV provides a puppy seat for this three-month puppy to adjust him safely.


Sadie is the older daughter of Stevie and Auggie, who is sitting in the vehicle’s back seat. She is also a Golden Retriever that lives in California.

Moreover, Sadie was about 6 months old when she started acting for the Subaru advertisements. After that, she got training to learn the skills for socializing with everyone around her.


Auggie is the dad in this family that you see in the ads for Subaru and is a Golden Retriever. He became part of the commercials at the age of 5.

In addition, he is present in the driver’s seat and driving the SUV. He has an impressive look, is the main canine star in their ads, and lives on a Canadian farm.

Why are dogs used in the Subaru Forester commercial?

They have a special affection for canine animals and make animal-friendly vehicles so that pet lovers can easily purchase them.

Pet-focused ads

The manufacturers try to focus on the usage of pets for the ads because their vehicles are suitable for pets. They have been using pets since 2009 in advertisements for their latest models.

Moreover, the Barkley belongs to the Golden Retrievers family are starring in their ads.

An ideal vehicle for pets

These automobiles are considered ideal vehicles for your pets, and you can easily give them a passenger seat behind you.

The manufacturers provide accessories to make the vehicle comfortable for your dogs, like floor mats that can be used in heavy traffic conditions and remain intact.

Moreover, seat covers protect the seat from getting wet and dirty due to pets. You can transport them at any place without fear of affecting the vehicle seat and floor.

Other models of these SUVs, like the Outback, provide a floor with a low load that can help your canine pets jump over the surface.

Campaigns for canines

This automobile brand always indulges itself in many campaigns for the protection and rights of these animals.

The manufacturers have made many efforts to rescue the dogs by transporting them inside the vehicle.

Moreover, they have donated almost $13 to $15 million to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

In addition, it sponsors different research that helps understand the safety measures for traveling pets conducted by the Center for Pet Safety.

You can look at their campaign “Share the love,” which shows their interest in the well-being of the society that relates to either humans or animals.

Family interaction

They are using a canine family to indicate the interactions and experiences of a human family. You can see different activities in their ads that are similar to our lives.

You can see these canine animals portray daily routine activities like dropping the children at the school gate and going for a car wash.

Moreover, you can look at the wandering eyes of the daddy dog when he looked at Sadie when she was coming late at home.

So, these stories help you imagine your experiences and feel like you are doing all these activities while interacting with family.

Dog approved vehicle

The presence of the canine family inside the SUV indicates that it is a dog-approved vehicle. In addition, the manufacturers have tested it for these canines.

The vehicle’s design supports the feasible addition and transport of your pets. The rear seats and the booster seats are available for the bigger canines and the puppies.

The upholstered seats can repel the water due to their high-quality material and covers present on the seats. As a result, you can easily wipe out the seat when your pets get wet inside the SUV.

However, it is better to use seat covers for an extra layer of protection. Moreover, the carriers and crates ensure the safety of pets in case of a road accident.

Furthermore, I used to put the seat covers, particularly when going out with my canine pet to even a grocery store.

Marketing strategy

The use of pet animals in the commercial of Subaru indicates their marketing strategies because they want to target more people and engage them in purchasing the relevant automobile.

According to research, more than 65% of 70% of American natives are dog lovers, and they prefer to purchase a vehicle that suits their pets.

So, it meets their requirement and provides an ideal space to keep their pets inside. Therefore, they want to grab the attention of those pet lover consumers towards their brand.

What does the Subaru Forester commercial feature?

You can see daily life activities that indicate how families interact with each other. For example, the puppy asks a truck driver to air the horn moving close to their vehicle in one of its commercials.

Moreover, the doggy driver respects his choice and does what he says.

Additionally, a sheepdog named Scott is also present in an ad where a farmer having a flock of sheep carries him in the SUV to protect the collies from injury while herding the sheep.

Similarly, you can see many other ads that indicate the use of SUVs in performing different activities like providing pick and drop to children for school.

Which model of Subaru is good for dogs?

Subaru makes vehicles ideal for pet animals like dogs and cats, but every model is different and inefficient in handling pets.

The Subaru Forester is a good vehicle for pet animals as it provides a spacious area and comfortable seating for them. Moreover, the Accent and Outback are also good at keeping them safe and secure.

However, the Subaru Outback provides a better floor with heavy-duty mats that can resist dogs’ actions when they try to jump.

In addition, you can get customized seat covers in the Outback that add to the vehicle’s functionality.

What kind of dog is GUS in the Subaru commercial?

The commercials on the Subaru automobiles use only dogs from the Barkley breed, which belong to the Retriever family.

Gus belongs to the same Golden retriever family having golden hairs on the body. This breed is popular in the US, and people prefer to make them pets due to their friendly attitude.

Furthermore, these Barkley dogs are the actors in the advertisements for this SUV and show their suitability to be used for transporting pets.

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