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Best Small Camper for a Family of 4

Best Small Camper for a Family of 4

Here is a list of 25 Best Small Campers for a Family of 4. We have added all of their features, specifications, along with the price.

Best Small Camper for a Family of 4

There is a detailed list of 25 small campers that can accommodate a family of 4 people. They are comfortable with all the essential amenities.

There is no difference between large size and a small camper in terms of facilities. The variation of size is the main thing, and you can select according to your requirements.

Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer 

It is a beautiful camper with a vast bedding area, and the versatile bedding is like the double bed systems. They can settle 2 to 3 people without any issue. 

The vehicle has internal wardrobes that can settle maximum stuff. It makes traveling convenient for every user, and the pantry part is extraordinary with maxim settlement places. 

The bathroom facilities are enormous without any error, and it comprises the soap and warm water flow.

The appliances are rigid and stable without any danger of breakage. The external body is tough to fight the environmental changes. There is a playing area with other gadgets. 

You can accommodate here with your family members without any issue. The facility of television makes the setup entertaining. There is enough furniture in this compartment to make the time enjoyable. 

One of the other advancements is the occurrence of the outer kitchen. It has appliances, but the smoke ventilation occurs externally.

There are drain passages that keep the Camper safe every time on long-distance traveling.

It is not different from the massive camper structures in multiple ways.

The dominant difference is the size that differentiates them from the mega vehicles. It is a secure system for such a small family setup. re

Forest River SALEM 282 QBXL 

It is one of the most diverse and fantastic campers for a small family setup. It comprises the essential facilities with minimal expenses.

The storage compartment is enough to accommodate all the necessary luggage of the travelers.

The bedding area is versatile, and it has a three-building setup. The beds align on each other in a great pattern. All of them are secure and offer maximum comfort to the users. 

The kitchen arrangement is best for a family of 4 people because of all provisions.

It has all the equipment to facilitate the children and adults. The machinery works appropriately without any disruption. 

The compartment is full of furnished materials, and it settles the family in the best possible way. The bathrooms of the Camper are fantastic bathtubs and hot water facilities.

It has all other appliances that a Camper must comprise. The metallic things provide stability and control. The internal electricity system is powerful without any error.

It has enough space to walk through without any harm. The television lounge has a specific area, and you can enjoy quality time. The furniture is stable, and it provides comfort to the users of the Camper. 

2018 Highland Ridge RV Ultra Lite UT2802BH bunkhouse

The Highland Ridge is a choice of vehicle for a family of 4-6 people. It is versatile with all the essential features of storage.

Everything is in its original state without crumbling. It is attractive due to its vast bedding area.

The bunkhouse means the doubling of the beds, and children can settle. These are also suitable for adults. 

The separate kitchen and bathroom areas with multiple facilities are fantastic. The appliances comprise non-corrosive substances and remain safe all the time. 

They are beautiful campers with a charming exterior. The hot and cold water facilities in small setups make it worth watching.

The inclusion of a pantry compartment is an attractive feature. The furniture is low but of high quality. 

Everything in a combination makes the whole vehicle fascinating. It is a fantastic choice for a long trip.

The members of the family are less, but it is appealing in all possible aspects. The outer body is strong and protects from external environmental hazards.

The curtains and internal light safety things are similar to mega structured. It is enough for more than four people, and it means that a family of 4 can live easily without any disturbance. 


It is one of the most popular models of Jayco and people find it attractive for its enormous facilities.

The storage compartments of this vehicle contain massive areas. These have separation and never allow mixing of materials.

The bed areas are outstanding due to the control of furniture. The double bed system allows the children to settle without any dispute. There is a ladder system to reach the top of such equipment. 

The kitchen equipment and electrical facilities are similar to any other massive structure. Few sections are unique because they can store the luggage externally and internally.

It has an outside kitchen that has all the electrical devices. The area is smaller, but the arrangement is extraordinary. 

There is a proper place for the bathrooms, and it contains all the necessities. The bathtub is enough to settle the elders and youngsters.

