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How to Replace Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors?

How to Replace Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors?

Many people find it difficult to replace brake rotors on the Toyota Tundra. A brake rotor is a disc attached to the wheel of a vehicle that slows the wheel’s rotation when you apply the brake pedal.

How to Replace Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors? You can replace Toyota Tundra brake rotors by lifting the truck so that you can easily take the wheel out and remove the metal clips and then take the pins out from the caliper using a hammer and a punch. Next, take the brake pads out from the caliper and remove bolts from the caliper to take it out. Remove the old brake rotor from the axle, add the new one on it, and fix all other parts in their proper position again.

As they are responsible for your and other passengers’ safety, you must know if they need to be replaced or not.

What are Brake Rotors? 

Brake rotors look like a round disc and are attached to each wheel hub and connected to the calipers at one end and the wheels at another. 

The brake system is the most vital safety-related part that keeps you and your passengers safe in an emergency. 

The braking system comprises various parts working together to achieve the final result and avoid any unwanted situation.

Brake calipers grab hold of it and squeeze the pads against it to slow down your truck.

In some cases, they get damaged from hitting something in the road and need to be replaced.

This is because the materials used to make them have good thermal conductivity, low cost, and good structural strength.

They are typically located in the center of wheels and depending on your vehicle; you may have one or two brake rotors. 

When calipers wear out, it is recommended that they be replaced along with the rotors that they might have damaged in the process.

During an emergency braking situation, when you step on your brakes, it pushes both brake pads against their respective parts, which in turn slows down your vehicle. 

Once you release pressure from your brakes, then springs or the metal clips push back the brake pads away from them, and your truck starts running again.

Easy Steps to Replace Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors

You need to park your Toyota Tundra in your garage and make sure that you apply the hand brakes before getting out of the truck.

It will prevent it from moving back and forth; then, bring out a floor jack and place it directly under the jack point. 

Now lift the Toyota Tundra using the floor jack and then, using a torque wrench remove all the lug nuts from the wheel and place them in a small box.

You can remember where you put the lug nuts, and you do not need to buy new ones if you lose them.

You will now see metal clips, remove them using your plier; these metal clips hold the metal pins right at their position. 

There will be two pins, one on the upper side of the caliper and the other on the lower side, and both of them pass through the brake pads.

Use your hammer alongside the punch and push both these pins out of the caliper, or you can also remove them by pushing with your hand.

Keep both the pins and the metal clips in the same box where you put all the lug nuts to keep them safe.

Now remove the cap of the bleeder located on the top side of the caliper and put one of a small hose on it while the other end should be in a small metal bottle.

This way, you can remove the brake fluid out of the caliper and be careful while removing it, as it can easily damage the truck’s paint.

Using your flat head screwdriver, place it between the pad and brake rotor and push the pad out, do this for both the brake pads.

If you do not want to replace the pads, be careful while pushing them with your screwdriver, as it can damage the pad.

Remove both the brake pads, and using your ratchet, remove the two bolts holding the caliper at its position and take the caliper out.

As the caliper is attached with the brake lines, make sure you do not put force on it and place the caliper on some solid support.

The rotor might be stuck at its place because of the rust, and you might need to use a hammer to take it out.

Whack the hammer in between the space of the lug nuts, and this way, the rotor will come out.

Now put the new rotor and put one or two of the lug nuts back on and rotate it; this way, you can see whether it is perfectly attached or not.

If you do not hear any unwanted noise, now it is time to put the caliper back on; you can use a brush to clean the caliper.

Tight the bolts on the caliper using a ratchet, and then put grease on the top and bottom side of the pad and put it inside the caliper gently. 

Put both the pins into the caliper and install the metal clips in their right position and now bring your wheel and put it back.

With the help of a torque wrench, tight the lug nuts in the wheel, lower the floor jack and take it out safely. 

Once the piston is pushed, remove the bolts from the caliper and take the caliper out, then remove the brake pads out. 

Then you need to remove another two bolts from the caliper bracket attached to the rotor and remove the rotor from the axle.

Put the new rotor on the axle, reinstall the brackets, caliper, and caliper piston, and finally put the wheel back. 

Why do You Need to Replace Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors?

You should replace it when the pads are not touching the rotor evenly or not working correctly.

They are subjected to extreme heat, and when exposed to such temperatures for an extended period, they can warp. 

To prevent warping, check the brake pads and replace them when necessary, and do not use a plastic rim with the metal caliper. 

Metal-on-plastic contact between the wheel and brake pad will create excessive heat and will damage it badly.

It will eventually wear out; it is inevitable, that is why you should learn how to tell if you need to replace them.

What is The Reason for Brake Rotors Failure?

When they become worn out, they will cause the pads to squeal or rub against them whenever your foot is on the pedal. 

It happens because there is not enough space left between the two components for the pads to move freely against each other.

Brake pads do much of the work when it comes to stopping your truck, but if your rotors are in poor condition, you are putting yourself at risk for serious injury.

Rotor failure may be because the brake pad is worn to the point where it scrapes on the rotor. 

As time goes on, brake pads wear down and become thinner, and this causes them to wear out unevenly depending on the driving you do.

When this happens, one side of the rotor is constantly being scraped by a worn-down pad while another side is entirely untouched. 

Eventually, this will cause warping, and the rotor gets damaged, making it hard for you to stop your Toyota Tundra.

It leads to a phenomenon known as ‘fuzzing’ in which small pieces of pad debris break off and become embedded in the surface of the rotor, causing it to rust.

When these are out of balance with any of these components, it will cause vibrations in your braking system, which will lead to cracks over time.

Time required and cost

First off, it is essential to determine what type of material was used to make your old rotor and which new rotor you need in your truck. 

A brake rotor will cost you anywhere between $30 to $150 depending upon the type of material it is made from and the brand from where you are buying it.

It will take you more than two hours to properly disassemble all the parts and then install them back on the axle if you are doing it for the first time.

Is It Safe to Drive Toyota Tundra with Bad Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors could be responsible for up to 50 percent of the total stopping distance, and if it is not working right, even an average driver will feel unsafe at highways. 

That means there is a significant safety risk involved with faulty accessories, which should have been replaced months ago, possibly years ago.

You can drive your Toyota Tundra with a bad rotor, but it is not a good practice, and you should avoid driving in such a situation.

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