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Kimbo Campers: Facts You Should Know

Kimbo Campers: Facts You Should Know

Kimbo campers are an excellent living experience for medium size trucks. The approximate size is 5 to 7 feet long and can settle 1 – 2 adults. It has an aluminum frame and economical for every community. On average, Kimbo camper costs around $17000 to $25000 with a weight of 1000 to 1200 pounds. 

Kimbo Campers

Kimbo camper comes with Aluminium walls and has sufficient space for camping.

The compartment has two entrance areas. One is at the start of the camping structure, and the second is behind it. 

Exterior design

There is no specific frame of the design, but it never packs quality. The cost of the structure is moderate, but it does not mean that it lacks essential features.

There is an off-grid with an expanded design and allows for the boon-docking. The top area is plain, and the structure has enough accommodation space.

The outer side comprises windows, and they allow the entrance of sunlight. The style is like many other campers, and it has a painted logo on it.

The entrance area is one step above the ground, and the backside door has enough shading area. There is one other window that gives the view of the internal bedroom.

It is easily adjustable on the pickup truck, and you can access the roof. The walls are smooth, and few areas give internal views.

The bed size of the pickup trucks determines the settlement pattern of the Kimbo camper. The design is with different dimensions and compositions. 

They are safe and durable, and the manufacturers keep them long-lasting. The outer material is suitable to keep the walls safe from thermal changes. The aluminum material is the best and safest part of the system. 

Interior design

The interior is shorter than many other such structures. You have to bow down after entering such setups.

The roof is near the head. It has enough sources of artificial light. The windows also provide enough sunlight and keep it enlightening. 

The roof comprises woody material and varies according to the model. You can find various small compartments in the medium setup.

All of them have furnished and full of essential equipment. It has all the passages for electricity flow. The internal walls are also present with insulations. 

They also comprise the aluminum material it provides complete protection. The doors and windows have wood and steel structures.

They are easy to handle and remain flexible. The windows have daylight shades, and they allow thermal control.

The material of walls moderates the heating conditions, and it is one of the advantages. The entrance door also comprises a window in an oval shape.

You can get an internal view through this passage. The living areas are a bit upper than the doors. There are 2 – 3 steps on which you can move and go outside. 

The entrance gives a view of different sections like the kitchen and bedroom. The floor area is usually woody, but the mats and rugs cover them. 

There is minimum visibility of the floor area due to such things. The sides and corners have the same material as all the walls, and it is a safe system with advantageous factors. 

Bedroom area

The bedroom compartment is not that much luxurious as the mega structures. It has limited furniture and other facilities. The bed is enough to settle two adults simultaneously. 

The external structure is woody, and it has a specific mattress. The foamy material is smooth and soft enough to give a painless sleeping pattern. It is beautiful and has a backside area.

The pillows and soft cushions enhance the comfort levels. There is a window around the bed, and it offers maximum sunlight. You can turn off the day nightshades. 

They offer maximum security, and the window is also secure. There is a minimum chance of any external person invasion inside the camper.

Once you lock the entrance door, then there is no fear of any privacy invasion. There is an exhaust fan right over the bed compartment.

The ventilation is enough in these camping sections. You cannot move on the bed while standing in the setup.

 You have to learn to access the mattress of this furniture. The head side also comprises woody material.

The bedroom section is right in the front when someone enters the camper. It is a bit high than the other things, and you can access the ground level easily. You can get the view of the whole setup from the bed. 

The sky is also accessible in terms of view, and people spend quality time there. There is a rug under the piece of furniture, and you can move bare feet at this place. 

Kitchen section

It has no separate kitchen setup due to less space. You can access the cooking center when you enter the medium size setup.

It has a cooking counter with a stove facility, and these devices either use propane gas or have electrical systems.

The shelves and cabinets are also available, and they can store enough utensils. The arrangement and maintenance depend on the users. The hygienic conditions also depend on the maintenance patterns.

