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What is the Difference Between Ford F-150 XL and XLT?

What is the Difference Between Ford F-150 XL and XLT?

Many people are confused between the Ford F-150 XL and XLT. They have various packages, and it makes the trucks advance. 

What is the Difference Between Ford F-150 XL and XLT? In general, the Ford F-150 XL is different from the Ford F-150 XLT due to its specifications. The power systems and stereo devices separate them into two categories. The interior and exterior of both setups vary and provide identification.

You cannot mix both structures due to prominent differences. The professional instructions help a customer to buy a required product according to needs.

What is the Difference Between Ford F-150 XL and XLT?

The XL and XLT are different from each other in various aspects. Below is a chart of the difference between both systems.

What is XL in Ford F-150?

Ford F150 XL is a standard structure with all essential facilities. The XL comprises the two-bar style, and the grille is black. 

The overall structure arrives in black, but other variants are also available. The black nostrils are essential parts of the XL in Ford trucks.

It has a tailgate, side doors, rear mirrors, and Keylock systems.

What is XLT in Ford F150?

It is a truck with a cabin and advanced technologies. The aluminum wheels, black color, and customizing options make it demanding. 

The system of XLT offers side view mirrors and tailgates with electrically empowered systems. They are efficient and expensive due to their extraordinary qualities.

A chart of differences in XL and XLT in Ford F-150 Trucks

Ford F-150 XL Ford F-150 XLT
It has silver steel wheels of 17 inches. The XLT contains silver and aluminum wheels of 17 inches.
They usually arrive in black. The appearance of the structure is appealing to the customers.
The external structures comprise the side mirrors for the rear view. The system comprises chrome bumpers, and they are black.
They are attractive due to shiny body and lifted wheels. The fog lamps are part of the structure and comprise halogen gas.
The accommodation space is sufficient for 2 to 3 people in the cabin compartment. The bar griller system is chrome two-bar in such setups.
They have logs of their manufacturing companies in the initial stages. It comprises chrome nostrils, and the surrounding of such structures is black.
The XL arrives with warranty cards and other insurance policies. The high-performance has power empowered systems.
The front headlights are sufficient to offer a clear view. The side mirrors are available for the driver and passenger seats.
The tailgate light is also suitable for the rearview, and it enhances the security levels. It contains a black mesh in the background of the structure.
They have black bumpers and side windows with black mirrors. The carpet colors are the same as the structure for the XLT in ford trucks.
They have an extremely appealing design and structure for a User. It makes the interior appealing for all users.
The XL trucks contain black nostrils. The front seat has a manual control system.
They have a grill bar system that makes them attractive. The painless traveling conditions are an extraordinary specification of these structures.
The systems comprise adequate lighting conditions. The doors of the XLT in the ford trucks comprise security locks.
The vinyl material covers the floor. The system does not require a key for the opening and closing techniques.
They have carpeting on the floors with mats and rugs. The electric power locks are advanced features with instant performance.
The stereo system is efficient and black. The door height is sufficient for the entrance of an adult person.
The doors are usually two and enough for the entrance of a person at one time. The stereo system is versatile with advanced technologies.
The automatic control systems and ports make the system extraordinary. The connecting ports are suitable for the insertion of external devices.,
Its door comprises locks for security. The connections of WI-FI and hotspot are attractive features for the buyers.
The door locks are manual, and you can handle them effortlessly. The seats are comfortable and can stretch for the passengers.
The security alarms have updating qualities. The alarms and other such security tools are also available.
The thief alarms are quick and remain active all the time. The lumbar support allows the head to resist.
The entry system comprises a remote. The system comprises enough lighting to maintain the day and night traveling.
The system is keyless with various electronic systems. The windows are of black glass with security curtains.
It has a V6 engine. They provide a view of the outside but also prevent the uninviting entrance of sunlight.
The engine has enough capacity of around 4 to 5 liters. The screen panels are available to provide instructions.
The number of valves is around 23 to 24. The engine of the system contains aluminum covering for protection. It is a safe system with security equipment.

The uninterrupted electric supply remains available inside the structure.

It has a regular cab of around 5 to 6 feet. The touch screens are advanced features that make it different from the XL in ford trucks.
The versatility of colors makes it a demanding structure. The light lamps on the outer structures can tolerate the environmental effects.
The colors of the system vary in red, white, grey, and black. The windscreen comprises the wipers for cleaning and resisting the rainwater.
There is no customization option in its design. The fuel container is enough for all these functions.
The comparison of colors is available with another XL ford. The fuel filler does not comprise a separate cap.
The electronic option offers customizing options. The absence of these covering structures does not comprise the quality of the setup.
You can get a customized stereo system. The brake system is highly efficient.
The structure comprises a dashboard CD player and various ports for connections. The XLT has trim models that comprise the regular cabs.
It has airbags for the security of drivers and passengers. They have specific locations and provide safety. It has an automatic controlling unit.
The seat belts and security bags are present with the passenger and driver seats. The facilities are enormous, and they are cost-effective. They have a bed of at least 7 to 8 feet long.


The windows of the system comprise curtains to control the natural light. The XL engine does not provide a power stroke facility. They have around 400 horsepower with a high-quality engine.
The seats are comfortable with headrests. They are suitable for long-distance traveling. The dashboard CD players are also a part of XLT in these trucks.
The wheels can survive the worst road conditions due to extraordinary internal structures. The enormous ports and electric systems make it an advanced structure.
The Cab size is smaller than the XLT ford trucks. They have an excellent performance than the XL.
The system comprises the cruise control setup. The chances of accidents are minimal with the XLT.
The radio system of the XL is a different quality than the XLT. The security enhances due to the presence of these advanced structures.
The rear bumpers are an exceptional feature. The front and back bumpers are black with similar qualities. The options of standard and options engines are available in such systems.
The tailgate is sufficient for loading and unloading conditions. The air conditioning system is present for the maintenance of temperature.
The tailgate comprises a key lock, and it is an advanced safety feature. The keyless entries are suitable in such systems with minimum chances of any electronic problems.
The fog lamps are also part of the system. They contain halogen gas for their standard performance. The doors comprise the keypads.
The packages are of different kinds in these XL. The cabin comprises all the essential facilities to make the journey comfortable.
The chrome package is with chrome bumpers and aluminum wheels. The keyless opening of these structures is an advanced feature of the system.
The chrome package also comprises fog lamps and black-painted front structures. The tailgate is enough for the loading and then unloading of heavy masses.
The sport structure offers the same bumpers as the structure color. The fog lamps also include in this package. The tailgate comprises a security lock that is essential for safety purposes.
The wheels comprise the aluminum material for protection and control. The backdoor lock has an electric supply and control.
The XL comprises visors for the passenger seats. The presence of airbags in the front of the seats provides comfort and security to the passengers.
The internal structures are high quality with comfortable materials. The cabin of the XLT in Ford F150 trucks is approximately 5 to 6 feet long.
The floors are of balancing quality and provide painless traveling conditions. The floors of this setup comprise the carpets and are comfortable for long-distance tours.

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