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Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL: Facts You Should Know

Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL: Facts You Should Know

The Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL is a rigid and long RV with versatile features. The sides of the structure are supportive. It has both qualities of long and short bed. The floor area of the setup is approximately 9 feet. 

Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL

The exterior of the Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL is like any other camper-carrying setup. It has a mega cabin for the adjustment of drivers and passengers. The front lights and bumper are fantastic for the road view and control. 

The side mirrors provide the background view with the help of pure surfaces. It has a front screen that provides an excellent view of the front side. 

There are minimum chances of distortion or any disturbances. The cabin roof is secure, and it prevents the internal areas from environmental hazards. 

The rainwater cannot affect the setup due to the constant flow of water. The rooftop allows the storage and control of the luggage.

It occupies the surfaces of the cabin and camper side, and the wipers of the windscreen are efficient and automatic. They have an internal control panel, and it monitors the functions. 

The sensors of the side mirrors move according to the direction. The backside comprises few lights, and they are in connection with reverse positions. They automatically turn on when you reverse this mega camper.

The backside of the camping structure comprises a ladder to reach the top surface. The shade provides the proper protection from sunlight and other weather issues.

The tenting part is suitable for those who use these campers for transportation. The loading and removal of the stuff become easier. It has the adjustment power to connect the long length and short beds on the backside. 

Internal design

The internal design is similar to many other rugged structures. The floor area is greater than the series, and it is advancement.

The vast area provides maximum sections in one place, and the cabin compartment comprises the seats with leather covers. The seat belts protect from harmful situations.

The front side includes the dashboard with maximum settling space. The rear mirrors provide a view of the background without any blurriness.

It is a safe system with door handles and window locks. Few things are automatic, and they work in high efficiency of the compartment includes the electric ports for connectivity. It is easy to join the mobile phones and other devices with them.

It has a stereo system and an antenna that can catch the local channels.

The seats are comfortable but with minimum chances of customization. The internal design of the living area is versatile. It is vast than the other structures. 

The compartments are separate without any distinctive doors. The windows have blinders that restrict the penetration of light and other hazards. The roof is above, and it never harms the heads of the users. 

The pantry and separate laundry area are advancements in such structures. The walkways include woody floors with rigidity.

They are stable, and the central portion is the entertainment point. It has a television and other sound system facilities.

You can connect your home devices to enhance the level of fun and recreation. The doors are at the ends, and they have locks. There is no chance of privacy interruption in the vehicle. Everything is in its place without restricting the ways. 

Restroom facility

The living section includes the presence of a restroom. It is enough to settle a queen size bed and mattress. The nightstands are suitable for such fancy additions in moving home. 

The presence of windows and other exhausts keep the ventilation smooth. The room is vast, and it has an excellent floor, and a family of four persons can easily accommodate this room. 

There are minimum errors in terms of privacy and disturbance. The sound of engine and external noise pollution has no way to get inside.

The passengers enjoy a peaceful and safe trip with their families. The window of the restroom is present with the day nightshades. 


The kitchen set up in a motor home requires multiple things to work efficiently.

It has all the essential connections for the electrical appliances. The gas section is separate, and it controls the stoves and other heating devices. 

The refrigerator is inside the kitchen in few models, and it has a specific vent for the removal of toxic air. The electric sockets keep the fridge in an accurate performance.

 It has a kitchen counter and grill, and the window nearby supports the performance of such setups. It is a high-quality structure with minimum errors. 

The accommodation space is for approximately 2 to 3 people at once. It is a thing for those who travel long distances, and the cupboards in the kitchen allow the settling of groceries and other materials. 

They have separations, and organizers prevent the mixing process. The doors of the cabinets allow the protection of the system without any break. 

The color of the wood depends on the exterior and internal design. People customize the color patterns according to their choices. You can label the drawers and cupboards during the organization process.

 It comprises a separate middle sink with an advanced faucet system. The worst water travels in the draining sections without any pollution problems. 


It is a wet vehicle in terms of the bathing facility within the vehicle. It is a separate section with a distinctive door.

The service of the door can be a sliding one with complete control. It can move in both directions to provide maximum privacy in the bathing compartment.

Granite 9RL has all the essential facilities like a bathtub and electric shower. They never get empty from the water flow. The continuity of water flow is versatile and excellent.

You can change the water condition with various devices. It offers hot and cold water conditions under these compartments. 

The covering is of fibrous glass material, and the toilet sections are away from each other. They have a particular partition between them. The toilet seat and the relevant water devices are of the same color.

It has a separate faucet and basin for the water supply. The towel sections are different with a rigid grip. 