It is not a massive setup but comprises of all basic facilities. The washing compartment is not in the camper, and it has a separate section.

The storage cabinets have enough area for the food items and other such things. The counter for cooking can also settle valuable items. 

There is a window near the cooking area, and ventilation occurs, and it never allows the accumulation of smoke and other dusty materials. You can shut the window in case of privacy concerns. 

Storage area

There is no separate storage area, and it also lacks storage bays. The cupboards and cabinets allow the settlement of luggage and other loads. These drawers are towards the ground state and can accommodate enough weights. 

Few of them are without doors or handles. They have hanging structures on the front side, and they prevent the falling of material due to road jerks and other misbalances.

Few small cabinets are under the tables and another piece of furniture. These are small but can settle the tools and other small equipment.

The storage cabinets have woody compositions, and the supporting tools are steel. They are secure and free from any damage. They align in a row, and the different compartments are like baskets. 

Propane tanks

Propane gas is one of the essential requirements of the system. There are separate tanks to contain the propane gas safely.

These containers are of plastic or steel material and can settle huge volumes. They are sufficient for long-distance trips.

There is no interruption in the casual passage of the gas to all the appliances. They have efficient work performance, and maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. 

Solar panels

There is a solar panel facility in the structure that facilitates the function of the different appliances.

It works in the absence of electricity and preserves the electric source. The system remains stable when the device is full of charge. 

You have to maintain the setup in the presence of sunlight. These panels are usually on the outer side of the camper. They are not massive and can acquire small space. 


The roof of this structure is towards the ground. The outer setup does not appear in the gravitational position.

You cannot move inside the camper without leaning in all sections. The steps are lower enough for the standing patterns of a person.

You can move towards the kitchen or bedroom compartment, and it is not high enough. It has the best space for resting and sitting, and the standing postures are not comfortable. 

Electrical appliances

It has few electric appliances, and all of them are advantageous. The manufacturers tried to settle the cooking equipment and heat controlling devices. 

There is enough space to settle the microwave oven in the kitchen section, and the water dispenser utilizes electric energy. The electric stoves also depend on the electric passage. 

Electrical Ports

The electric ports are a good option to connect the homely devices. You can charge your mobile phone inside the setup.

The home devices of the kitchen area also connect with these sockets.

You can join the small sound systems inside these ports for entertainment. These are efficient and work without any electricity interruption.

Accommodation space

The internal accommodation space is enough for 1 to 2 people. You can also adjust one child in this setup, and the bed section is enough for peaceful sleep. It is not soundproof, but there are minimum chances of disturbance. 

Wet basin

It is a better living experience when you are traveling long distances. It is not luxurious to comprise a separate bathroom compartment. The toilet section is not exclusive, and you have to move out for such procedures. 

The setup comprises a wet basin that is enough for hand washing. The structure provides hygienic conditions, and it takes water from the storage compartment.

It acquires enough size tanks for water utilization. It has enough gallons of water for long-term stays inside such medium structures. 

Windows and doors

The windows and doors are of the same material as the other parts. The doors are high enough that a person can enter without head bumping. The windows are suitable for cross-ventilation, and they have lids. 

You can shut them according to convenience, and the curtains and blinders control the passage of light inside the vehicle. You can restrict the external interference in privacy anytime. 

Work station

The manufacturer showed concerns about the working people and made a workstation. It has a small table structure and can settle the electronic tools.

It has ports and electric sockets for the casual efficiency of the working booth. The faculty of the linked chair helps in proper settling.

You can sit there and work without any disturbance. The area is near the bedroom compartment, but the facilities are enough in terms of space. 

External opening

There is an external vent that is on the top side of the camper. It has enough space that people use it in emergencies.

The massive window comprises a mirror, and you can open it with handles. The surrounding structure contains wood and steel.

It also helps to reduce internal suffocation due to cooking sessions. People like to open the venting compartment when the camper is non-moving. 

Battery and its compartment

The battery of the camper is the source of electricity, and it a 12-volt system. The connection is available without any short circuits.