The outer kitchen facility keeps the random smoke out of the vehicle. The dining setup is stable, and you can fold it anytime.

They do not occupy much space, and it stays in the best situation. The sinks of the kitchen compartment and other draining points are attractive features of such a small vehicle. 

Pioneer BH250

It is a small setup with a vast bedding facility. It can settle a queen size bed and still have double bed arrangements.

The adults and children accommodate without any disturbances. They sleep and rest comfortably, and it is one of the most attractive features for small family setups. 

The beds are in the form of a ladder and two beds on each other. The queen size setup is for the adults, and there is plenty of space there.

There is no internal kitchen significantly. The layout is outside with smoke exhaustion, and you can customize the side spaces in the form of a kitchen. 

The cabinets are available for better storage properties. There is a significant storage compartment, and you can also settle the stuff in the bottom sections.

It has a sink area and multiple other drains. All of them keep the setup clean and free from dangerous substances. 

The vehicle is smaller than many other small campers, but it is enough for a family.

There are minimum chances of any problem in these tiny vehicles. The layouts comprise all the essential facilities for a comfortable camper life.


It is a small camper in comparison with many other vehicles but comprises a vast list of amenities.

It is an excellent choice for such families that have a minimum number of members.

The kitchen facility is outstanding with enormous facilities. The massive refrigerator has maximum space for storage of different items.

You can store and enjoy several food items without any chance of damages. It has cabinets to keep things with segregation.

The faucets and working sinks have enough space for washing dishes.

There are few electrical appliances like microwaves and another such facility. They keep the food safe all the time in the presence of kids around them. 

There is a vast storage area, and you can customize the portions. Keep things externally or internally without any fear of thieves.

The bed compartment is massive and has a queen bed. The bunking setups are also available, and it depends on your choice.

The entertainment section comprises a television facility. You can enjoy the long traveling with these technologies.

There is phone service, and the electrical lightings are excellent.

You can protect your privacy by changing the internal bed arrangements. The locks of the system are secure, and there is no issue in terms of privacy. 


It is a family camper for any entertaining traveling with the members. The children remain happier in these setups more than in any other layout.

The vehicles depend on the gas facility rather than diesel, and it has an excellent mileage without any distortion. 

The compulsory facilities are inside the system with the firm connections. You can adjust the setup of your choice with customization techniques.

It has no entertainment sections, and you can adjust your appliances. Turn it into a home setup without any hesitation. It is a fun thing and welcomes all types of changes.

The battery timing is excellent, and you can take it for off-road traveling. Solar energy facilities many appliances and you should take benefit of this charming part.

The windows and doors of the campers have a covering of tints to prevent them from sunlight hazards.

They require minimum space for parking, and you can adjust them in your garages as well.

It is an extraordinary experience for first-time users. The storage capacities are enormous, and you can manage the luggage in the best possible way.

Crossroads Volante 25BH

It is a fantastic model for small family setups. The bedroom service is vast and has a master bedroom.

You can enjoy resting and sleeping in these bunking arrangements. Both of these rooms are separate, and it allows the segregation of children and elders. 

The storage cabinets are separate, and they allow different settlements. You can add clothes, shoes and other such things.

The internal pantry is beautiful and has accommodation space.

The presences of the external kitchen area with all appliances are appealing. The entertainment sections are fantastic in terms of television and other such things. 

The central dining portions are full of services, and you can enjoy long-distance trips with your family members. The drain sections allow the discarding of harmful water. 

The electricity system relies on batteries, and the gadgets remain in powerful condition all the time. There are stability and control of the whole vehicle. There is an optimal area for fire placement. 

These sites help in the warming of the Camper, and the heat keeps the temperature casual. It is an advanced feature, and families prefer such Campers for long and short traveling. 

Heartland Mallard 245 

It has one of the most attractive features that is the internal storage. The cabinets are enormous with different shapes, and the sizes vary in terms of the accommodating materials. 

