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Why is my Ford F150 Tachometer Not Working?

Why is my Ford F150 Tachometer Not Working?

The Tachometer an important part of the Ford F150, it helps the driver in knowing the working condition of the engine. 

Why is my Ford F150 Tachometer Not Working? The tachometer in Ford F150 stops working due to some problems in the display unit or the wiring of the truck. The fault in the engine sensors and the fuse panel result in poor calibration, and the pointer stops at one place.

Why is my Ford F150 Tachometer Not Working?

A tachometer is a device in the vehicle that measures the speed reading of the engine. The tachometer is present in the dashboard of the Ford F150 near the speedometer.

The high RMP value is not suitable for truck engines that why the tachometer must be in an accurate stage to protect the engine from excessive wear and tear.

It has various types i-e digital tachometer, analog dial, and laser tachometer. The tachometer is the heart of the truck that measures the revolution per minute reading of the engine.

The needle of the tachometer moves to the red region. The moving of the pointer indicates the problem with the machine or the tachometer itself.

This gauge works by measuring the rotation per minute of the crankshaft of the ford f150 engine. According to this, it determines the horsepower and torque needed and when the engine function too hard.

Display Faults of Ford F150

Sometimes the gadget is not showing a proper reading. The reason may be the faulty display. The ford f150 instrumental display unit blackout due to some damage or due to long-term usage.

Solve this issue by simply replacing the display unit with the new one. This solution is the simplest way for the tachometer restoration. The cost of the tachometer displaying panel depends upon the model and the year of the truck.

Problems in the wire connections of the tachometer

Another reason may be the faults in the wiring, the corroded wire or the loose connection or breakage results in its failure.

The reason is the erratic display of the speed reading of the engine. You can fix this problem by checking the wiring section in the manual of the truck.

You need to check the wire connections of the tachometer. You can start the checking from the crankshaft of the engine towards the display unit of the truck.

Also, trace the associations with the battery source and the engine control unit of the truck. Fix the loose connections of the wire. You should replace the damaged one with the new one by carefully placing them in their spots.

Faulty tachometer

You can check the exact cause of its inability to work by putting the ignition ON. The voltage of the vehicle is 12vdc when measured with the voltmeter.

Test the wiring if the voltage is not correct. For this purpose, put the voltmeter on the positive side or the ground side of the tachometer.

 If the voltage is correct, then test the input signal. For this purpose, set the voltmeter by altering it to AC volts. Place the voltmeter between the signal wire and the ground.

Start the engine by setting the speed to constant, try to get reading on a multimeter that provides reading according to engine speed.

The tachometer reading is more than 0.3VAC, if there is any indication of pulse stream, the problem is with the device itself.

 There is no indication of a pulse stream. Repeat the same test by removing the signal wire of the tachometer from the engine. If you detect the pulse stream at that end, the problem is with the wiring.

Problems of tachometer calibration

Sometimes there is a problem with the calibration of the tachometer. The Revolution per minute reading is below or high according to engine speed.

This problem is the sign of a calibration error. This problem can fix by resetting the tachometer. 

Replacement of tachometer

To test its functionality, you can also introduce a replacement tachometer in the vehicle. It will indicate to you the wiring and the internal problem of the tachometer.

If the replacement works accurately, the problem is within the tachometer. You can take the vehicle to the repairing shop. For the failed equipment, there will be no replacement.

Problem with the fuses

Sometimes due to a problem with the fuses, the tachometer stops working. Check the fuse panel of the vehicle and find the fuse for the device.

There is a breakage in the metal strip of the fuse and the discoloration. The discoloration or breakage indicates the blown-out fuse. Remove the blown-out fuse and replace it with the new one.

Needle stuck at one place

The needle of the tachometer is stuck in one region and does not move accurately. The possible reason is the tightening of the tachometer case.  

The distortion is the result of overheating and excessive vibration. You can fix the box tightening by losing the clamps that hold it in the spot. You can also solve this problem of losing the needle by tapping the front face piece to retighten it.

Another reason for stuck needles is due to electrical stress. If the engine is running; the battery is not working, this will cause electrical stress in the device.

You can also resolve this problem by attaching a magnet to the front face piece of the needle or free pulling of the Ford F150 tachometer’s pointer.

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