There are minimum chances of interruption in the electric passage.

There is a separate compartment of the battery, and it remains safe. The outer insulation of the battery prevents external and internal damages. 


The lights are enough to enlighten the internal structure of the camping setup. These have electric supplies and are built-in devices.

The Kimbo setups settle the light-emitting electrodes lamps, and they have insulations. The protection power is suitable for every corner of the living area.

These lights are low maintenance, but damages can occur. Always take care of the lights as an owner. It prevents money and time losses. 


The furniture is solid and enough for such spaces and includes beds and side sofas. These arrangements are beneficial for those who want to sit and rest.

The sofas have soft seats and backsides of foamy material. It allows sitting and lying states without any movements. The rugs and softs covers offer painless stays on such pieces of furniture. 

The soft cushions provide more softness. The sofas are on both corners of the living structure. These are two, and both of them are near the bedroom section.

The walls of the setup acquire them with minimal road jerks and undesirable effects. They enhance the beauty of the living setup door to their color patterns and coziness.

Safety appliances

The safety appliances include the fire extinguisher and gas detectors. The fire extinguisher has a specific place near the bed, and it is efficient. It remains full of gas, and you should maintain it for excellent performance. 

The gas detectors are small devices and beep due to the accumulation of excessive gas in the setup.

These tools are suitable, and you can use them in emergencies. The gas detectors require electricity for their causal performance. The fire extinguisher is automatic and comprises a manual. 

Exhaust fan

The roof fan is a source of proper ventilation, and it also offers air. It keeps the internal environment cool in hot conditions.

The exhaustion phenomenon dominates everything in extreme conditions. These fans require electric energy and directly connect to the battery. 

It is a one-click tool, and you can use it anytime. The fan is in the roof area, and it has built-in properties. 

It comprises an electric socket, and you can disconnect it directly. The moderation of internal heat is essential for a peaceful stay.

In few situations, the users turn on the roof fans and get themselves out of the setup. It decreases the heat and pressure, and you feel low suffocation. 

Lifting jacks

The lifting jacks are advantageous for such structures. They are small in size but are massive in terms of weight. The lifting jacks allow the upward movements of the aluminum body and other internal tools.

You can move the furniture and other equipment with the lifting tools. They have weight-bearing capacities and occupy small cabinets. 

Which country makes Kimbo campers?

There are two massive manufactures of these campers, and they have bestselling designs of these medium-size structures.

Washington and Bellingham are prominent centers to manufacture these things. 

Who owns Kimbo campers?

There is an entrepreneur that has invented the Kimbo campers for the first time. The owner of the company was Mark king, and he introduced these medium living.

The addition of maximum facilities in a small structure was the sole purpose of the company. 

What is the size of the Kimbo camper structure?

The size of the camping area is suitable for 1 – 2 people. You can settle more than two people, but the accommodation space is not enough.

It is a basic design with less versatility. The dimensions of the campers vary according to the pickup trucks.

They are most suitable for medium pickup vehicles, adjust suitably on such massive structures. The dimensions are approximately 11 x 7 x 7 feet. 

Is Kimbo a slide-in camper?

Kimbo is a slide-in truck with advantageous features. It is suitable to enjoy comfortable living experiences.

You can travel long distances and trips without any damage. It has the moving in capacity but reduces the space. People do this for their convenience, and it is adjustable. 

Is it suitable for all four seasons?

Yes, it is suitable for all seasons due to its unique wall structure. The aluminum has a maximum capacity to remove the heat and coldness.

They have the temperature moderation property, and it is a beneficial factor. You can travel to long-distance places with all the weather conditions.

It is a safe setup in rainy and snowy locations. There is no chance of water flow due to leakage and other such issues.

Are Kimbo campers suitable for toy hauling?

These are small to medium setups with fewer settling spaces. They are not suitable for toy hauling too long and short distances.

You can transfer luggage from one spot to another, but the list does not include the massive weights. 

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