You can settle the clothes and shoes in one side cabinets. Arrange the other stuff like jewelry and fragile materials in the internal cabinets.

The bedrooms are two in these small campers. One of them is separate for the kids. It has the bunking bed arrangements, and one is on another. 

They are comfortable with a soft mattress. The other bedrooms are of a master size and comprise a vast bed and soft mattress.

The medical cabinets are another facility, and you can set the first aid boxes there. The kitchen setups are different and double with multiple appliances.

There is a large refrigerator with various things inside it. The system of sewerage is vast with all the pipelines. It can remove water from the vehicle and keep it clean every time. The faucets are clean and allow the free-flowing of water.

The dump stations are present for the small campers, and they can expel toxic water and other substances.

You can travel in a safe environment without any danger. The security systems are fantastic with windows and doors.


The storage capacities and expanded bedrooms are attractive features of a sunset trail camper. It is extraordinary in terms of facilities.

The crossroads Campers are one of the most appealing structures, and they allow placement of 3 -4 family members.

The king bedroom is separate from the bunking compartments. The beds are enough to settle two kids on each bed. 

The mattress is soft and comfortable, and the kitchen department is with dish cleaning center. The microwave and other electrical facilities are outstanding.

The cabinets are multiple, and they have settling spaces. There is a fun section with television and other electrical sound devices.

The environment remains entertaining throughout the journey. You can also install your home devices in this small vehicle with maximum power. 

The pantry is extraordinary for few members of a family setup. The electric gadgets are a fun part for the kids, and they remain happy inside the vehicle. 

The outside arrangements are also feasible, but people enjoy internally more than outside. The outer protective sheet keeps the internal temperature moderate.

The sunlight has a minimum effect on the people, and they can rest without any danger happening. 

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS

It is a small camper with all the essential features of furniture and protection.

You can travel with 2-3 family members in this small setup. The restroom comprises versatile bedrooms with beautiful nightstands. 

They are enough to settle two adults and one child. The other room contains the bunking bed arrangement, and you can adjust 2 – 3 kids on these comfortable mattresses.

 The bathroom area has bathtubs with an ongoing hot water facility. The equipment is advance with various faucets.

They never get deprive of water facility, and it is clean and healthy for everyone. The internal and external kitchen areas comprise the electric appliances.

The batteries of the system offer maxim energy to them. There is a grill for the proper meals for a 3 – 4 member family.

The discarding sections include the dustbins and sewerage disposals.

It makes the system stable, and you can enjoy long-term trips with the families. The fun rooms have furniture and all other relevant appliances. 

Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser Ultra – Lite SC – 240 BHS

There is excessive space in this, and settle 3 – 4 people without any hesitation. The vast accommodating space comprises king-size bedrooms.

The bunking portions have segregation, and kids enjoy their time on such setups.

There is a complete provision of privacy for the people inside the small camper, and the storage compartments include the cabinets and under-bed areas. 

They can settle all the shoes, clothes, and other essentials during traveling. The double beds are vast than layouts, and the outer kitchen is beautiful with a gas supply.

The enrichment of the components makes the small camper appealing. The shadow camper is a bit larger than many other small campers.

The approximate length of this arrangement is up to 27 – 29 feet. It is enough area to settle furniture and other home equipment.

The under-bed cupboards are vast enough to carry the stuff with appropriate settings. The organizers keep the material safe and prevent it from mixing.

It is a beneficial camper for off-road trips, and people purchase them. There are rental facilities as well that suit every category of camper users.

You can park them anywhere at the camp stations because they occupy minimum space.

The gas refilling is easier in them than many other campers of the same size. They have a unique style with a vast list of essential things.

Jayco Greyhawk 31F

It is vast for a family of four members with maximum comfort and support features. There is segregation of each resting compartments.

The double-story bed structure is suitable for every kid. They can rest, relax and even jump on comfortable mattresses. The adult family members settle in the vast room with a king-size bed structure. 

