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Why Do SUVs Have Plastic Trim?

Why Do SUVs Have Plastic Trim?

SUVs with plastic trims are becoming popular. It is an effective method of protecting vehicles from scratches and helps to protect against UV rays.

Why Do SUVs Have Plastic Trim? SUVs have plastic trim because it protects from corrosion, maintenance is easy, reduces the weight and cost of the vehicle. However, it also has some drawbacks like plastic deterioration and dull headlamps. Plastic trim covers almost the bottom of the front and rear of the SUV, including its fender and the bumper.

Since plastic also brings many problems and requires regular maintenance, it would be sensible to replace it as soon as possible.

Why Do SUVs Have Plastic Trim?

I see a lot of SUVs being used as a status symbol nowadays. They can be much expensive to buy and maintain, so you need to get accustomed to the usage of a Plastic Trim. 

Plastic trim protects SUV from corrosion

A vehicle with metal bodies has a high chance of deterioration that leads to corrosion. It observes that the level of rusting on plastic parts can control by the way they paint. 

When these two materials come in contact with each other, they form a barrier and prevent rusting.

This barrier depends on their specific mixture and chemical structure because it determines how much water will pass through them.

Easy to replace

These covers are easily removable and can replace whenever someone wants them to be so. 

Its plastic body is also best to protect from the rock chip that damages the paint and causes rust.

Plastic trim is lightweight

In the world of the automotive industry, automakers do well with time. According to the survey, the USA gain high profitability in auto sales.

Plastic is a cheap material, and it offers a good grip even when the vehicle gets wet. It can be one of the reasons why so many SUVs are getting lighter, despite their high fuel consumption.

Automotive plastic parts are low in weight with significant weight reduction properties that decrease the vehicle weight.

UV light wheel trims and other vehicle components with plastic are responsible for the weight reduction.

 The performance and safety of this vehicle can also increase due to the low center of gravity and enhance fuel efficiency. 

Better impact resistance

Plastic trim is the essential part of the vehicle that has a significant impact on vehicle safety. The material has the best influence on SUV safety, such as design, functionality, and durability. 

 Plastic is a safe bumper material since it can withstand more impact during accidents or crashes. The reason is that it is designed to be dent-free to retain their shape after an accident. 

Easy maintenance

In the automotive industry, as we witness a constant increase in the size of vehicles, plastics are becoming more and more prevalent.

As a result, plastics have become an integral part of automobile construction as well as transportation infrastructure.

If you cannot care or do carelessness, its maintenance is easy. However, there is a chance of deterioration, crack, or fades due to more sunlight exposure, bad weather condition, or environmental contamination. 

There are various products available that repair a damaged surface, protect scratches, cracks, and fading.

What Are the Advantages of Using Plastic Trim on SUVs?

SUVs with plastic trim are gaining popularity in recent years. It is because of three main reasons:

  • They can be economically priced.
  • They look good and are durable, so it attracts attention from the passers-by.
  • They can last longer than traditional parts. This is because the rubber around the edge of them cannot damage by road accidents or severe weather conditions like water or snowstorms.

What are the disadvantages of using plastic trim on SUVs?

Plastic trim is deteriorating after a short period of around 3-5 years. As a result, it has a chalky white appearance, so you must remove it and replace these damaged parts.  

It has plastic polycarbonate, with time become distort and faded. It can lead to disturbing the light range.

 Plastic headlamps have an ultraviolet lens coating that fades off after 4-5 years. It can convert to junk when turned yellowish or crazed.

Its original color can fade with time, but it cannot be cracked or scratched. 

Some engines have an engine bay with a lot of plastic. So while it’s working, it can get hot. As a result, the heat gets transferred to the plastic and eventually damages it. It is one of the most common reasons for engine bay fires in the vehicle.

Do all SUVs have plastic trim?

Many brands like Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes, RAV 4, Land Rover, Jeep, and BMW are adding plastic trim in their vehicles.

SUVs Plastic trim present or not
Mazda CX30 YES
  Hyundai Kona YES
Kia Soul YES
  Volvo XC40 YES
  Mazda CX5 YES
Volkswagen Tiguan YES

Where to add plastic trim on the SUV?

Plastic is used in various parts like fenders, bumper, headlights, wheel wells, the bottom of the front and rear portion, and downsides of the vehicle.

Bottom and sides of the vehicle

Automobile manufacturers make every effort to shift from metal trim to plastic.

It covers the bottom of the vehicle’s front and rear end.


Its bumper has thermoplastic olefins and has a mixture of rubber, carbon fiber, or calcium carbonate. 

Plastic bumpers with high-quality material have high impact resistance and are prevented by scratches or crack with proper finishing and paint. 

Due to its light and aerodynamic nature, it can increase fuel efficiency. In addition, during the repair process, a mechanic can easily mold it according to the need.


Automotive headlights are an essential part that keeps you safe, lights your way, and places your vehicle on the track.

 The plastic around the headlights of the SUV provides a clear distant view, reduce the chance of an accident. In addition, visibility is excellent due to the high illuminated surface enhance safety. 


Automotive trim is a set of parts on the vehicle that gives a nice look. It comprises headlights, fog lights, taillights and lights, mirrors, decklid/skid plates, etc.

 These components are removable and replaceable and thus can be easily changed.


In the SUV liftgate is the rear cargo door made up of plastic. It protects and resists any damage. 

It maintains the interior and exterior structure of the liftgate and saves weight. 

How to keep plastic trim in good condition on your SUV?

There are various protectants and restorers available that stable the condition of your vehicle.

First, check for any cracking or dents in your vehicle; if plastic breaks down, you can repair it yourself or have it replaced by a dealer. 

If any component cracks and you need to have it replaced, but you find yourself unable to afford that, you can fix it with a crack repair kit.

The use of an impact washer on the windshield helps avoid small cracks and scratches on the windshield. 

A windshield crack is a hole in the windshield that cause by the impact of an object. It creates small cracks which can easily miss if there is a big crack on the windshield.

Use plastic protectant

Preventive measures and care keep your vehicle safe and reduce wear and tear problems. You have to do regular maintenance, so wash these parts when you clean their surface.

You must buy the trim brush kit that helps with it. After this, use the best quality protectant that prevents the UV degradation of the rubber, vinyl, or plastic.

Thes best products include 303 aerospace protectant, boiled linseed oil, and Wolfgang exterior trim sealant.

Plastic trim restorer

When it starts fading, you should take measures to restore them. It includes Black WOW that is the best restorer coat for any colored plastic.

Blackfire tire and trim sealant and pinnacle onyx trim restorer restore the original finishing of your vehicle. 

You can restore the dull, faded external trim with the SiO2 formula, the best plastic trim restorer. It has no dyes or colorant and water-resistant formula.

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