The internal cabinets of the bathroom area can be three or four. All of them have accommodation areas.

They have the doors and shelves are without the closings. It has all the essential facilities for a complete and relaxing bath. They are attractive, and people choose them for long trips. 

They live inside the vehicle for days and even weeks, and the excessive water flows towards the drainage sections. It is a process of discarding the wastewater without any hand pollution. 

A person stays safe in these small compartments due to all the services. The light in the bathroom is enough for other activities. They are servers with maximum utilization and comfort.


The rooftop area is enough to settle the rails over it. The luggage remains secure on the top surface with the side support. You can reach it with the ladder on the backside of the vehicle. 

The rooftop vent is on the upper side, and it offers multiple functions of ventilation and control. You can also use this location for the emergency entrance in the vehicle.

It also facilitates the privacy features of the internal structure. The venting portion is the entrance spot for many environmental problems. It resolves such issues within seconds. 

Electrical equipment

The setup includes multiple electrical appliances with one to two connections. All of them remain close to the electrical panels and work efficiently.

The kitchen and room’s electric instruments are in correlation with each other. They have different ports in various directions. All of these things are rigid enough to bear the internal temperature conditions.

The detector devices

The detecting devices are high quality, and they show performance without interruption. They detect gas leakage and other such issues.

The detector comprises the sensory instruments. Few alarms start beeping on extensive levels of gas. The toxic substances provoke the devices, and they allow protection of the vehicle.


The network of lights is diverse, and they are enormous. All of them supply electric power to the internal structure of the vehicle.

The bathroom area and kitchen have separate light systems. It remains active all day and night. The batteries of the system facilitate the high performance of these small devices.

Few of them are light-emitting electrodes and lamps. The backside lights are automatic, and they work on turning positions.

They are one click empowered devices and work without any break. The lights have insulations, and they do not allow the flow of water in them.

Storage section

The storage section is separate, and the cabinets cover this compartment as well.

The cupboards can accommodate the luggage and other stuff. They have organizers in the cabinets and prevent from mixing of the material. 

The bottom side cabinets are also available for storage properties, and you can carry home devices with you. 

They have maximum settling capacity inside these mega structures. Few of the cupboards have light inside them, and the woody doors offer protection from things falling. 


Two batteries generate the power system of the Granite 9RL, and they are high-performance equipment with proper covering.

There are minimum chances of electric short circuits, and the batteries align together in a series pattern.

The flow of current is direct, and it protects the system. The batteries are in the engine compartment, and the environmental hazards cannot impact them.

The color of the device is the same as many other types of machinery in the vehicle. 

Its system is high activity, and it provides control and efficiency. It depends on the gas property with refilling capacities, and the propane gas flourishes the functioning of the system. 

You can adjust the setup in the maintenance and gas stations. Always maintain the maximum level of gas.

The dry devices are not suitable for the other functions of the structure. The size of the device depends on the dimensions of the vehicle. You cannot fit the irreverent machinery in such layouts. 

Remote control instruments

Few instruments and lights are automatic and remote control. The device comprises the cell facilities, and the owner is responsible for the maintenances of such things. 

You have to keep it updated when leaving for long-distance traveling. You can control the devices with one click, and they are excellent in quality.

Water system

It is a wet bath vehicle with maximum water carrying capacity. The water gallons are vast enough to accommodate hundreds of gallons of water.

The tanks provide fresh water to all the appliances that utilize water flow. The network is without any break or pollution. 

The maintenance and filling of the tank also facilitate the casual function of the water tanks.

They are in one corner of the vehicle, and the water changes temperature at local points. They supply the liquid for changing the temperature conditions. 

It is an advanced system in a moving setup, and people utilize it for long-distance trips and camping. The water tank is enough for three to four days, and the limit never exceeds casual. 


The drainage system is separate, and it acquires the drainage tanks. The capacity of grey and black water varies according to the model.

Few dumping stations allow the discarding of these harmful substances without any restrictions. The drainage has filters and passages of water from these points.

The presence of solid substances makes the system slow and uncontrollable. You can wash and change the top filters from the drainage points. 

Temperature control devices

The temperature control devices comprise the list of air conditioners and heaters. The weather conditions lead to the further installation of such equipment. 

They facilitate the quick temperature change and control inside the vehicle. All of the instruments have an electric energy supply, and the connection determines the work efficiency.

The restroom can have 1 to 2 air conditioners for maximum heat control. The kitchen compartment of Rugged Mountain Granite 9RL also utilizes the cooling of the air conditioner because it works as a ventilation system.

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