It looks like a home bedroom in a moving motor and belongs to the class c of the motorhomes with multiple facilities.

The bathrooms have enough space with tub and faucets, and the cooking areas have all the appliances that control the process without any disturbance. 

There is a moveable sofa structure that offers resting places according to needs. The customizing options are adorable in multiple ways, and you cannot neglect them.

Read the manual of the vehicle to understand every possible feature and its use. The additional areas are available to sleep, and all of them are moveable.

These are like small campers for 2 – 4 members, but the prices are high, and the settlement of all qualities in such small equipment is not easy. You can enjoy a long journey without any bad experience. 

Winnebago Vista 31 BE

These campers are suitable for small family setups. The bunking areas are a fascinating quality, and people find it attractive.

The settlement of the children is the approach of any camp user. They can accommodate anywhere but require the best comfort for their kids.

This small setup is best for such users with all the essential needs. The bedrooms are together, but the bunk area is on one side.

The kitchen and bathrooms comprise all the facilities. The external vents keep the system free of dangerous substances. 

The cooking stations are full of gas, and they provide maximum quality.

The storage compartments have cupboards that can occupy large to the small stuff. The pattern of arrangement is a tricky process. You cannot push everything in one section.

Segregate them according to their material and class of substances. These vehicles have wheels and one of the best options for off-road trips.

They can bear the environmental hazards through another protection sheet.

The appearance of this setup is appealing due to the size and shape. The entrance area is attractive and rigid to protect the internal structure from outer problems.

SHASTA OASIS 18 BH travel trailer 

It is like a second home with all the necessities of a home setup.

The design is attractive to every age group, and the number of amenities has increased its charm in the past few years. The residential area is full of soulful appliances.

The furniture inside the vehicle comprises the aesthetic looks with the comfortable settlement.

They occupy a lot of space, but the arrangement is beautiful, and there is a storage compartment. It is impossible to find that specific area.

All the cabinets are in hidden ways. The resting areas include rooms with vast beds.

The comfortable compartment provides maximum security, and there are minimum chances of privacy invasions.

There is a separate compartment for the children, and it is enough space for them. They can play and rest simultaneously. 

The entertainment features include electrical appliances, televisions, Wi-Fi, and other such electric cables. The kitchen and bathing areas have all the equipment.

The electrical instruments work appropriately without any short circuit.

These campers have categories according to the number of facilities. You can choose any part in terms of your budget. 

The qualities of the structure remain the same in all the vehicles without any compromise. The company makes them on the same criteria, and size is best for the four family members. 

CampLite travel trailers CL21BHS

The CampLite comprises large bedrooms with maximum storage capacities. The kitchen areas are not much high, but you can settle it internally.

The outer coming grills reduce this problem to a lower level. It also comprises the facility of double bedrooms like many other small campers. 

The children’s restrooms have small furniture than many other such layouts. You can choose these travelers for the smaller kids for better accommodation.

 There is plenty of cupboards that are apparent, and you can find them easily. The settlement of the material depends on the traveling and stay.

You cannot push everything in one compartment and complain about the storage space. There are multiple options, and you should utilize them fully.

There is a facility for an outside shower with a covered lid. These are attractive for many people to keep the vehicle safe from water flow hazards.

They are convenient for hot weather conditions. The draining systems and sewerage work in coordination.

The parking positions of the Campers are suitable. You can park them in minimum spaces without any disturbances.

Flagstaff shamrock 

It is an entertainment center and keeps everyone comfortable. The settlement criterion of this structure revolves around families. 

It is a homely vehicle and can adjust approximately 2 – 3 people.

The vast control and warehouse properties are attractive for every camper user. There are separate sections for the different quality clothes.

The organization of stuff is simple due to plenty of space. The outer kitchen setup keeps the walls and roof of the vehicle free from smoke. There is no worst lining of black color to reduce the appearance.

The television lounge is vast with multiple entertainment facilities. The bedrooms are separate for elders and kids, and there is no error in terms of space.

