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2022 Volkswagen Amarok: Facts You Should Know

2022 Volkswagen Amarok: Facts You Should Know

The 2022 Volkswagen Amarok mid-sized pickup truck is the best combination of features and technology advancement. It expected that there is two engine option available TDI-4, TDI-3 with 10-speed automatic transmission. Its towing capacity, stylish look make it ideal for the customer requirement.

2022 Volkswagen Amarok

The new 2022 Volkswagen Amarok is a second-generation mid-sized pickup truck that manufactures by the two brands’ collaboration.

Automakers use the Ford Ranger platform to develop a brilliant model, which genuine in its design and technology.

VW enter into an alliance partnership with Ford, which is a major strategic step in its success. The primary aim is to produce such a vehicle that is reliable, safe, and robust.

Both automakers try to develop a good combo having fleets offering a ride, excellent features, and other services. It has unique external bodywork and the best chassis calibration.

Volkswagen collaboration

Ford and VW join to make a new generation truck through their collaboration. Amarok and Ford Ranger share the same architecture and few components.

However, these have different unique styling, but some items like roof, doors, bed measurement can same.

These two automakers launch their new model first time with the joint functioning. In 2019, they agreed on the global alliance, in which they improve the vehicle effectiveness and performance much better. 

It is clear that customer and market demand change with time, so they should have flexibility in their alliance to face the challenging environment.

With their cooperation, they can achieve an opportunity to better the competitiveness globally.

The VW automakers use the same platform as the Atlas SUV. In 2005 Volkswagen automakers announced to make a robust pickup. With time, they launch the new truck with modified features.  

Double cab configuration

The cab configuration describes the truck interior, seating arrangement, and proper inside setup.

The previous model of Amarok has a single-cab variant, while this new second-generation contain the double cab configuration. In this specification, the rear door has a forward opening that is narrow than the front door. 


VW tires depend on the trim level of the vehicle. For example, few use 17 inches and a few 18, 19, and 21 inches.

One thing which is common in all of these that they work best with all season. These are best for front-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive configuration.

They have the best traction ability and better for off-roading. They are large enough in the squared wheel opening.

It comes with the unique specification of the square wheel arches like the Atlas SUV. Distance between the rear wheel arches is high as compared to the other competitor. 

Volkswagen Amarok Exterior style

The 2022 Volkswagen Amarok version is a mid-sized pickup that shares the Ford Ranger platform.

The two manufacturers’ collaboration brings it more challenging and introduces the best specification.

They try to make it more stylish, which fulfills the customer requirement. According to its model design sketch, it indicates that it has oversized wheels with only two doors.

In addition to the rear door, it has an LED light panel, roof rails, and swing arm in the cab.

The previous X-shaped sliver panel will replace with the less aggressive style, and fog lights become more prominent in the bumper.

It has a full-width grille which gives a more chunky look to your new model. Its profile shows that it has boxy wheel arches and straight-line styling cues.

According to some reports, the design is nearly close to the previous production in some way.

Turn signals can implement by the side caps, this model hood available with reduced size to maintain visibility without any hindrance.

We can observe a more glaring change in the form of the character line. It begins from the headlight’s uppermost corner and further extends beneath the beltline to the back pillar.

Interior design

The interior layout of Volkswagen Amarok is equipped with advanced technology, more salient features, manual or automatic gearbox with reduced gears.

This new pickup has a slightly different dimension than the previous model to increase space and load capacity for a more convenient and enjoyable driving experience.

You become more aggressive and curious about the interior design like seating arrangement, instrument cluster, infotainment system, and other essential features.

It has a more spacious cabin and additional shoulder space, and a wide ute tray.

There is a big difference around 117-120cm, which gives enough space to put a pallet in the ute tub. It has a multi-function steering wheel control the various activity by the button like radio, mobile phone.

Powertrain and torque

The new model power train and torque should approximately 270-300 horsepower with 300-310 lb-ft of torque, or you can say mountain-moving torque. 


If you want high performance, value, and efficiency, then the VW upcoming model comes with that desired features.

It contains all power and rides quality as compared to the previous generation.

It has a double cab drive configuration, all-wheel-drive, body on frame platform, and efficient standard equipment that augment its significance and capture the audience’s attraction.

The best seating arrangement, rough terrain, bed liner, and safety feature can reach the famous standard model at its arrival.

The VW automaker decides to export the new product around the world, around 95-100 countries.

They try their best to invest more in this model to fulfill the customer requirement. Its price will become surprisingly high due to many advancements and features.

Available Colors

With chrome styling and a heavy air vent, its front view gives a more robust appearance. The available color variation should expect from this new vehicle.

There are many color variation, which affects on its appearance. It includes white, red, Ravenna blue, and little other fascinating option which enhance its attraction. 

Body-on-frame architecture

It will use the T6 body-on-frame architecture. It means body and vehicle frame are available in two different pieces for its construction rather than the unibody platform.

This method is advantageous because it is cost-effective for automakers. After some accidental incident, your mechanic will get easy access to the damaged parts.

