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What is Texas Edition on a Ford F150?

What is Texas Edition on a Ford F150?

Ford introduced the Texas edition of F150 in 2006 to acknowledge the importance of the Texas market for trucks.

What is Texas Edition on a Ford F150? The Texas Edition of the Ford F150 is available on standard XLT trim level. Besides other features, it includes a bar-style chrome grille, side steps, exhaust tip, door and tailgate handles, front tow hooks, and additional badges of Texas Edition.

Moreover, you can buy it at a discounted price than the chrome package available as a separate option for customers in other states. 

Why is it called the Texas Edition?

Texas is a US state that has low taxes and an environment favorable for the growth of businesses.

Therefore, natives and other Americans visiting there have an outstanding attraction towards pickups as their working vehicle.

It has a market share of about one-sixth of the total US truck sales.

Features of these trims can vary for various truck models according to the manufacturer.

Some vehicles have numerous options with the improved truck’s overall performance, while others have simple body styling and the addition of Texas emblem badges.

For example, the Ford F150 Texas edition is a simple variant of its base trim level with chrome coating modified body accents. 

Model and trim levels of Ford F150 available in Texas Edition

Ford introduced the Texas edition of Ford F150 from 2006 to 2020 models by adding a few body styling components to its XLT trim levels.

Therefore, you will not find any performance differences and other specifications regarding critical parts, including engine, transmission system, and drivetrain.

The only difference is the addition of badges and a few chrome components. In addition, a few models are also available in FX4 trim, which has more luxury features for 4-wheel drive trucks, replacing Lariat trim level.

Therefore, it has simple upgrades in its exterior body outlook at a discounted price that you can otherwise purchase as additional packages.  

Features of Ford F150 Texas Edition

Ford F150 Texas Edition has all the features of XLT trim level with significant changes in its exterior styling accents by adding chrome components.

The purpose is to add grandeur to the look of the pickup truck, making it compatible with Texas’s traditional cowboy and ranch culture. Here is a brief detail of the package contents of this special edition. 

Grille design

It has a chrome grille than traditional stainless steel or plastic design in a bar-style design. Solid chrome construction increases the engine protection and also gives a historic or prestigious look to the truck.

Therefore, drivers prefer it for the engine’s safety from pebbles, leaves, and other solid materials entering there. It is the best combination of performance and looks with a lightweight design.

Side steps

Side steps or running boards on both sides of a truck under the doors serve as a ladder to facilitate entering and leaving the vehicle due to high ground clearance.

Ford F150 has chrome runner boards extending from the front door throughout the cabin, enhancing its outlook’s elegance. Moreover, it makes them easier to clean for drivers than traditional plastic designs. 

Exhaust tip

Ford F150 has an exhaust tip visible on the backside of the truck. Therefore, adding a chrome-plated piece at the end of the pipe will improve the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Moreover, it has an essential role in defining the sound of the engine. Furthermore, the exhaust tip does not rust quickly compared to the steel one.

Door handles

Door handles are small parts of the truck cabin that usually go unnoticed. So Ford has installed chrome-made handles on all four doors and the tailgate to make them noticeable and improve exterior accent.

Front tow hooks

Front tow hooks have applications to pull the truck in case of any fault or engine failures. They should be strong enough to do the job without receiving any damage.

This truck comes with chrome front tow hooks for the purpose. Chrome gives strength and also has a vital role in the aesthetics of trucks.

You will also find a chrome hitch receiver on the backside under the bumper for towing a camper.

Cab configuration

It is available in SuperCrew and Supercab configurations. Interior styling is grey-toned fabric seats with power-adjustable options.

The steering wheel has leather wrapping with electric power control and multiple functions. You will find tinges of chrome accent at various spots like the exterior of the truck. 


You can quickly identify it because “Texas” is written on the front and back license plates.

Moreover, you will also find a special badge on the tailgate. The metallic badge has a lone star emblem in blue, red, and white colors, with the Texas edition written in a silver pattern. This special edition’s highlight makes it unique from standard XLT trim with the FX4 package. 

Chrome-like PVD Wheels

It has a chrome-like coating using PVD on 17″-18″ all-weather wheels. PVD process gives them a more durable coating to match with the overall chrome finish of the truck.

Moreover, it is lighter than chrome plating and improves the overall fuel economy of the vehicle.

Are features of the Ford F150 Texas edition available in separate packages?

Ford has introduced a special chrome package for its customers other than Texas to improve the exterior styling of their trucks.

This package includes all the features like a Chrome grille, side steps, door handles, tailgate handle, exhaust tip, and front towing hooks.

Moreover, it also includes the PVD chrome wheels to enhance their service lives and improve their aesthetics.

This package has a starting price of $1650-$1750, and it has the purpose of making the XLT edition more noticeable, like high-end trims with luxury features. 

Is the Ford F150 Texas Edition sold only in Texas, USA?

It features chrome and leather in its styling to give it a pompous look.

Other features of the truck are not different from XLT trim available in other parts of the country. Therefore, you will not find it in any other state because drivers in those areas will not connect with the Lone Star Texas badge or chrome parts.

Ford has not made it available for people in other states. However, they can get the same features by paying an extra amount, as already mentioned by buying the Chrome appearance package.

Does every state have its own edition of the Ford F150?

Like the Texas edition, Ford has launched special editions for each state by adding special features and its emblems or symbols.

This truck has special editions for California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Northland, and Indiana, to name a few. They are part of a marketing strategy by the auto manufacturer to add special features and badges to connect with people of that state.

Therefore, they can buy special editions of their area at discounted prices with added features.

Other special editions of Ford F150 for Texas

Ford has also introduced other editions to show its exceptional affiliation with the state. 

King Ranch Edition

In Texas, King Ranch, spanning thousands of acres, is the largest farm in the United States that is almost 170 years old and has a historical value.

Ford collaborated with the King Ranch by introducing the King Ranch trim level in 2001 with several luxury features with the symbol of ranch marked on the seats and body of the truck.

To acknowledge and promote the ranch lifestyle, it has plenty of brown leather and chrome in its exterior and interior styling. Along with Platinum and Limited trims, it fulfills customers’ demand for a luxury full-size pickup truck. 

King Ranch trim has unique wooden accents in its interior with carpeted floor mats and other luxurious features. It has a starting price of $58,000-$59,000.

Moreover, it is popular in the state because of ranch and cowboys culture association in their history and heritage. 

Dallas Cowboys Edition

Ford introduced a limited number of Dallas Cowboys editions of F150 in 2016 to show its support and relationship with the team.

It has the logo of the Cowboys installed on the side doors in the form of badges. It also has the XLT trim as the foundation with a chrome package and added features. In addition, it has 20″ chrome wheels with the Cowboys logo in the center.

The cargo bed also has a star logo on the floor. Other locations also have symbols of team embossed on floor mats and front doors. It was available at selected dealers in Texas at a $50,000 price.  

Regional Editions by Dealership

It is a regional package, and each dealership has its options to offer.

They use XLT trim as the base version and other small features related to the truck’s styling according to the extent of incentive they want to provide.

Therefore, you should consult a specific dealership in your nearby area for the contents of their Texas package.   

What is the price of the Ford F150 Texas Edition?

Ford F150 XLT is available for $35,000 as starting price with standard features. The Texas edition has almost the same price with an additional $60-$70 for the extra features.

This price is meager compared to the $1650-$1750 for Chrome package for customers who opt for it as an additional package.

Moreover, various Ford dealers in Texas have customized packages for truck drivers with these badges. They sell them as special editions as a marketing incentive to increase their sales.  

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