The bathrooms are casual than many other such arrangements. They deprive the bathtub qualities, but the hot water conditions are available. 

The electric systems work on the batteries, and they remain active all the time. The equipment like the microwave and refrigerator of the kitchen work accurately.

All of them use massive energy, and there are minimum chances of short circuits.

The walls have coverings of tint to reduce the sunlight effects. The kids can play inside it despite furniture and all other relevant things.

Keystone Cougar halftone 

It is a versatile vehicle with multiple amenities. The design is attractive to all types of camper audiences, but the families prefer them the most.

They are available with vast accommodating spaces and comprise the storerooms.

The separate cabinets and underground storage compartment make it more appealing. The vehicle is approximately 28 – 29 feet long, and it has vast bedrooms. 

The kids sleep in segregated areas, and king-size bedrooms are for adults. There are a pantry and areas for cooking.

The external gas grills make the cooking process safe and comfortable. These sections are in the access of all users, but they never harm the kids.

The edges of the pantry are safe for the children you like to play inside the setup. The quality and shape of the furniture are versatile.

They are tough and cozy at the same time. The level of comfort is high in the whole structure of the vehicle. 

The parking positions are simple, and you can settle them in fewer spaces. The tables are unique in these layouts, and the models vary in this quality.

You can choose it according to your requirement before leaving for a long term trip with family. 

Heartland Trail Runner 27 ODK

It has different features than a casual camper of small size. The settling capacity of 2 – 3 people is the same without any harmful issue.

The furniture is foldable, and you can arrange it after resting. It helps in the reduction of such massive materials and offers much space.

The sofas are foldable, and they stretch to become a bed. The cooking compartment is away from the resting rooms to present heat problems. 

The outer kitchens have all the essential facilities, and the electric instruments work accurately without any error. These are safe setups with vast storage capacities. 

The apparent and hidden cupboards can keep the stuff without any damage. There are sound systems and televisions in one separate area.

It is the activity part for the elders and children. You can park this small setup anywhere and enjoy the time with your family.

The kids can sleep in separate rooms on the double-story bed systems. They are also foldable, and the king-size bedroom facility is for adults with maximum mattress spaces.

You can keep the home equipment to enhance the facilities. The side tables of the vast bedroom occupy the storage compartment in the form of drawers.

It is convenient for off-road trips with family members. The security remains constant throughout the journey. 

Coachmen Keystone Bullet premier

It has similar things to any other small camper of four family members. The only mega difference is the layout of the bedrooms. 

The facilities are more for the children than the adults, and it is a well-defined structure with double beds. They are not in the form of a building. 

One bunking portion is at one corner of the room, and the other occupies the second corner, and it offers space between them. The children can play inside their rooms, and it keeps the setup safe every time. 

The restrooms for the elders are with mega beds and comfortable foamy matters. There is a wall between both bedroom setups.

The warehouse section is vast, and it has multiple cabinets in a row. The kitchen area is massive than many other small campers.

They have cabinets and another such section to accommodate the kitchen utensils.

The gas grills and separate shelves allow safe and tasty cooking. The external exhaust brings warm air outside and keeps the internal environment cool. 

The pantries have wardrobe control capability, and it stores different fabrics with their material properties.

The sewerage system is well defined and accurate, and there is no chance of internal filthiness due to the toxic substance.

Thor Starcraft RV GPS

It is a big camper and can accommodate 4 to 8 people. Small families like 3 – 4 people choose this for luxurious traveling and other such qualities.

The cabinets and kitchen compartments are large enough to move through them. You can store the home equipment like kitchen appliances in these vast sections.

It has more rooms than a small camper. The master bedroom is separate from comfortable furniture. There is no woody material that is foldable because it is not necessary. 

The rooms for the kids are separate, and they have large bunking stations. The beds for the children are massive than the other structures. The kitchens are inside the layout with all possible facilities.

There is no need to move out for day and night cooking, and it is a safety feature that keeps the system in control.

