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What Size Socket is a Toyota Camry Lug Nut?

What Size Socket is a Toyota Camry Lug Nut?

Lug nuts are an essential part of the Toyota Camry, securing the wheels to the axles with the help of threaded studs. Therefore, their proper installation and torquing are imperative for your safety on the road. It requires an appropriate size socket according to its dimensions for wheel installation or removal during change or maintenance tasks.

What Size Socket is a Toyota Camry Lug Nut? Socket size for lug nuts of 1983-2023 Toyota Camry models is 20-21 mm for all wheel dimensions. Depending on its hex size, you can use a 13/16 inch socket if the nut surface is intact. However, a vernier caliper tool to measure their exact dimensions if they have damaged or swelled faces is preferable to ensure perfect fitment.

Here are details about the lug nut pattern, their dimensions, and suitable socket size to remove or install them. We will also explain other related aspects like the dimensions of locking wheel nut keys, the importance of the precise socket size, torque settings of lug nuts, and methods to find their accurate measurements irrespective of aftermarket changes or wear and tear.

Toyota Camry lug nut pattern

Its earlier V10 and V20 models from 1983 to 1991 had a lug nut pattern of 5×100 mm (5×3.94 inches) for all trim levels.

However, CV20, VZV20, SV21, SV22 and SV25 models from 1987-1991 have a 5×114.3 (5×4.5 inches) bolt pattern. For subsequent generations from 1992-present models, it transitioned to 5×114.3 mm (5×4.5 inches).

Another name for the bolt pattern is Pitch Center Diameter (PCD), where the 1st digit shows the number of lug nuts holding the wheel to the hub, and the 2nd number shows the diameter of the circle formed by them.

For example, for the 5×114.3mm pattern, there are 5 lug nuts, and 114.3mm (4.5 inches) is the circle’s diameter passing through the center of these nuts.

Lug nut size on Toyota Camry models

The lug nut size for 1983-2023 Toyota Camry models remains the same, and it is M12 x 1.5. The M stands for metric, and 12 represents its diameter in millimeters (mm).

M12 indicates a 12 mm (0.472 inches) diameter in this case. This standardized metric sizing system ensures compatibility with the wheel studs on various models and trim levels of the car.

The number after the x is the distance between adjacent threads on the lug nut, known as thread pitch. In the case of M12x1.5, the thread pitch is 1.5 mm (0.05905 inches). It means that a full rotation will occur for every 1.5 mm along the length of the lug nut.

It caters to 16.93 threads per inch of the lug nut length in inches. So, M12x1.5 has a diameter of 12 mm, and its thread pitch is 1.5 mm in the metric system.

Another important dimension is hex size, which indicates the nominal diameter of the lug nut head. It is usually 21 mm for various models, and socket size depends on this dimension.

Socket size to remove lug nuts for different Camry models

For the 1983-2023 Toyota Camry models, the lug nut socket size is 20-21 mm. Its closest counterpart in the US or SAE system is a 13/16 inch socket.

Its size is crucial for properly removing and installing these during routine maintenance or wheel-related tasks. However, variations can occur due to aftermarket changes, damages, or wheel replacements.

Furthermore, aftermarket lug nuts with M12x1.5 thread size have varying hex sizes compatible with both ¾ and 13/16 inch sockets, depending on the nut type. 

Socket size for locking nuts on Toyota Camry

The socket size for the locking lug nuts is typically 20-21mm or 13/16 inches for the 1983-2023 models. However, it’s important to note that locking them often requires a special key or socket matching the unique pattern of its head.

The authorized dealers usually provide this key with a set of locking lug nuts at the time of purchase. Therefore, you cannot use any other socket to remove these special nuts.

However, if you don’t have the original key or socket, check your vehicle’s glove compartment, trunk, or storage compartment for the spare tire. You will find it stored in one of these locations or contact the Toyota authorized dealers to get the one.

Socket types compatible with Toyota Camry lug nuts

Different socket types and wrenches are available to remove or install the lug nuts. A few examples are impact, torque, and lug nut wrenches.

Standard 6-point sockets form good contact with them and are less likely to round off their corners compared to 12-point sockets.

However, I recommend using a deep, thin-wall, 21mm socket with a ratchet spanner and then a torque wrench to ensure recommended settings.

Do not use impact wrenches as aftermarket lug nuts have soft material, and they can damage their surface or strip them. Furthermore, the recommended torque settings by Toyota for Camry lug nuts is 103-104 Nm (76-77 ft-lbs). 

Do different wheel sizes have the same lug nut sockets for Toyota Camry models?

Most Camry models have 16-19 inch diameter wheels. However, the lug nuts and their socket size remain the same despite different sizes.

Their dimensions are usually standard and do not depend on the wheel size. Therefore, whether you have smaller or larger wheels, the lug nuts have designs consistent for a specific model year. Hence, you can use the same 20-21mm sockets for all 16, 17, 18, and 19-inch wheels.

Importance of using the correct socket size for lug nuts for different Camry models

Using the correct socket size for lug nuts on different Camry models is crucial for several reasons. They have hardened steel construction with a protective coating, and using the wrong-sized socket can lead to rounding off their corners.

It can make future removal difficult and require more force, potentially stripping the lug nuts and damaging the socket. It can also result in stripped threads on the wheel studs, compromising the integrity of the wheel assembly and posing a safety risk.

Using the correct key or socket for locking them is essential to prevent damage to the locking mechanism and ensure proper removal and installation.

The correct tools, including the right socket size, streamline the maintenance process.

Methods to find correct socket size for Toyota Camry models

The actual socket size can vary depending on factors such as wear and tear or aftermarket modifications. Therefore, you can ensure its exact size by measuring it for accuracy and proper fitment.

Use a vernier caliper tool to measure its diameter accurately for precise measurements, helping you identify the correct socket size needed.

The owner’s manual for your specific Camry model also provides information on their specifications, including the proper socket size.

You can also physically examine them on your car to observe any symptoms of swelling or damaged surface, as size can vary accordingly.

If you have a set of sockets, try different sizes until you find one that fits tightly over the lug nut, and mark it for future reference. Online forums dedicated to Toyota Camry also have information or discussions about the correct socket sizes for its specific models.

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