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What’s the Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price?

What’s the Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price?

F150 catalytic converter scrap price is the cost of residual components after use and repairing conditions. It contains a ceramic core with a honeycomb pattern and includes expensive metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium. 

What’s the Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price? Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap price is between $450 to $900 due to the high ratio of expensive metallic mixtures and recycling benefits. On average, the scrap yards sell these for $560 with a high metal ratio, fewer damages, and excellent item condition. Furthermore, the scrap prices fluctuate according to per gram metals costs. 

In addition, they have economic importance due to high-quality features, extraordinary performance, and reusable benefits.

The salvage yard representatives never hide the internal faults of the catalytic converter and describe all deal aspects. 

Generally, this particular cost depends on the type, design, conditions, and quality of the used item.

Also, the scrap sellers collect the metals with different techniques, sort the materials, and sell them to the refinery companies. Then, they alter these items into useable raw materials for the production of jewelry to industrial stuff.

What does the scrap price of a Ford F150 catalytic converter mean?

Typically, the scrap price of a catalytic converter means the cost of internal components according to the relevant condition, residual ratio, and other performance factors. However, the purchasers of scrap items can buy any of the items with different flaws. 

However, repurchasing of the scrap catalytic converter can generate several technical problems like engine smoking, excessive combustion, and accumulation of gases.

Also, this cost range revolves around the internal components, and the buyers do not bother with the apparent condition of this component of the Ford F150 exhaust system. 

Components of a Ford F150 catalytic converter with scrap prices

In general, a catalytic convertor of a pickup truck is a mixture of expensive metals, with metallic wires and internal beading of similar material.

Also, it works against the harmful combustion gases due to these metallic actions of the internal components.


Typically, a catalytic converter contains 3.5 to 8 grams of platinum, and it is cost-effective. Also, the prices of platinum increase day by day according to the central industry rates. In addition, the average cost of one gram of platinum is around $32 to $33. 

Moreover, these items have a high ratio of platinum, but its value is far less than the initial range.

Also, it depends on the condition, span of usage, and repair components. For example, the scrapyard workers can extract half or a quarter of the original ratio from it. 

In such situations, its value is around $10 to $11.5. 


The metallic field is an essential part of these items and includes an average quantity of around 3 to 4 grams of rhodium. Also, metal quantities vary according to pickup truck model, engine design, and other exhaust system specifications. 

Nowadays, one gram of rhodium is far more expensive than the other two metals. In addition, the metal may cost you around $290 to $292. 

Also, the scrap value revolves around $45 to $60 and sometimes increases from this limit. 


In general, it is one of the most expensive metals in the catalytic converter. Also, it makes the item luxurious with a ratio of around 2 to 8 grams.

On average, one gram of palladium is $73 to $75. Also, it varies with time, and the prices went down last year. 

But, the metal cost remained constant for the last 2 to 3 years. In addition, the palladium scrap price is around $25 to $27 because it has minimum effects of pollutions gases. Also, the scraper spends more time on its extraction and recycling.


Typically, it is a part of the wash coat and covers the honeycomb of the metals.

Also, on average, it is around 21% to 22%in one device and works as a catalyst. 

Nickel, copper, iron, and manganese

It also contains minor percentages of copper and iron. 

Also, it has manganese and nickel as supporting catalysts for the pollutants removal outside the exhaust section. 

However, the cost of this inexpensive material is around $1 to $3. Therefore, the scrap yard authorities neglect these items in some conditions and include $1 to $2 to the total package.

Foil of metals

Generally, the catalytic converters have a small roll of foil and a mixture of palladium. Also, the quantities are small with other expensive items. 

However, these stainless steel foils have a negligible scrap value of around $0.5 to $1.

What are the Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap yards, and what prices do they offer?

In general, a scrap yard is a business spot, and the authorities buy the decommissioned vehicles. Also, they resell the useable components of the vehicles to other customers at low prices.

Furthermore, they extract the metal components of these vehicles and sell them to the metal refineries.

Moreover, the companies recycle the metal scrap parts and turn them into separate useable. In short, it is a versatile business with effort and recycling techniques. 

The catalytic converter scrap yards sell different types of thee metal items. Also, the prices vary according to their labor charges, use of machinery, and other factors.

Moreover, there are hundreds of metal scrap yards in California and Alabama with a million-dollar business.

On average, the scrap yard price of small to extra-large foreign catalytic converters is around $90 to $380. 

Also, exotic and upgraded ones cost you around $200 to $560. Moreover, with minimum to maximum useable metal mixtures, the average scrap yard price varies from $10 to $250. 

What are the factors that determine the F150 catalytic converter scrap price?

Here are four factors that determine the high scrap prices of a Ford F150 catalytic converter.

However, these cost values are low, but sometimes the scrap yards sell them at high prices. I have mentioned the causes of these expensive scrap metal items.

The lifespan of the item

Typically, these items can last for 9 to 11 years with high maintenance and less use. Also, on a Ford F150, they can survive for around 80000 to 11000 miles. But, people sell their vehicles or these items in the scrap yards. 

In such conditions, the authorities offer high price ranges due to maximum metal quantity, adequate performance.

Also, remaining miles and leftover life lead to high prices. Also, these items have a minimum probability of smoking or any other fault.

Condition of components

Typically, the metals, washer coats, and other components break down with time and excessive use. 

Also, the recyclers obtain maximum grams of rhodium and palladium with minimum effort. These items are expensive and may cost you a fortune. But, as a seller, you can make a profit by selling these non-usable components.

Recycling ability

Typically, due to their internal damages, less maintenance, different repairing conditions, and broken sections, a few of these items have no recycling abilities. 

As a result, the overall price level falls, and they become one of the cheapest items for the recycling companies. But, on the other hand, with a stable condition, the companies buy them at high costs. 

High ratio metallic mixture

Typically, individual metal has a specific range in grams, but it fluctuates according to the design, brand, and manufacturing features.

However, the product with the highest metallic ratio is expensive than others with minute quantities.

Also, the result of inspection determines its value, and it consists of different compatibility and comparison techniques.

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