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Forest River RV Hot Water Heater Not Working

Forest River RV Hot Water Heater Not Working

Propane and electricity-based water heaters are present in the Forest River RVs to provide warm water. Propane ignites the small flame, which in return increases the temperature of the water.

Forest River RV hot water heater stops working due to low propane levels, tripped reset button, tripping off the thermocouple fuse, mixing hot and cold water, when the propane gas valve is off, the pilot light is out, and thermocouples are faulty. 

Hot water heaters are present in these RVs so people can take showers with warm water on cold days when the temperature is extremely low. Sometimes it stops working due to faulty components, and it is challenging for people to use cold water.

Forest River RV hot water heater problems Solutions
Low propane levels Fill the tank with propane
Heater orifice blockage Remove dust and soot
Tripped reset button Check the wiring
Mixing of hot and cold water Reopen the bypass valve after winterization
Propane gas valve off Turn on the propane gas valve
Pilot light issues Reset the hot water heater
Faulty Thermocouples Replace thermocouples

Low propane levels

The water heaters in Forest River RVs use propane, electricity, or other gasses used on a household level for their work.

Propane-based are beneficial to use because they are a cheaper source of heat and are environmentally friendly. In addition, the risk of damages is less than the electricity source.

Sometimes the internal elements of the hot water heaters become old and cannot function properly. For example, the old and worn-out parts draw more propane to ignite the flame for heating purposes.

The drawing of extra propane decreases their levels from the normal consumption. The flame cannot ignite when its levels become low.

Moreover, propane level issues become low in the tank due to leakage in the valves. Several other systems use propane gas for their work, AC.

It is better to maintain your RV regularly, and you can fix the issue by parking them on a leveled surface to supply enough gas.

You can check the leakage in valves by using a mixture of soapy water. The formation of bubbles in the soapy water depicts the leakage in the valves, and you can fix them with tape.

Water heater orifice blockage 

The orifice opens the burners from which propane gas comes for the ignition of a pilot light. Therefore, the propane heaters need proper cleaning and maintenance to protect the orifice from blockage and regular supply of as.

It contains tiny holes that get blocked due to the accumulation of dust and soot. The propane cannot move toward the burning chamber because of blockage.

The soot builds up on the orifice holes because propane burning produces water vapors and carbon dioxide.

These two molecules are colorless, build up on the burner side, and block the passage. You can fix the issue by adopting the proper maintenance routine.

It is better to clean the orifice using a soft-bristled brush that cannot damage the heating flame. Gently move the brush to remove the dust and accumulated soot particles.

Tripped reset button

People often use these water heaters by connecting them to electricity sources. The reset button in red color is present near the thermostat.

The reset button tripping is the warning sign showing a problem with the equipment, and you have to recognize it.

Most of the time, the button trip due to poor and loose wiring connections. You can also face the issue due to poor grounding.

The reset button gets trips when the water temperature exceeds its normal range. Check the wiring and its connections when not receiving warm water from faucets and showers.

It is also better to check the power source and the wires so that it is ground properly.

Mixing of hot and cold water

The water heater in my RV does not supply hot water, which is problematic for people traveling in winter.

It is challenging for people to use cold water to take showers. The issue comes due to the closing of the bypass valve.

Many people close the bypass valves during the winterizing process and forget to reopen them. It is essential to close the bypass valve during winterization to stop the water flow in the tank.

You can receive cold water from hot and cold side faucets because of the closing of the bypass valve. The water is getting hot but cannot come out of the heaters because of the closed valve.

It is also necessary to check the propane switch because people also turn it off and forget to turn them on again.

You can fix the issue by re-opening the bypass valve after winterization. It is also suitable to check the outside shower and faucets that they are turned off.

Use the large tanks for hot water so it can provide more supply.

Propane gas valve is off

The control valves are present to limit the flow of propane toward the burner for the ignition of flame. Sometimes these valves become faulty, and you cannot open and close them properly.

The stuck valve cause issue in limiting the flow of propane and which causes a problem in the ignition of flame.

It is challenging to enjoy the trip without hot water in the faucets of your RV. Also, it worries people because you can get tired of taking a shower with cold water.

The valve also gets stuck due to poor lubrication when they become old. You can fix the issue by changing the valve and tightening them if it is loose.

It is better to call the expert mechanic to identify the problem in these valves.

Pilot light issues

The pilot light is the primary source for the ignition of the burner and provides warm water in your Forest River RV. The pilot light cannot spark the burner due to the failure of the thermostat.

In addition, this component’s problem comes from malfunctioning propane valves and gas pressure fluctuations.

The light cannot spark when thermocouples are dirty or damaged. For example, you can face this issue when pressure is built on the outside because of a malfunctioned propane valve.

You can fix the issue in RV by turning off the propane supply from the valve and removing the connector. Next, reconnect the connector and then slowly open the valve to resolve the problem.

You can also fix the issue by pressing the reset button that is red color and present near the thermocouple.

Faulty Thermocouples

The thermocouple is the major component of water heaters and acts like a fuse. It stops the flow of gas when water becomes too hot.

These act like sensors and allow gas to flow through the burner when the pilot light comes for ignition.

Sometimes these devices become faulty and cannot receive or transfer the signals correctly. For example, the flame cannot blow out because of the failure of thermocouples, and you cannot get hot water from showers.

These devices become faulty due to their incorrect installation and old age. In addition, the issue also comes due to the presence of oxygen and oxidation reactions that can damage its metal parts.

You can fix this issue in the hot water heater by replacing the thermocouples with new ones.

However, the replacement process and challenging, and you have to contact with customer service center of the Forest River RV for their installation.

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