There are minimum chances of privacy invasion by the external population during parking. 

The bathrooms of these layouts are mega and fancy. They have a bathtub facility and still have space for other things like stands. The bathing compartments comprise cabinets and storage baskets. 

The draining system is a two-way passage, and the toxic substances and dangerous water flow out of the vehicle through pipelines.

The living rooms include the fun setups like sound systems and television facilities. There is nothing hidden in these family motorhomes. e

Evo T2990

The company forest river is one of the best companies in terms of small campers. The Evo is friendly for the family procedures.

They can occupy 3 to 4 members that include the children and adults. It has all the qualities of a small camper with a smooth flow.

The furniture, electrical instruments, store areas, and other such things are part of the layout. The cupboards are woody with a specific alignment.

The setup of a sofa is fancy and relaxing inside the vehicle.

The kitchen facilities are external hat include, and they offer mesmerizing views. The smoke control systems are also outside and provide maximum safety to the interior. 

They have attractive designs and require less space for parking. The fun parts comprise the built-in sound systems and other such materials.

The furniture is foldable to enhance the area, and the passages compel the children to play inside the setup. It keeps them safe from external issues.

Minnie Plus 27BHSS

It is available with an attractive design and small space, and the families prefer such a small layout for 4 people. 

They have easy adjustments and fantastic storage qualities. The first concern is about sleeping and restrooms. All of them have segregations with a bunking station and queen bed setup.

 The double-story beds offer maximum comfort to the kids, and they enjoy their traveling.

The elders can relax on the comfortable mattress system without any insecurity. Once you lock the vehicle from inside, then no one can interfere with the privacy.

They take minimum space for parking, and that’s why you can park them under any shade. The kitchens and bathing areas are full of essential equipment.

They have furnished shelves and cabinets, and kitchen gas services are outside. It keeps the smoke away from the motor, and sewerage lines are protected. 

The doors of this small setup are moveable, and you can close them anytime. They have locks with complete privacy settings.

The furniture is rigid and offers maximum relaxation. The television rooms can also comprise your home sound system with enough shelves. 

The cabinets provide storage conditions with wood organizers. The fabrics and other delicate stuff remain safe inside them. 

Alpha wolf

It is famous for the family qualities and all other essential things. The manufacturers designed them for family purposes.

It can settle 2 to 4 people without any discomfort throughout the journey. The pantry of the setup allows the passage of two to three people at once.

The warehouse comprises cupboards or rigid wood. The bathrooms are fancy with a tub facility.

The warm and cold waters are according to the external temperature. You can modify the ranges with the help of an electrical system. 

The bedrooms of the children acquire extra space for decoration. You can add the worst tables with the bunking structures.

Few of the furniture are foldable as the mega sofas. You can settle them in one corner after use.

It is an appealing feature of the vehicle and provides more space. The kids can play inside because the cooking area is outside. 

The grill of the cooking compartment is rigid, but it is foldable. Settle it in the internal layout after use. The sewerage system allows complete cleaning with the vast drainage system. 

They remain safe under the shady areas, and that’s why always select the parking accordingly. They require less maintenance and stays safe.

You can clean the interior in 3 – 5 minutes without any external help. The dustbins and other such stuff gather the garbage, and you can dump it at the particular spots.t

Forest River Heritage Glen LTZ 

It is a unique and minimal model of vehicles with multiple qualities. There are various things like cabinets for storage and outside kitchen facilities.

The internal cupboard for carrying the non-usable stuff is also an efficient part. The restrooms comprise massive beds with side tables. They also acquire the storing capabilities with different levels. 

There is a fancy walkthrough that allows the movement of 2 people at once. There is a laundry facility in this particular space, and it is an excellent addition to such small arrangements.

The fire sections are also a part of these walking passages.

The kids have their separate resting places, and elders remain in their queen-size layouts. It is suitable for off-road trips and long-distance traveling and an ideal camper for a family of 4.

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