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Why is my Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat not working?

Why is my Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat not working?

Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat is a feature that allows a driver to customize the seat position for different drivers. 

Why is my Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat not working? The Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat might get stuck because of the presence of any unwanted obstacle under your seat. The presence of two different key fobs inside the jeep also affects the buttons and causes seats to malfunction. A bad fuse box or a faulty control module may also be the reason why your memory seat is not working. Your jeep’s battery can die, or there may be any loose wires in the internal circuit that are causing the problem.

There are many reasons why your jeep’s memory seat may not be working, all of which need to be checked before you can get back on the road.

What is A Memory Seat? 

A memory seat is a function found in some vehicles that automatically adjusts the driver’s seat to their preferred position. 

It is helpful for drivers who have trouble reaching the pedals or see over the steering wheel while driving.

When you buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, you have to consider many things, but seats are essential.

Every vehicle has seats, and they are all designed to fulfill the same basic purpose: to carry passengers in comfort. 

Its quality determines how comfortable you are during long journeys and how well your back and thighs feel after driving for several hours.

It makes choosing the right memory seat for your SUV one of the most important decisions you can make when purchasing a new vehicle.

The seats available in SUVs these days are divided into two basic categories; fabric and leather seats.

Fabric ones are the cheapest option, but they are not comfortable at all, and it does not repel water very well and may become permanently stained. 

They are uncomfortable because they do not offer adequate support to your back when driving continuously for a long time.

On the other hand, leather seats are a purely luxurious option enjoyed by people who have enough money to spend on their SUVs.

Leather ones come in many different styles and patterns to match any vehicle’s interior perfectly, and they last longer than other types of seats.

They are designed to store the driver’s seat preferences, such as seat position, mirror position, and steering wheel position.

It means you can move it back to your preferred position every time you get in the SUV, no matter who has driven it before you.

The seats can adjust the height, backrest, tilt, and headrest based on the presets you save for each person who drives it.

You can also store two to three sets at a time, and whenever you enter your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can select any of your favorite settings and enjoy it.

What causes Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seats to stop working?

When the memory seats in your jeep stop working, it becomes impossible to enjoy the comfort they provide.

It can be a frustrating experience, especially in a large luxury vehicle where the driver and passenger have different preferences for seat positions. 

Fortunately, this problem is usually easy to fix at home with little time and extra effort, and you do not need to go to an automobile workshop.

The most obvious reason for this could be that you accidentally touched another memory button when reaching for something else. 

It may be because of any obstacle present under your seat that stops your vehicle from moving backward and forward.

If your children play inside your jeep, then any of their toys may get stuck underneath, and it will stop them from moving.

You can remove the obstacle and check whether it starts working correctly or not; you can also make sure that you put the second key fob away from the first key fob.

Sometimes the frequencies match and start malfunctioning, so do not bring your second key fob in your jeep if you already have your first one inside.

You may forget to lock the door after saving the memory with the key fob, and it will remember the old settings instead of the new ones. 

The particular control model might stop working, or you may be using a bad fuse box that is causing all those problems, and you can also check your battery health.

How Can You Reset the Memory Seat?

You need to enter your vehicle and start the ignition mode, then save a particular setting and press the button “S,” and press “1” within a few seconds. 

There is a beeping system in some vehicles, and once the setting is saved, you will hear a beep indicating that your desired setting is now saved.

Once the setting is set, reset it, again change the steering and mirror position and the seat position according to your style.

Now press the “S” button and then press the “1” button, your old setting will automatically be erased from its memory, and it is reset to the new position.

Why Do You Need a Memory Seat in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Memory seats are an option for some SUVs, and they can be a real-time saver as you need to push the button and apply the settings.

It is essential to know that not all of them are made equal; for example, you might get one that remembers only the position of the driver’s seat. 

But it will not remember your passenger settings or the settings of other seats in your vehicle, and you will have to change it every time.  

The best one will remember everything from how far back you like your recliner to how high up you like the windows rolled down.

The main benefit of these seats is that they allow you to save and recall several different driver profiles, which all household members can use. 

Each vehicle manufacturer has its system, but most will store at least two settings for each person. 

These settings may include the distance from the steering wheel and pedals and the changed position of the side mirrors.

You can program it to be at the perfect distance and position for yourself, and some of them also have a function to save your favorite radio settings.

Its primary function is to allow different drivers with different body heights and leg lengths to enjoy optimum comfort when driving the SUV.

Moreover, it can support weight control, relieving pressure on the spine and other pressure points during long drives. 

It is perfect for people who suffer from back pain or other chronic pain caused by prolonged sitting positions.

This function allows the driver to set one position for their spouse or partner’s comfort level while driving alone and another for driving together.

If you have children and all of them are of different ages, then it is quite a good option for you as you can save each one of their settings in it.

Similarly, in case of an emergency, where you need to be there on time, your sitting arrangement will automatically be set once you enter the vehicle and start it.

How to use Jeep Grand Cherokee memory seat?

You should first enter your jeep and find the location of the memory seat buttons on the door trim panel. Three buttons control the memory settings; a button named “S” will be in the center.

On either side of the button “S”, you will see a button with the name of “1” and a button having the word “2” on the right side of button S.

If the driver seat is on the right side, then the buttons will be on the right door, and if you sit on the left side, it will be on the trim panel of the left door. 

It gives you two to three options to adjust your seat according to your need; you can either move it back and forth or tilt it up and down.

You can also adjust the back support that moves back and forth using the buttons installed at the bottom right or left side of your seat.

Jeep Grand Cherokee also gives you the option of moving and changing the position of both the side mirrors using buttons installed on the dashboard or the trim panel.

You can contact your automobile mechanic or the company from where you bought it and confirm the location of all such buttons. 

Once you sit in your jeep, put the ignition button ON and change the seat and mirror settings and then push the “S” button, and after that, release it.

Now push either of the button “1” or button “2” within five seconds of pushing the button “S” and then release the button, and your settings will be saved.

Your electronic vehicle instrumentation center will show a message “Memory 1 Profile Set,” indicating that your settings are saved.

You can start driving using your preferred settings and enjoy the trip, but change the gear to the “park” position if you want to recall any saved settings.

Push and then release the number you want to recall, and your jeep will automatically adjust the seats according to the new settings.

You can also use a key fob; it is a small wireless device that attaches to your keychain and lets you unlock your SUV without using your keys.

You need to program the fob first; for this purpose, open the settings in your small LCD and tick the open that says “personal settings linked to the key fob.”

Then turn the engine off, adjust all the positions and then press button “S” and then press “1” or “2” within five seconds and lock your jeep using the key fob within ten seconds.

This will save your setting to that particular key fob, and whenever you enter your Jeep Grand Cherokee using that key fob, it will change the seat to your settings. 

You can also use a second key fob if there is another driver of your SUV, and make sure you use your key fob if you want to drive the jeep.

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