It gives smooth riding and improves the fuel economy. It makes the vehicle suitable for off-road and rough terrain, which can show resistance to torque.

Due to this platform, this model should have the excellent ability to transport the heavy load. It provides this new model several powertrain options. 

Engine system

A possible option is a 2.0L two turbo-diesel 4-cylinder. There is another option of V-6 turbo-diesel 3.0 L both types of the engine provide 10-automatic transmission.

With this specification it gives a brisk performance and positive impact on the fuel economy. Turbo diesel V-6 follows the all-wheel-drive configuration.

It has the high horsepower, torque among the competitor. V-6 also has 3-output power like 204ps has an eight-speed automatic transmission with a 4-wheel drive configuration.

While 250-258 gives Highline specification. The new model should come with the most powerful diesel option, which betters the engine performance.

It provides enough power to deal with the most demanding terrain. The natural aspiration of fresh air is best in this model engine. 

It uses the V-6 TDI 3.0 L engine choice in their previous and upcoming model, which best for the silk-smooth riding.  

Ground clearance

It has high ground clearance, which can tackle off-roading, slopes, gradient, and extreme angle.

It can achieve excellent body stability as a result of the all-wheel-drive configuration.

In this case, if your truck will carry the heavy payload, it can cover the rough terrain easily. The ground clearance of this model should expect around 8.0-8.9 inches. 

Four-wheel disc brakes

It has not yet announced whether this latest second-generation VW has four-wheel disc brakes or rear-drum-brakes.

The disc brake show more efficient performance, which has more efficient stopping power. The heat dissipation process is better, and its maintenance will easy for you. 

Towing and payload capacity

The vehicle with a V-6 engine has the best ability to tow heavy loads efficiently.

If you put a tonneau cover to the cargo bed, it will transform into a family cabin that becomes more spacious.

The towing and payload capacity of this model is nearly close to the Ford ranger and previous model. You should carefully note the average weight of the Volkswagen Amarok.

This model can tow up to around 7400-7800pounds, and its capacity power remains consistent and smooth.

It can carry weight on its bed around 1800-1900 pounds. The loading tray’s inner width is around 1000-1100kg of trendline and 1240 kg of Highline. 


It has a Terrain management system. With this, truck performance will increase in different types of off-road situations.

It adjusts some essential components like engine efficiency and transmission gear. It can easily pass through rough terrain like snow, mud, rain, and grass fields. 

All-wheel drive technology

All-wheel-drive configuration distributes the work among four of your vehicle wheels. Its torque varies but applies at the proper time on the correct wheel.

It follows the same center differential, which controls both axle torque distribution. It will expect that this upcoming second-generation comes with this feature.

It may expect that the four-wheel-drive configuration will be available as in the ford ranger.

Infotainment system

It includes an audio system, touch display with knobs facility, wi-fi hotspot for the internet, and USB port with maximum device connection capacity.

Voice control, an MP3, loudspeaker features are best to configure with the touchscreen display. 

App connect software links your phone with the vehicle to access its features while driving. It supports many other attributes like CarPlay, MirroLink, and Android Auto. 

This system includes other features like DAB with digital media. With the VW MapCare, you will have access to the updates of all installed maps.

The vehicle navigation system gives you an update to the travel information. It will direct you in the best path direction if any hindrance appears during the route path.

The display provides you the updated information like range, climate condition, and fuel efficiency. 

Seating arrangement

This new upcoming model seating arrangement is entirely compatible with the previous and Ford Ranger. It has two front seats, which separate by the console compartment.

The rear has a 3-seating framework and more spacious for the occupant’s capacity. Seats have improved heated leather upholstery, which makes it more comfortable for your traveling.

The legroom is enough to give the cozy feelings and more spacious so you can carry little stuff easily like a water bottle or something like that.  


It will come with the LED lights, fog lights are more prominent, and day-time running lights addition make it capable for the other rival competition.

Parking sensor with other safety systems enhances their value. It will also have loading tray lights.


It uses the Ford Ranger platform. Based on this observation, you can estimate that this pickup footprint is slightly larger than the other previous model.

It has a wide rack and an increased dash-axle ratio, which stretches the wheelbase significantly.

Wading depth

Wading depth or maximum wading height define as how vehicles travel through water up to a finite point.

If the determined limit exceeds can result in the truck components become damage, like engine and electronic components.

If the truck has the off-road best capability, then it’s wading depth also at an excellent level.

It adjusts by the automakers in which various factors responsible determine its value, like air intakes, electronic features location, and few other sensitive components. 

Its rating is high from the Ford and its old version from above the 500mm-600mm.

Launch date

The manufacturer has launched its prototype at the start of 2021.

The arrival of the 2022 Volkswagen Amarok is expected to arrive at the end of 2021 or the 2022 start. You can expect it after the release of the Ford Ranger. 

Safety system

The intelligent safety system will help you to tackle the worst situation.

It has the best towing capacity, so if the towed vehicle diverts from its track, it minimizes the engine torque and control braking, which slows down the system. In this way, you can stabilize it to achieve driving safety. 

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