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Why is my Ford F150 Speedometer Not Working?

Why is my Ford F150 Speedometer Not Working?

Many people like the speedometer in Ford F150, the problem starts when it stops working. In this article, we have added the main causes along with their solutions.

Why is my Ford F150 Speedometer Not Working? In general, the Ford F150 speedometer stop working due to the failure of VSS and the engine controlling unit. Other reasons include faults in the transmission system and blowing out fuse.

Why is my Ford F150 Speedometer Not Working?

The speedometer is a round-shaped gauge. The location of the speedometer in the Ford F150 is on the dashboard and tells you about the speed of the truck. Most of the time, the cause is due to faulty sensors or defects in the speedometer cable.

Most of the trucks use cables that pass from this device to the tail shaft of the transmission unit of the truck.

The new model of F150, a sensing system called VSS (vehicle speed sensors). It is used that transmit the information to the speedometer. 

Faults in the speed sensors of the Ford F150

Speed sensors perform many functions, they monitor the speed, maintain the flow of fuel, ignition time. The most vital work of the speedometer is the control of the cruiser of the vehicle.

You can check the problems using the trouble code 90500 (Vehicle speed sensor) circuit malfunction. It can also manage the engine running reason why the vehicles stop moving smoothly when it does not work.

You are not able to use the cruise controller. If the engine service light is on, this indicates the problem. You can resolve this problem by immediately scanning the trouble code with the OBDII scanner.

If the truck does not contain the scanner, take the truck to the repairing shop to fix the problem. The rear side of the vehicle speed sensors present, unplug the wires, and check for corrosion.

Faulty wiring

The exposed wiring towards the speedometer results in some failures in the VSS system. The reason why the speedometer stops working.

The faults result due to wetting of the wiring or blowing out of the fuse panel. To check the wiring of the truck, detach the negative and positive terminals of the battery.

You can attach the test light screwdriver to the terminals of the battery. If the light in the screwdriver turns on, there is a problem with the fuse.

Open your fuse panel, pull out all the fuses one by one. You can check the light on the test driver accordingly. Note on which fuse the light turns off.

It is the fuse that is blown out and needs repairing. You can read the number on the fuse that is present on its back. Also, match the number with the name written on the panel.

Faults in the engine control unit

The engine control unit in the truck is the computer brain of the vehicle. It controls all the activities of the automobile.

It takes all the information that the sensors send to them. The control unit uses this information to monitor the truck activities and send principal data to the driver through the instrumental panel.

If something wrong with the engine control unit. It is unable to convey the speed telemetry to the dashboard.

The speedometer does not work accurately. For solving this problem, you need to check the fuse panel for any circuit blown out. You can also check the ECU in the fuse panel of the vehicle.

The problem with the speedometer itself

 If the speedometer is not working, but all the other gauges continue to work accurately. Then there is the problem with the whole instrumental cluster and the signals that transport to the speedometer. If the gauges show a problem, then check the engine control unit and the instrumental panel.

Jerking of speedometer

 In this condition, the speedometer does not settle on any point. It is due to the damaged wiring. Due to this reason, the device does not show the correct reading and moves continuously between speeding regions.

For solving the problem, the wiring needs to change, and the sensor needs to readjust. The installation of new wiring helps to resolve the issue.

Squealing sounds behind the instrumental panel

 The sound is due to the loose belts or the system controlling the vehicle. The sound behind the instrumental panel indicates the problem with the speedometer.

The instrumental cable sends wrong signals and making noise. If you hear any squealing sound, take the vehicle to the repair shop, and fix the problem.

Transmission broke down

Sometimes, the brake cable present in the vehicle that sends the transmission to the speedometer broke down. 

To fix the problem, remove the truck hood and see the cables that connect with the instrumental panel.

 Find its cable by unbolting the dashboard so you can easily see the old wires off the speedometer. You can remove the nuts attach to the transmission and pull the wire out.

You can remove the clamps attach to the engine and transmission position. The clamps hold the cable in its spot. You can take the wire from the Ford truck, now replace the old wire with a new one. 

Fix the square side of the cable with the adapter by using nuts. You need to pass the new wire from the same passage.

Now attach the other end with the square hold of the speedometer. Attach the clamps with the cables to secure the wire in its place.

Sudden movement of the needle of the speedometer

 The needle movements help the driver to measure the speed of the vehicle. Sometimes the speedometer needle moves erratically.

This problem is due to its cables. Or with the sensors that send wrong information to the speedometer. This problem requires an immediate solution.

Take the vehicle to the certified mechanic for repair. These problems need to address immediately for the accurate functioning of the speedometer in your Ford F150.

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