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Will Subaru Pay For Cracked Windshield?

Will Subaru Pay For Cracked Windshield?

The cracking of windshields has been common in various models of the Subaru for many years. It becomes difficult and also risky to drive with broken parts.

Will Subaru Pay For Cracked Windshield? Subaru extended the warranty of the windshield from 5 years to 8 years. Moreover, it will also provide one free repair or pay the expenses when you replace the original windshields of your SUVs due to this issue. The issue is common in their vehicles because of de-icer that causes temperature fluctuation, thin glass windshields, and low-quality material rather than acoustic windows. 

The company pays for cracked windows because these are costly to replace and take time and effort. Moreover, people do not know about the original and authorized dealerships for installing original parts that cannot cause a problem during driving.

What is Subaru paying policy for the replacement of cracked windshields?

You should not drive your vehicle with cracked windows because it can put your life at risk. In addition, the damaged glass also spreads on the road, which is harmful to the tires of other automobiles.

The Subaru is known for its cracked windshield problems for many years. A few years back, the company provided a warranty of 5 years to their customers.

The manufacturing industry now increases this warranty time to 8 years after many customer complaints.

You can get free services from Subaru if the front glass window gets cracked at this time. In addition, the extended warranty of 8 years does not have any mileage limitations.

In addition, you can also take expenses from the company after submitting the claim about the replacement of the windshield.

Does the Subaru warranty cover the replacement of cracked windshields?

The Subaru extended warranty contains three types of packages, and none of them covers the replacement of cracked windshields.

It offers a maintenance program to its customers that covers the protection and maintenance of the front window.

The Subaru limited warranty does not cover the replacement of these cracked parts. Therefore, the resale value of their vehicles also decreases because of these warranty programs.

Moreover, most manufacturer warranties do not cover the damages and only detect the problem to trace the fault in the working area.

How long does a Subaru take to repair windshields?

The service centers take time for replacement procedures, and you must wait patiently. Most dealerships take more time, while others do this procedure in some hours.

You must take your vehicle to the original service centers for free services. These service centers take 40 minutes to 60 minutes to complete the procedure.

The time also varies according to the extent of the damage and experience of the mechanics. However, the minimum time for replacement is less than 20 to 30 minutes.

Sometimes the company needs extra 30 minutes to 50 minutes for calibration purposes.

Why is the Subaru windshield more prone to cracks?

Windshield cracking is common in automobiles, but this issue is more prominent in Subaru vehicles due to design defects and manufacturing faults.

De-icer issues

The de-icers are present on the bottom side of these windows to maintain the temperature during winter days.

These are necessary to remove the snow from the glass surface and improve the visibility for safe driving.

These de-icers warm the glass and cause the melting of snow and ice. In addition, the temperature fluctuations due to the presence of de-icer can decrease the longevity of glass material.

The sudden cold and warm temperatures produce cracks on the lower side. The temperature is low due to snow and suddenly becomes warm when you turn on the de-icer.

The sudden shifting from low to high temperature decreases their durability. The deicer adhesion problem also comes when ceramic material for black color perimeter comes in contact with the silver colored deicer portion.

Use of lightweight windshields

The company’s primary focus is to reduce the weight of its SUVs and improve fuel efficiency. As a result, the manufacturers add lighter-weight materials to decrease the weight.

Using lighter windscreens decreases the weight but also increases the safety risks. This is because it cracks easily when debris from the road or rock chips hits them.

Moreover, the continuous listening of sounds at high volume produces prominent lines on their surface.

Types of windshields

The Subaru uses low-quality and thin windshields that do not have sound-dampening properties. As a result, the playing of loud music is harmful to the glass material.

In addition, the problem also comes when you are driving on bumpy roads. The bumping vibration and sound from the tires decrease their durability.

The manufacturers noticed this complaint and shifted towards the acoustic windows because these have more dampening properties than standard types because of the high-quality material.

It can quickly dampen sounds from inside and outside the environment and does not crack easily.

What Subaru models have cracked windshield problems?

These SUVs are famous because of their broken front windows. However, many people also submit their complaints to the national highway traffic safety administration.

Moreover, the drivers also complain that this problem worsens so quickly that they must urgently replace the whole part.

The issue is not prominent in all of its models, and it is present in trims that come between the years 2017 to 2020.

SUVs are more susceptible to this problem, including Crosstrek, Outback, Legacy, and forester.

The manufacturing does not fix this problem yet but provides the repairing services to their customers under an 8 years warranty.

What are the common problems that come after the replacement of cracked windshields?

You must consult the original service centers for the replacement of broken windscreens. The issue comes when you visit unauthorized dealerships that do not install the original parts.

The addition of aftermarket parts causes the problem, and you have to recalibrate the eyesight system for safe and smooth driving.

The eyesight cameras become faulty when you do not add the original window. In addition, the airbag sensors are also present in this area which become faulty.

You should reset or reboot the airbag sensors from the computerized system for its appropriate functioning.

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