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Will Toyota Tundra Wheels Fit Dodge Ram?

Will Toyota Tundra Wheels Fit Dodge Ram?

Tundra wheels are smaller in size compared to Dodge Ram, however, many people ask, Will Toyota Tundra Wheels Fit Dodge Ram?

Toyota Tundra wheels cannot fit Dodge RAM due to different bolt patterns, non-Identical wheel size, variable wheel hub size, separate wheel adapters, interference of fender flares, and friction between flaps and wheels. However, you can fit its spare tire and rims on Dodge by spacers, lift kit, and wheel adapters.

Due to variable adapters, the Dodge wheel hub cannot accommodate the smaller tires. However, you can swap the tires with a lift kit that modifies the truck design. 

Why do Toyota tundra wheels not fit on a Dodge RAM?

I have never installed the Toyota tundra wheels on my Dodge RAM due to different bolt patterns and non-identical dimensions. In addition, due to the following reasons, you cannot adjust the tundra tires on a variant of Dodge. 

Different bolt pattern

The bolt pattern measures the assumed circles formed by the holes at the wheel’s center. 

The value has two parts, the first indicates the number of holes for the bolts, and the second shows the diameters of fictional circles. 

2000 to 2006 Toyota Tundra has a bolt pattern of around 6×5.5 inches. However, 2007 to 2022 models have a lug style of 5×5.9 inches. 

2001 to 2008 Dodge RAM 1500 has a lug pattern of 5×5.5 inches. It indicates the availability of five bolts with a diameter of 5.5 inches. The 2002 Dodge RAM 2500 has a bolt pattern of 8×6.5 inches.

The wheels are non-adjustable because both pickup trucks have different lug patterns. Tundra has more holes for the bolts than the Dodge pattern. 

Dodge 2500 has more nut holes than several variants of tundra. It is impossible to swap the wheels due to non-identical bolt orientations and a different number of holes. 

Non-Identical wheel size

2000 to 2006 Toyota tundra has 245/70 R16 and 275/55 R18 wheels as standard tires. All the 2007 to 2013 models have 285/70 R16 and 275/55 R20 tires. 285/70 R17 and 275/55 R20 are part of all 2014 to 2022 variants. 

OEM tires on 2004 to 2006 Dodge 1500 are 265/80R17 115T and 275/60R20. From 2007 to 2008, Dodge RAM 1500 has 265/70R17, 245/70R17, and 275/60R20 factory wheels.

2004 Dodge 2500 has 245/70R17 factory rims, and the latest versions have 265/70R17 and 255/65R18 wheels. Dissimilar wheel size indicates that the tundra rims are non-adjustable on Dodge RAM. 

Variable size of the wheel well

Smaller wheels cannot damage the wheel well due to low heights. For example, both pickup trucks can adjust a rim of 20 inches without frame damage. 

But, different hoes and variable nut holes make the installation challenging. The tundra rims cannot damage the wheel well of Dodge. 

With variable tire thickness, they cannot fit inside the mounting assembly. In addition, installation damages the suspension system and modifies the values for the speedometer. 

Dissimilar wheel adapters

Adapters are customized spacers that mount one truck tire to another without modifying the built-in chassis. 

They never use specific axles or hubs and avoid re-drilling. Their selection depends on the required space because they increase the vehicle’s offset.

Tundra has a 5x150mm pattern with four hub-centric adapters. Triple six, 2-inch adapters are part of a 5×5.5 lug pattern.

From 2002 to 2010, Dodge 1500, all models have these adapters in two pairs. With distinctive spacers and adapters, both trucks cannot swap their tires.

Interference of fender flares

The lift kit improves the height of a truck and makes space for the new rims. Unmatched wheels rub over the fender flares, scratch their surface, and damage the frame.

Due to smaller tires, the mud strikes the fenders from a distance. In such circumstances, road dust affects the appearance of the fenders. 

Friction between flaps and wheels

Due to inappropriate adjustment of rims, they rub with the mud flaps and tear them. Excessive friction between the tires and flaps produces unnecessary sounds in high-speed conditions. Broken pieces of flaps entangle the rotating rims and reduce their performance. 

Is it possible to fit Toyota Tundra rims on a Dodge RAM?

With alternative ways, you can install these tires on a Dodge truck. Follow the two different methods to install them on your pickup truck.

Wheel adaptors

Check the model year, lug pattern, and wheel size of your Dodge truck. Then, purchase high-quality, efficient, and identical adapters from online portals and auto part stores.

They can alter the tire’s bolt pattern, improves the offset, and makes the adjustment possible. For installation, remove the old tires, put the spacer on the attachment hub, and flush it against the assembly. 

Push it into the mounting hole, tighten it manually, and rotate clockwise for 2 to 5 seconds. Keep fixing it in a cross pattern, and secure the spacer with a thread. 

The installation changes the factory bolt pattern, and you can fit the tundra rims on a Dodge. 

Lift kit

Upgrade the suspension system of the truck or install the coil springs. The lift kit improves the height of the frame, makes space for different tires, and adjusts them without structural damage. 

Access the bottom of your truck, find the coil assembly, open the top part and install a spacer on the moveable rod. 

Will the spare wheel of a Toyota Tundra fit on a Dodge RAM?

With a few modifications, you can install a spare tire of a Toyota tundra on a Dodge truck. For this purpose, check the size of the spare tire. 

For example, for a 20-inch rim, use a tire of a 30 to 32-inch wheel. Different variants of Dodge RAM can fit a 17 to 22 inches tire according to factory specifications. 

A spare tire smaller than 26 to 27 inches cannot adjust on a rim of 20-inch. However, spacers can uplift the frame of a truck and result in the adjustment of the wheels. 

Select the spacers according to their non-fictional effects against the parts of your truck. Then, install the spacers on the spring coils, make them a part of the suspension, upgrade the system and adjust the tires.

Remove the old rims by removing the bolts, fix the spare tire in the mounting hub, tighten the nuts and fix it in one position.

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