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Will a GMC Sierra Hood Fit a Silverado?

Will a GMC Sierra Hood Fit a Silverado?

Here are easy steps to add a GMC Sierra hood to a Silverado. It adds style, luxury, and protection for the engine compartment and prevents the machinery from water damage.

Will a GMC Sierra Hood Fit a Silverado? You can fit a GMC Sierra hood to a Silverado by checking its design and size, then remove the Silverado hood, prepare it for a hood swap, and change the front clips. Furthermore, alter the headlamps, mounting brackets, replace fenders, and modify the grille. Then, adjust the GMC sierra hood, adjust clips, attach latch cable, tighten all screws, attach bolts, fit the chrome and fit the hood. 

Furthermore, it has a swapping ability for identical trucks like Silverado, and fits appropriately with a few modifications, and provides a similar style and appealing appearance. 

In addition, around 48% to 57% of Silverado users across the USA select the hood swap and prefer GMC sierra for these procedures. 

In addition, the cost of this particular procedure depends on the number of modifications and replacement skills determined by the time. 

Furthermore, the used hoods are less expensive but require several modifications. Moreover, the average cost for these swapping costs you around $80 to $400.

Also, it depends on the number of new items, the severity of changes, and altered components on the Silverado body frame. 

According to a survey, around 20000 to 26000 Silverado users swapped their hoods with the GMC sierra hood compartment in the last 4 to 5 years. Also, 75% to 84% of people felt satisfied after the swap, but few consumers stated non-satisfactory reviews about chrome fitting and inappropriate latch cable fitting. 

However, the trend has increased to provide an attractive appearance, style, protection, resistance against water, and several supporting benefits to the Silverado hood compartment.

How to fit a GMC Sierra hood fit on a Silverado?

I have described a step-wise guide to install a GMC hood on a Silverado with several precautions and the compatibility test.

Also, consider numerous factors like design and shape because they interfere in the fitting procedure. Furthermore, further this general method and avoid all possible technical problems. 

Compare dimensions and use similar styles

Typically, a truck hood is a mixture of numerous components like hood latch, hooks, hinge, panels, and release cables. Also, these parts help in the installation procedure and facilitate the swap. 

In addition, measure the dimensions and consider the adjustment abilities. However, both trucks are approximately identical to each other and can swap their part.

But, the compatibility test of material, fixing points, and attachment tools are essential. Also, learn professional criteria, built-in features, and interfering problems from a skilled person. 

Remove existing hood of Silverado

Access the cowling screws on the hood compartment and use an appropriately sized screwdriver for their removal. Then, remove the attached bolts with a 13mm bolt puller and rotate them anti-clockwise during such procedures. 

In addition, access the mounting tabs, identify the clips, and open them one by one. Also, secure them in a plastic bag because the built-in attachment tools are irreplaceable. 

Then, access the joining tools of the wiper arms, detach them and remove them from the hood compartment.

Next, access the pivot bolts, loosen them from the surface and remove them. Then, discard the release cable, hooks, clips, and other joining equipment. Next, hold the hood with the help of a friend and remove it from the Silverado. 

Change the front clips on Silverado

In a few models, the front hood clips of a GMC sierra are different than a Silverado. As a result, the fitting procedure becomes challenging due to non-adjustment activities. 

Also, change the front clips on the Silverado to resolve such problems, and prepare it for the adjustment of the GMC hood. 

In these conditions, the whole fitting procedure becomes inefficient while the hood clips do not attach appropriately. 

Alteration of headlamps and mounting brackets

However, the hoods are interchangeable but require few modifications on the Silverado for adapting all GM sierra hood features. For this purpose, alter the headlamps with compatible ones. In this process, access the mounting brackets, attach the headlamps, tighten all the screws. 

Then, attach the attachment brackets of similar size and design for the hood swap. Also, prefer the headlamps of the GMC Sierra or purchase similar products with matching lenses.

In addition, use the manual, read all instructions, and access the appropriate mounting brackets. Also, use them steadily because they are vulnerable, and damages can occur with a minor excessive force.

Fender replacement

In a few cases, the Silverado frame fenders do not respond appropriately to the GMC sierra hood. As a result, they require removal and replacement for better fitting results.

In addition, you can install similar fenders as a GMC with appropriate techniques. As a result, the process becomes less time-consuming, and you can fit the hood with a few basic techniques. 

Also, avoiding these steps results in inappropriate adjustments and destroys the truck body frame. In addition, replace the whole fender pair or make slight modifications according to the built-in design of your vehicle.

Grille modification

Typically, the grille on a GMC Sierra is identical to the Silverado, but there are minor changes. Also, you cannot swap the grilles with different alphabets on either truck. 

But, modify the side clips and attachment tools. Then, make space for the new hood and adjust the variables appropriately. 

Adjust GMC hood on the Silverado

In this step, adjust the GMC hood frame on the Silverado front section. Then, attach it with non-permanent clips and fit in one place. Also, take help of assistance for the handling of this heavy metal frame. 

Now, install a new release cable with the help of appropriately sized tools. In addition, insert the latch end through the firewall. Next, push it to get the next corner from the other side. Furthermore, insert a screwdriver in the case hole, press the latch end and grab it from the other side.

Then, hold it from the engine side, and pull it near the rubber grommet. In addition, fit the rubber grommet inside the fire well.

Then, grab the latch cable and route it around the fenders. Then, cross it across the headlight section and bring it under the support of the radiator.

Next, attach the latch cable on the spring lock, pull it to the bracket and tighten it in one particular spot.

Then, adjust all the screws and bolts and rotate them clockwise. Next, add the hinge, clips, and supporting tools. 

Now, tighten all the screws, fix back the relevant clips, and check the compatibility. Finally, support the hood on Silverado with the side and front plastic clips. 

What are the factors to consider when adding a GMC sierra hood on a Silverado?

Typically, interchange procedures are convenient for identical parts, but few factors are significant during these complex activities.

Also, take professional mechanic help for these swaps because they facilitate the non-problematic fitting procedure in less time. 


In general, check the front and backside of the hood with the frame of the truck. Also, identify the corners and side patterns before removing a Silverado hood.

However, several models of these trucks are compatible with each other, but variability yet exists.

In these situations, measure the size of both parts and check the manufacturer manuals.

Typically, the appearance of different parts identifies these differences of dimensions, and you can access them conveniently.

Compatibility and style

Generally, the hood with a similar design, material, and built-in features are more compatible than the variable models.

Also, the compatible items with matching joining tools, a matching number of holes, clips shapes, and latch cable pattern helps in the swap activities. 

In short, always consider the similarities and prevent different future adjustment and fitting problems. In a few conditions, the other features are similar, but style varies. 

It happens due to manufacturing variability and model up-gradation. For such a difference, avoid the swap or modify the overall frame for appropriate swapping. 

Chrome thickness and design

Typically, the sidelining of the hood frame is known as its chrome, and it helps in the adjustment procedures in the frame corners.

Few of them adjust in the Sierra frame, but resistance exists. In addition, the use of similar chrome thickness, quality, and material is advisable for preventing the fitting challenges. 

In addition, select the matching design and during swap use new chrome. Furthermore, fit it with the hood and then insert it in the corners.

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