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What is included in Ford 502A Package?

What is included in Ford 502A Package?

Ford F-150 Lariat 502A is the most advanced truck in the market. here are some of its amazing features and specifications.

What is included in Ford 502A Package? Ford 502A package on the F-150 Lariat trim, has many latest and high technology features. It offers various engine options, LED with fog lamps, tail lamps, headlamps, tailgate release handle, and LED box lighting. Furthermore, this package can include a 400W outlet, ambient lighting, B&O with HD radio audio system, Sync 4 infotainment system, and side mirrors with power folding, and memory features. 

Among these advanced features, the most prominent is the heated steering wheel of Ford Lariat 502A, which provides comfort to its drivers in frosty and harsh weather. 

Similarly, old and outdated halogen lights are no more part of this version of support utility vehicle introduced by Ford. Instead, Ford has introduced all four LED lights.

At night, when white light penetrates with ease through the dark surroundings and provides the driver with a clear view of the environment, these lights are the most appropriate and ideal solution. 

 These wipers can integrate with sensors that sense meteorological data and operate accordingly. Furthermore, a deicer is also present in this variant to avoid the accumulation of snow on the vehicle. 

Variety of engine options with improved torque and greater horsepower

Ford 502A is designed to operate with a variety of engine options. These engines are opted depending upon the operational requirement of the vehicle. 

There are plenty of engine options in this regard for Ford 502A. For instance, you can choose2.7L V6 Ecoboost, 3.5L V Ecoboost, 3.0L Diesel, 3.5L Full hybrid V6 and Legendary 5.0 V8 with 10-speed automatic transmission. 

These engine options have a varying degree of operability, power, and torque to provide greater ease during a drive through any surface. 

LED light package

Fog lamps of the lariat in this package redesign having LED with LED concerning lights. 

These have a different design than the other trim level. Headlamps and taillamps are the particular headlights. 

Projector LED headlamps with dynamic bending can also include in the 502A package. The gyroscope feature in it gives it the signal when need adjustment. 

In this way, it also has re-built cargo lamps that integrate with the (CHMSL) center-high-mounted-stop-lamp. 

It is becoming more convenient and also includes LED box lighting with zone lighting. 

LED box lighting has a single switch that turns on the rear of the driver-side LED. 

Furthermore, ambient lighting in the Lariat trim of F-150 illuminates the front and rear footwells. There are multiple options in its color like blue, purple, and various others. 

Tailgate feature

Redesigning the truck is pretty safe that increasing the selling rate and enhancing its worth. A power tailgate is a brilliant idea that gains importance with time. 

Your vehicle with the 502A package offers the convenient feature that allows you to release the tailgate by the simple press of the button through the remote.

It also includes an integrated C-clamp channel for easy access to your pickup beds that adds to the truck’s value.

With the key fob, you can lock, unlock, or automatically lower the truck’s tailgate, which is convenient.

To do it yourself, Just single press the tailgate release button by the fob or the door locks control on the interior door handle to unlock it. 

Press the tailgate button two times to lower, additionally you can enter a personal code on the keypad that allows you to unlock the door. 

Simple enter the factory-set code over the personal code, then press the 5 6 key within five seconds. Finally, lock it by just pressing the lock button. 

The tailgate release handle has an LED light that directs light to the trailer hitch, making nighttime hookups easy.

Side Mirror Specification for Ford Lariat 502A

The heated side mirrors of the Lariat 502A have icons on them for correct recognition that help keep and clean that weather like defrost to melt ice. This feature can work when you turn on the rear window defroster.

Available power-folding mirror feature in it, but these can also move manually. It provides easy folding and unfolding of the side mirror.

The switch location can vary, but it is present between the left and right buttons of the mirror. Use the control button to select the left or right mirror. 

After selecting the mirror, use the control button to move according to the need. 

Furthermore, these have integrated turn signal and auto-dimming features that make it more significant in its specification. It also has LED security approach lamps. 

