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Where to Put Plants in RV?

Where to Put Plants in RV?

Here are 12 easy methods to put plants in your RV. You can place them on a surface or hang the pants in the RV.

Where to Put Plants in RV? Put plants in RV on the specific shelves and hang them with plant mounting devices. Adjust the plant containers near the walls of the RV and put them on the countertops. Hang the plants with the walls and ceiling of the RV. Always place them near the windows and sink sides with proper water and light conditions. 

Where to Put Plants in RV?

The RV offers various spots to put the plants without any harmful effects. All of these spots are suitable for such things because they are visible to everyone. 

Keep Plants in RV Shelves

The climate for the plants is one of the essential features for their growth. You cannot avoid this feature, or it leads to damaging conditions.

The plants dry due to improper maintenance and negligence. Few plants do not require daily care and water conditions.

You can select the setup of shelves for better placement and control of the plants, and it is not a simple method because the plants require a proper place in the form of pots. You can install 2 to 3 wood shelves in any corner.

These shelves require a proper place to carry the small to massive pots.

Take measurements of the containers and then make holes in the wood. Settle the plant pots in these holes and leave them for some time.

Observe their stability when the camper is moving and adjust them in case of any error. You can put the mega pots on the first shelf and small in descending order.

Arrange them in the beautiful hierarchy to increase its appearance. They are beauty enhancers and remain in excellent conditions with proper maintenance.

They stay in hanging conditions throughout their lifetime. They do not require enough sunlight all the time, and that is why you can settle them in any corner.

Hang Plants on RV walls

It is a bit tricky process, but you can carry it out with proper guidelines. The hanging plants should comprise lightweight pots for their stability.

The continuous movement of the container can lead to falling and breakage. It is not a suitable condition, and you should add security. You can hang different things on RV walls.

The space on the walls is more abundant than the floor and counterparts. 

They require small spaces for their proper adjustments and remain firm. You can make a hole in one corner of the wall with a drill machine.

Add an iron nail to this hole and adjust it with a hammer. It should comprise enough power to control the weight of the pot. Cover the sides of the plant pot with a rope leave one end freely.

Hang it on the iron nail and allow it for free movements. Check the stability of the plant pot for some time. Change its location in case of any possible error, and they are easily removable.

You can change location 2 – 3 times and select a spot with light and other wind effects. Keep the natural plants in excellent growth patterns with water and other provisions. 

Put PLants on the Kitchen counters

You can adjust small plant pots on these counters without any error. The kitchen counters of the massive structures comprise a window near them. 

It is a constant source of light and wind from outside and you can provide water to these plants with the kitchen faucets. 

They remain under shade and light on equal levels, and it is a suitable place with all possible facilities.

People like to place them on kitchen counters and protect the space. You can select pots of different shapes and sizes.

The colorful plant containers are attractive, and they enhance the beauty of the kitchen counter. You can get organic properties while keeping such things near food items.

Use the Tables

The woody furniture offers an aesthetic sense when it combines with the plants and their containers. People prefer to set up their furniture and especially the table in the living compartments. 

You can water them directly on the table or take them somewhere else. Always consider small containers for keeping plants on the tables.

The maintenance is necessary because they reduce the surface area. The colorful containers and other pots with design are more suitable for such setups.

They are beautiful and convenient for the user. You can change their location at any time because they have no fixing.

Window sliding

The window is a better place to keep the plants. You cannot adjust them in any window setup because they require a spot. The sliding of the windows comprises shelves-like structures. 

They have enough surfaces to contain the pots and other massive containers.

There are minimum chances of any plant falling on the ground, and you can adjust them in a line or change the pattern.

The decorative arrangements are attractive for every person. The windows are not fixing, and you can open them for your convenience. 

They grow best in such environments and provide an appealing appearance.

The constant sunlight can damage the plant leaves, and they get dry before their casual times. It is not a favorable condition because you have to replace everything in such situations.

The sliding windows can move, and you can shut them anytime. 

Near the water sinks

It is an excellent spot for those people who do not want to install anything permanently. Few people like to make changes, and they modify everything. 

Adjust them near the sink areas, it can be a kitchen sink or a washbasin. Always select small and beautiful containers because they are appealing than others.

You can place them on the counters of the sink compartments. If they tremble when the vehicle is moving, then select another safe space for them.

Few people use porcelain material in terms of plant pots. These containers can break easily than many other plastic ones.

You can adjust them under the clean and dry sink during the traveling modes. The condition of roads also determines their placement.

You can move them anytime from one spot to another. The selection of stain-free containers is the best choice.

They keep the surface clean and stain-free. They never shred fibers or any color on the clear areas. 

On the slide outs

The slide out of the RV is a place to sit and enjoy time with family and friends. People like to add several decorative items to these areas to make them appealing.

You can adjust the plants and their containers with the walls of slide out. They remain safe and firm in these areas because slide-outs do not affect road jerks.

There is a massive arrangement space for these things. Always select small to medium plant pots near the wall and corners.

You can also hang them with the sidewalls of this location. 

You have to tie the pot with some rope and adjust a massive stone on it. People like the wall adjustment pattern more than other options.

It is a safe and effective way, and you can change their location. They are easily moveable, and the carriage is easy.

The adjustment of lightweight pots is far more suitable than heavy containers. You can keep a variety of plants there because of the excellent environment.

The availability of sunlight and rainwater on the spots keeps the level of plant growth high. You can change their location in case of environmental hazards.

Near walls and corners

 Align plants with the walls of RVs, and utilize any free corner of RV to adjust these small containers.

The patterns depend on your choice, and you can control them. Pain these containers with the colors of your choice.

You can buy them in comparison with the wall colors. Make enough space for them so that no one can break them while crossing.

Observe and adjust the necessities of the plants for better growth. Maintenance depends on the user and keeps them with water. 

Hang plants on the RV ceiling

You can hang the plants with the RV walls and ceiling with the help of mounting tools. These are specific hooks that have rigidity and control.

They remain firm in their proper positions without any trembling. 

These tools of the plants are available online, and you can also buy them from the market. Add screws to this mounting equipment and place them accurately.

Add those plants that require minimum maintenance for their growth. Always provide them sufficient fertilizing material and water. The spot is your decision in terms of all other things. 

Under furniture stands

Few furniture items in RV comprise under shelves. These are woody places to adjust the small plant pots.

You can place the plant pots on the underneath spots. 

In Bathrooms

The bathrooms are another place to keep your plants. Adjust them on the bathroom windows for proper light and wind conditions.

You can also adjust them on the bathroom sinks. Adjust low maintenance plants with color pots.

Always use small and lightweight containers in these areas. They provide an aesthetic appearance and keep the environment organic all the time. 

On cabinets 

The cabinets are of various designs. Few of them have free top surfaces to place things. You can adjust the plant pots on these cabinets.

The adjustment with ropes and other supporting things is essential. They provide an excellent appearance to the RV with colors and fragrances.

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