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Who Makes Forest River Travel Trailers?

Who Makes Forest River Travel Trailers?

Forest River aims to make the RV experience impressive and memorable for the owners and bring new features to add comfort and convenience to their recreational vehicles.

Who Makes Forest River Travel Trailers? Forest River travel trailers are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana by Forest River Inc., working under Berkshire Hathaway Company in America. It introduced trailers to improve outdoor experiences as they are equipped with safety features and external and internal standard features.

It has high standards for manufacturing RVs, as each unit passes through an inspection procedure before delivery to check the functionality of plumbing, electrical, and LP gas systems.

Who manufactures Forest River travel trailers?

Forest River is an American brand that introduced RVs for almost more than 40 different brands like Cherokee, Cedar Creek, and Aurora.

These vehicles are manufactured by Forest River Inc., which comes under Berkshire Hathaway Company headquartered in Nebraska that is holding many other companies.

Their founder, Peter Liegl, introduced a wide range of travel trailers in 1996 with a vision to provide vehicles that can help improve recreational experiences.

It is one of the renowned sellers of trailers in North America, as they provide a wide range of options to target a large population.

They manufacture high-quality vehicles to avoid the inconvenience of returns, replacements, and other fixations after delivery, which helps gain customers’ confidence in the brand.

You can get toy haulers and pontoon boats in addition to RVs, but it offers multiple options for people interested in getting a suitable vehicle equipped with amenities for their long trips.

They manufacture spacious structures to accommodate families when you have planned a road trip for a few weeks. Their construction factories were located in Goshen at the start.

They had managed the manufacturing process of RVs within Goshen when the company was in the initial stages, but they moved to a different city in Indiana later.

Furthermore, their local factories shifted to other regions of Elkhart, Indiana, which is known as the RV Capital of the world, as almost 75% to 80% of global RVs are made there.

What are the features of Forest River travel trailers?

Forest River enables owners to enjoy the natural beauty by going down the roads and exploring different regions of the world without any inconvenience or discomfort.

You do not have to face any problems when you are far from home as their travel trailers are designed with all the basic facilities and make camping memorable.

Its products are designed to provide comfort and usability so that owner does not feel any issues related to bathing, sleeping, and eating.

Magnetic door latches, solar panels, exterior speakers, rearview cameras, rain gutters, and tinted windows make their exterior surface appealing and useful.

In addition, the internal space contains LED TVs, countertops, stainless steel appliances, a tub or shower, sinks, drawers, a dinette table, a mirror, a vent fan, wardrobes, and other storage areas.

Some safety features are also present, like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, escape windows, gas detectors, and a few other instruments added to expensive and larger structures.

However, there are options for sofas and beds in addition to refrigerators, as they can be added or removed according to choice.

Some have interior and exterior LED lightings and a remote control system to manage activities. In addition, USB charging monitors and tire pressure monitors are present in Cherokee trailers.

A few models of Cherokee trailers have solid doors in the bedroom and ducted AC systems, while most of their models contain bedroom cabinets and electric water heaters.

Furthermore, Salem travel trailers 23RK have a U-shaped dinette, pantry, fridge, microwave, sofa, end table, entertainment center, queen bed, wardrobes, and 15 feet awning.

What is the average cost of Forest River travel trailers? 

The cost of travel trailers manufactured by Forest River varies according to the floor plan that depends on the availability of space on the interior and exterior sides.

Its price increases with amenities as the fully equipped and bigger structure will cost you more than that having a few basic facilities and are simpler interior.

Salem FSX 167RBK and 176 QBHK can cost you between $27,000 and $34,000 with best-in-class packages and standard features.

In addition, Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L and 30DBH-L can cost you almost $53,000 to $60,000. The Vibe 25RK and 28BH are available at around $54,000 to $59,000.

It makes high-end vehicles that can meet customer demands from every possible aspect, but these are relatively affordable instead of attractive interiors.

Their average cost is almost $18,000 to $49,999, as the minimum price is between $15,000 and 20,000, while it can reach a maximum of $60,000 to $65,000.

What is the size of Forest River travel trailers?

The Forest River designed a variety of travel trailers of many different sizes. You can choose a smaller structure if you have a small family and are supposed to use it only on weekends.

Salem FSX 167RBK weighs only 3076 pounds (dry weight), while its length and widths are 21 feet and 88 inches. It can carry cargo weighing around 758 pounds.

However, the model 176 QBHK weighs around 3937 pounds and is 21 feet 6 inches long. Its width is similar to 167RBK, but its cargo capacity is 968 pounds.

However, there are some bigger and heavier options for those who need a spacious structure for their family to enjoy their journey or camping.

The dry weight of Vibe 25RK is 5870 pounds, while it can carry almost 1700 pounds weight. Its length and width are 29 feet and 95 inches.

Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L has a GVWR of almost 7594 pounds and a cargo capacity of 1800 pounds. The length and width of this model are around 31 feet 6 inches and 95 inches.

Its 30 DBH-L model is 37 feet 4 inches long and 95 inches wide, while it weighs 9277 pounds and can carry 1850 pounds weight.

Furthermore, the average size of their trailers is 13 feet to 25 feet, but it can reach more than 30 feet when you want to get some spacious and luxurious RVs.

Are Forest River travel trailers good?

Forest River Inc. manufactures good quality travel trailers that provide convenience and comfort to owners as they can find a cozy bed and warmth in the living area within this structure.

It allows you to choose your floor plan from the available designs that suit your needs. In addition, they have entry-level to Pro-models having different weights and sizes.

Salem Cruiser Lite is a fuel-efficient option when you do not want to invest more money on fuel and provides luxurious amenities to owners.

Moreover, it manufactures destination trailers and destination ones for selling purposes as different vehicle brands demand such structures as Wildwood, Sierra, Cherokee, etc.

They have remarkable construction quality and interior design or floor plans that make them suitable for customers as they meet requirements.

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