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Why is my Ford F150 power door locks not working?

Why is my Ford F150 power door locks not working?

If power door locks are not working in your Ford F150, you should find the cause of this problem.

Why is my Ford F150 power door locks not working? The power door lock of a Ford F150 does not work due to mechanical and electrical issues. The improper switches, corrosion, and fuse lead to dysfunction of power door locks. 

Why is my Ford F150 power door locks not working?

A power door lock is a property of an automatic Ford F150. The driver can directly close all the doors with a single click. The flipping of the switch results in the instant locking of the doors; it happens without touching the handle.

Multiple reasons cause improper functions of the power locks of the doors. These reasons are mechanical issues, solenoid and wiring problems, blown-out fuse, old age switch, broken actuators, burnt door locks, rusting, and the worst central security system.

Broken actuators in Ford F150

The actuators are the links between the door and the internal structure of the truck. It helps in a proper locking mechanism and offers security to the passenger.

They make the whole process comfortable and easy. There is no need to exert any force to lock the doors. If you press the power lock button, the actuators come close to the door area, and they shut with a specific click, and you can hear it.

It is an indication of proper locking by electric power. Sometimes these actuators break down, and hence the locking does not offer any clicking sound. The power door locks stop working right after the actuator fails. 

The absence of a locking sign is a clear indication that the actuating devices have lost their control. In such situations, you cannot lock your truck without the handles. It is an annoying situation for the drivers because they get used to comfort. 

Observe the clicking sound and check the performance of actuators in the truck. Replacement of these small but powerful tools is the only solution.

Always buy high-quality actuators for the power door locks. You can repair the small broken parts of the locking tools, but it cost you more than the new actuator. 

Mechanical issues

The mechanics of the power lock doors is tricky than others. They require an appropriate amount of electric energy for their causal function.

The electrical switches play their vital role in the power door locks. In some situations, a short circuit occurs, and it leads to disasters.

The power locks become miserable. Sometimes they do not lock the door of the Ford F150 with the power button. Few uninviting events occur when the door gets stuck in one particular position.

Identify the problem and reach the electrical panel of the system. Observe the conditions of all the switches. If there is an electrical tool that has burnt, then replacement is the only possible solution.

Repair the electric switches in those situations when there are chances to do it. The power locks doors starting working after these changes. 

Solenoid and wiring problems

Few doors get their power through solenoids in truck models. A solenoid is an electrical tool that supplies maximum electrical energy to power buttons of the doors.

They are fragile, and there are more chances of their breakage. An electric shock in the circuit causes damage to the solenoid part, and the power lock doors stop working. You can resolve this issue by maintaining the power supply to their areas. 

Always keep a check on the performance of solenoids, and they usually lie in the engine area of the truck.

Replacement of the broken solenoids is the only solution for such problems. Remove and replace them with new and high-quality electrical tiny tools.

The wiring harness system supplies electrical energy to the power lock doors. They open and close effortlessly within the blink of any eye. Sometimes the wires lose their power to provide electricity.

It happens when the electric cables break or leave the circuit area. You can resolve this issue by changing the broken and burnt electrical cable with a new one.

Repair and trim the initial portion of these supply chains in emergencies. Always use protective uniforms and gloves while repairing an electrical system. Make sure that the truck is not in ignition mode. 

Blown out fuse

Blown out fuse is one of the major issues due to which the power door locks stop working. The fuse can be damaged due to an insufficient supply of electricity.

It is an issue that inhibits the casual performance of the power locks. You cannot close the door without using the handle. It is not a suitable condition, and you should resolve it. 

Access the electric panel and find out the fuse. Remove the blown-out fuse from its original place. Discard it and replace the fuse with a new one.

The replacement allows the power locks to start their work instantly. Always check the passages of electricity to prevent the fuse to blown up. 

Old age switch

The switches play a vital role in supplying the electric energy to power locks of Ford F150 doors. All of them have their manufacturing dates and warranties.

The electric switches lose their work efficiency with time. They become vulnerable to damages, and sometimes they breakdown. 

The burning of such switches is one of the most common problems. They can burn out due to short electric circuits. The pins of the tools become fragile, and they break with a small jerk.

All of these conditions lead to inadequate performance of the power door locks. The doors are stuck in any direction, and you cannot use them until you resolve the problem. It is not a suitable situation because people can lock themselves inside their vehicles.

Always keep a check on the manufacturing record of your switches. Replace them before their expiry date. In the circumstances, when the situation gets worse, then replace them with brand new electric switches.

The power door locks start working right after the replacement. The performance and work efficiency also increases due to new and high power switch. 

Burnt power door locks

Sometimes the power door locks burn due to improper channel of electric power. The results are miserable because you can get an electric shock by touching the door. The open spots of the power door locks are also a source of electric current directly. 

Always repair the damaged parts of the power doors. Never allow the free-flowing of electricity without any insulation. Replace the burnt locks immediately. The new locks provide efficient movement of doors with high performance. 


The moisture of rainwater accumulates inside the holes of power door locks. The door locks get intense corrosion and rusting. They stop working due to this condition. Initially, they stuck in the structure but eventually, they break. The rust does not allow the smooth movement of power door locks. 

Resolve this issue by observing the water penetration of the power door locks. Use an air compression machine to remove all types of moisture. Replace the corrosive locks with brand new ones. The doors become easygoing without any problem. 

The worse central security system

The central security system is a direct system to control the power door locks. It serves and moves the power locks in their accurate conditions. 

The short electric circuits affect the working of these central control areas. They lose their strength to work with high quality. 

When the power door locks stop working, you should observe the central security system. Repair the damaged parts of the power door locks in Ford F150 and change the electrical switches. It helps in an excellent performance by the power door locks. 

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