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Will Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors Fit on a Dakota?

Will Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors Fit on a Dakota?

Several people try to install the Dodge Ram tow mirrors on their Dakota. You can not do this because Dodge tow mirrors are 18×7.6×5.12 inches, while Dakota mirrors have a dimension of 17.6x9x7.5 inches. 

Will Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors Fit on a Dakota? You cannot fit Dodge RAM tow mirrors on a Dakota due to different mounting points, the gap between plastic and door, sudden falling on the road, variable sizes and shapes, non-identical compatibility for swap, alteration of rear view, less control, and sudden inward flip. 

Installation is not feasible due to the variable position of mounting spots and non-identical performances. State authorities across the USA take strict actions against loose and lost reflectors.

Why do Dodge RAM tow mirrors not fit on a Dakota?

I have never installed them on my Dakota because they are different in size and shape. The following are the primary reasons that resist the swap. 

The gap between the door and mirror

The Dodge tow mirrors comprise high-quality aluminum, glass, and ABS plastic. There is plastic that mounts around the glass, resists melting, and protects the glass from damage.

Adjusting Dodge mirrors on a Dakota is impossible because the plastic contour interferes with the installation. In addition, the plastic is different near the connecting point of the door.

The Dodge mirrors leave a specific gas between the Dakota door and the tow mirror. Inappropriate adjustment results in glass striking the door panel and cause scratches. 

Different sizes and shapes

From 1998 to 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 comprise a mirror of 18×7.6×5.12 inches. 

Glass dimensions are around 7.0×9.8 inches. From 1998 to 2002, Dodge 2500 and 3500 HD has 18×7.6×5.12 inches towing reflectors.

Convex and flat glass makes a towing mirror with a dual glass configuration. Bolt-on installation, manual rotation from 0° to 90°, and quick control are significant characteristics of these reflectors.

However, from 2002 to 2008, Dodge variants have a mirror size of 21.6×16.1×13.7 inches, and they can fit the models from 2003 to 2009 Dodge 2500 and 3500 models.

From 1998 to 2004, Dakota comprises 17.6x9x7.5 inches mirrors. They are different from the Dodge tow reflectors. 

A surface finishing, molded texture, and black housing assembly distinguish the Dodge tow mirrors from the Dakota mirrors that can fit with clamp-on adjustments. 

Dodge reflectors have five connectors with eight mounting holes. Also, they have a short connecting edge. However, Dakota’s towing mirrors have elongated mounting arms with dense plastic material. 

Different mounting points

2002 to 2008 Dodge RAM 1500 has three mounting points under the door panel. The variants have a connector back inside the foam that attaches to the electric wiring with the mirror. 

The mirror connects with the door panel and the truck frame. However, Dakota reflectors have a plastic plug that connects them with the electrical passage, three 10mm nuts, three mounting holes in a triangle, and a peel-off rubber connector.

Fear of falling

Inappropriate adjustment and lack of mounting accuracy make the reflectors flexible. The door panels cannot hold the clip-on mirrors with only bolting. 

At high speeds, the glass vibrates in the mounting bracket, disconnects from the panel, and falls to the ground. In addition, their insufficient tightening on the Dakota leads to falling and surface damage.

Non-identical compatibility

Dodge reflectors are heated, powered, and ABS secured. With a rear lamp light, they enlighten the road in darkness. Usually, they maintain an upward direction and can flip and change their position.

Power adjustment with flat glass, turn signal, and manually adjusted convex glass are significant properties of Dodge reflectors. 

An electrically controlled heat mechanism removes rain droplets and fog from the reflectors. 

Backup lights are secure from sudden accidents and protect from steeping into holds and puddles. Their significant properties are extended 3-inch angle, broad view, and reduction of blind spots. 

However, Dakota cannot handle the powered heating mechanism, lacks the flipping control units for these mirrors, and cannot fit them in an upward direction. 

It is incompatible to handle the heavy Dodge reflectors due to vulnerable clips. 

Alteration of view and control

With an adjustment on a Dakota, Dodge tow mirrors cannot provide a similar trailer control and a clear view. In addition, they cannot flip and reduce the truck protection due to frequent blind spots.

The driver cannot access the road, trailer, and surrounding traffic due to unadjusted reflectors on the door panels. 

Wrong wiring 

Due to variable mounting points of Dakota, the electric wires of Dodge mirrors cannot connect with the control unit. 

The Plug-and-play system disappears, the glass cannot get enough electrical energy, and the heated mechanism fails. 

Sudden inward flip

Insufficient fitting and inadequate bolt tightening of Dodge reflectors on a Dakota change the shape of the mirrors.

Their inward flip hides the rearview and makes the trailer uncontrollable. 

They flip at high speeds that change their position without a sign and result in fatal accidents. 

What are the disadvantages of adding Dodge RAM tow mirrors on a Dakota?

It is dangerous to install Dodge tow mirrors on any model of Dakota because they conceal the rearview. In addition, they fall due to insufficient tightening, and you can lose them. 

Dodge mirrors comprise the safety of the truck, trailer, and driver because they cannot extend outward. Suppressed rearward visibility increases blind spots, and the truck bumps into road obstacles.

The faulty adjustment put the safety of other drivers and travelers at risk. Blind spots block the visibility of the rear vehicles. 

The driver cannot access the walkers, children, and road hazards. During reversing and parking, the Dakota cannot control the trailer. As a result, it bumps into walls and surrounding items. 

The unadjusted tow mirrors cannot clear the rear road visibility, hides the trailers, and results in incorrect trailer hauling. The driver cannot access the trailer and its movements.

The trailer sways abruptly and strikes surrounding vehicles.

Across the USA, drivers cannot haul heavy loads without the extended tow mirrors. Their accurate shapes and positions are necessary.

A missing mirror is illegal in different regions of the United States of America. According to state laws, violation leads to penalties and fines.

Dodge tow mirrors attach with the plastic clips and bolts. However, the Dakota mirrors directly connect with the electric panel through the plugs and panels.

The incompatible built-in clips result in inappropriate installation and reduce control over the trailer. 

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