Windows specification

You can open and close its windows by holding the button down. For example, to open the window of the 2nd row all the way, tightly press the button and release. Also, to close the windows, firmly pull up the switch and release. 

The front row of power windows on both the driver and passenger sides can close or open with a single touch.

Lariat with SuperCab and SperCrew configuration rear windows have the power sliding glass with defroster and privacy tint feature make it more versatile. 

Better tire

This version also contains a variety of all-terrain tires and all-season tires. 

All-season tires of lariat 4×2 only include the 265/60 R18 BSW. However, all-terrain tires with 4×4 have 275/65 R18 OWL. 

Another specification of wheels in the lariat 502A package has the magnetic painted pockets of 17 inches machined aluminum wheels. 

F150 Lariat durability increases due to high-strength steel and a large area of the fully boxed frame. It makes the light in weight but strong and rigid. 

Capless fuel filter

 This package includes easy fuel capless fuel filter that facilitates filing.

When the nozzle removes after fuel filling, then the spring-loaded fuel filler will close and lock. 

The capless fuel filler mechanism prevents fuel vapors from being released into the atmosphere and splashing. 

Comfortable Seating

It features heated rear and front seats with proper ventilation. Thus, it makes you more comfortable in harsh weather conditions. 

Rear seat leather-trimmed are more comfortable and convenient, but the necessary thing that people like is the heated rear seats. 

Behind the console have a heated switch power of about 12 volts and various other specifications on that panel. 

These are folding seats with some storage under them and at the bottom of them has the cargo clamps. The rear seats of the SuperCrew cab configuration of the lariat 502a package also have 60/40 fold seats with elongated cushions. 

Front seats have leather upholstery, provide excellent visibility, and having bucket seats with the center have the console. 

Front seats have a 10-way power driver, passenger lumber, driver memory, and power-folding. 

Sync 4 infotainment and B&O sound system

Ford is the best-selling truck in America that offers a premium audio system with HD radio like B&O by the Bang and Olefin. The left side of the front door it have a 6×9 inches mid-woofer.

As a result, the back door has a 6.5-inch (162-mm) split speaker with a tweeter. This package also includes Sirius XM 360L audio system that provides better access to multiple channels. So, the new 2021 model of F-150 Lariat featured a Sirius XM 360L.  

It also has a more advanced technology Sync 4 infotainment system with more voice recognition features.

In addition, this system has 12 inches horizontal display and provides more entertainment, graphic design, Apple CarPlay, Android audio system, Cloud connectivity, and modified graphic design. 

Its graphics are pretty similar to the Sync 3 infotainment system because it is easy to use. 

You can enjoy music streaming with more channels access, calling, massaging, get detailed information about the vehicle. 

Furthermore, another specification in this package includes FordPass connect that assist connect the truck with the internet connection with Wi-Fi hotspot facility. 

Safety features

The redesigning of the truck is a good choice for the upcoming generation. However, the main concern you have about it is how much the vehicle is safe for you. 

This package offers high-technology safety and security features. Curve control, airbags with protected canopy side curtains on the front, driver, and passenger sides, daytime running lights, and dynamic hitch assist with the rearview camera are just a few of the features available inside the truck.

The other safety feature is the blind spot monitoring system, tire pressure monitoring system, Advancetrac with RSC(roll stability control), Anti-lock brakes, MyKey, Perimeter Anti-theft alarm, and various others. 

The Remote keyless entry system, spare tire and wheel locks, SOS post-crash alert system, and several other optional features are available in this package.

Other specifications include in the F-150 Lariat 502A package

Various other specifications of it can have black leather that wraps on the steering column. In addition, it has carpeted floor mats having proper color compatibility. SuperCrew cab of this trim has the grab handles on the passenger, rear, and driver sides.

 It has a keyless power door, including auto-lock specifications. 

It offers electronic Dual-zone auto temperature control, intermittent windshield wipers, a cargo lamp with the CHMSL(Center high mounted stop lamp), and a chrome package for the front and bumper. In addition, it offers selectable drive modes for the 4×4 and 4×2. 

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