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Why Do SUVs Have Rear Wipers?

Why Do SUVs Have Rear Wipers?

The rear wiper is a vital part of the SUV because it provides fair visibility. It is especially essential for this vehicle which is quite demanding when it comes to its aesthetics.    

Why Do SUVs Have Rear Wipers? SUVs have rear wipers to clean the back window. The vertical direction of the back window is a source of debris buildup that needs to be clean. Due to this vehicle design, aerodynamic drag loss and wind resistance are high, so the rear wiper help to increase airflow drag and reduce the resistance. In addition, it helps to enhance fuel efficiency and clear the window’s visibility from the rearview mirror.

Another benefit that makes it more valuable is to reduce drag coefficient and increase aerodynamic lift.

Why Do SUVs Have Rear Wipers?

SUV has one rear wiper and two front wipers. So in bad weather conditions like snow, rain it can clean the glass window and clear the visibility. 

SUV is different from other vehicles like sedans and trucks. Its towing, hauling, cargo space, size, and power vary that gives a pleasant sense. Some vehicles have the rear wiper while others are not, and it has various reasons. 

The rear wiper is the value-added feature in your SUV, and other advanced technologies make it more valuable for the customer. 

Manufacturing Consideration

SUV is a luxurious item, and automakers try their best and want their customer satisfaction. Therefore, manufacturers want the customer to maintain their SUVs clean and keep their finishing clean and fresh. 

Automakers include or exclude it according to the vehicle’s needs. For example, enough space to adjust the motor and washer fluid reservoir increases fuel efficiency due to high aerodynamic drag.

 Aerodynamic Mechanism

It is a general fact that SUVs cannot have the fuel efficiency similar to a sedan or other vehicle. The common reason is the weight difference and high accommodation capacity due to its size. 

Aerodynamic principles have an essential role in the functioning of the rear windshield wiper. First, it is airflow around the vehicle like a swirl form across the back.

It has a boxy shape, high wind resistance, and the aerodynamic mechanism is much lost in that case. 

Their boxy shape, the aerodynamic rule cannot fulfill on it and have poor gas mileage. However, it adds an increase in the aerodynamic drag increases against wind resistance, lowering fuel consumption to some extent. 

A vacuum produces during the aerodynamic mechanism due to airflow across the front windshield and top of the SUV causes the deposition of dirt and grime.

Sufficient Space

SUV has sufficient space, a comfortable seat, and ample trunk space available for you. 

Their success is a direct outcome of both their hard work and collaboration with other businesses. 

There are various options available for manufacturers to manufacture vehicles to transport a sufficient amount of luggage with the passengers. 

To clean the back window

Due to technological advancement in automobiles, it comes with a rear wiper that helps clean the back glass window.

With a flat back window, you observe that mud, dust, and snow accumulates on the window, and it becomes a must for you to clean it. 

The spoilers divert airflow away from the SUV rather than across the window. It makes the SUVs better for driving in the rain.

For example, you can use washer fluid with additives in its formula that rum off the deposition on the window. 

The vertical Orientation of SUV Rear Window

The rear windshield wiper is a common feature in the SUV. It is useful when the driver goes straight on the road and does not want to use brakes. 

Due to its vertical window orientation, it is necessary to have this feature.

Its vertical location creates an angle of around 85 degrees, allowing air to flow over the roof rather than down across the glass.

High Height of Back Window

The high height of the window is essential for your convenience and comfort level. In addition, it allows for better air circulation. 

When you purchase it, you’ll note that its back window is in an upright position and has a boxier appearance. It makes the trunk more spacious and suitable for a large family and accommodates your luggage also. 

This vertical direction of the boxy shape is the best source of the significant amount of debris deposition in the window.

 It allows dust and grime to accumulate considerably more quickly in the back windows of SUVs. 

People with large families will need to get such a vehicle since it can easily carry all their family members with their belongings. 

Clear Visibility

At high speeds, the rear wiper is an essential piece that impacts vision. First, it clears the visibility from the rearview mirror. 

The spray of water on the mirror glass and windshield makes this operation much more difficult when reversing your vehicle.

For safety reasons, it is the preferable option in this vehicle to maintain the glass window visibility and clear it when debris deposit on the back window. 

You can also add washer fluid dispenser in it that provide clear visibility even in dry condition.

Better Fuel Consumption

SUV with the addition of rear wiper overcome the fuel consumption, it can happen due to the production of high aerodynamic drag. Moreover, it cleans the glass window due to the long arm wiper. 

For its work, it needs an electric motor and a complex aerodynamic principle. 

SUV Designing

With the advancement of features in SUVs, manufacture put their effort to meet the customer needs. 

In the case of the rear wiper, you need to consider essential things. First, manufacturers provide comfort and convenience to people. 

To satisfy their customers, manufacturers have started designing modern features like active braking systems, radar sensors, and collision avoidance systems to provide them with more comfort and safety when using them on the road or other places.

How to Use Rear Wipers on SUV?

For the working of the rear wiper, you have to turn the ignition ON of your vehicle. To activate this option, turn on the switch clockwise. Select the operation mode which you want like:

  • 0 ( it is an OFF mode)
  • 1 (it is an intermittent operation mode)
  • 2 (it represent the standard wiping speed)

Why do only SUVs have rear windshield wipers?

In a modern vehicle, the rear wiper is an optional feature in some markets. Some automobiles, like sedans, have no wiper on the back window. 

It has several reasons, like is the orientation of the window. First, its back glass window has a horizontal shape that makes an angle around 30 degrees. 

It clarifies that this factor is also a reason why it is necessary or not. 

 There is a high chance that no debris accumulation or visibility is affected due to airflow across the trunk’s space.

Airflow or aerodynamic principle with no rear wiper is quite different from the SUV. In this case, easy aerodynamic, airflow pattern direction indicates that they do not need this option.

Airflow current removes the deposition of debris and clears the visibility. However, airflow over its roof makes the rear wiper useless because air current moves across the window.

Some have trunk space issues to accommodate the arm assembly and its motor. It causes difficulty or trouble for you when you open the cargo space for luggage. 

It is the reason for an explanation why some SUVs do not have a wiper. These SUVs have specific features like a twin door system that has a hatch and trunk. It depends on you to which way you open the back.

Few manufacturer design department does not prefer the look of the vehicle with a rear wiper it can destroy its appearance. Fuel consumption becomes low due to high aerodynamic drag.

The cost of the rear wiper motor is around $50 to $ 500. 

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