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How Long is a GMC Canyon Short Bed?

How Long is a GMC Canyon Short Bed?

A GMC Canyon short bed is long enough for the accommodation of heavyweights. Therefore, it is a beneficial setup for all types of road surfaces.

How Long is a GMC Canyon Short Bed? In general, a GMC Canyon short bed is around 75x 57×72 inches, and its length varies according to cab type. For example, a regular cab short bed is around 72.8 inches to 73 inches long, a crew cab short bed is 63 inches to 64.2 inches, and an extended short crew cab bed is between 73.7 inches to 75.5 inches long. 

The cab type of the GMC Canyon changes the bed size of the truck. All of them are short types of truck beds with maximum facilities. The difference in length is minor, but it makes a significant difference while purchasing a GMC Canyon. 

How Long is a GMC Canyon Short Bed?

A GMC Canyon short bed is long and high to standard limits. Select it according to your requirement and consider a vast range of shirt bed length variations. 

These are short, but they also have the maximum length limits. So you can get an extended crew cab with a short bed. 

The maximum length of this bed is around 75 inches to 75.4 inches. It changes according to features, and you can also customize the range. 

The facilities are equally extraordinary like any other truck bed. The extension of the crew cab occurs within the standard limits of a short truck bed length.

The extra short crew cabs are smaller than the regular cab truck beds of the GMC canyon.

On average, an extra short crew cab bed of a GMC Canyon is around 62.4 inches to 63.4 inches. Select the short bed with a combination of cab types.

These are slightly less expensive than the longer beds. They have specific functions, and you can also utilize them for family use. 

20 Examples of GMC Canyon models, cab type, and short bed length

Models of GMC Canyon Truck Bed Type Length of short bed
2003 GMC Canyon Short Regular cab 73 x 59.2 x 72 inches
2004 GMC Canyon Short Regular cab 72.8 x 59 x 72 inches
2005 GMC Canyon Extended Crew Cab 74.6 x 59.5 x 73.2 inches
2006 GMC Canyon Extra short Crew Cab 62.6 x 59.1 x 72.2 inches
2007 GMC Canyon Regular Cab 72.9 x 59.3 x 72 inches
2008 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 64 x 57.3 x 72.2 inches
2009 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 64.2 x 57.6 x 72.4 inches
2010 GMC Canyon Regular Cab 73 x 59.6 x 72 inches
2011 GMC Canyon Extended short bed Crew Cab 73.7 x 59.3 x 73.2 inches
2012 GMC Canyon Extra short Crew Cab 63.4 x 59 x 71.2 inches
2013 GMC Canyon Regular Cab 73.1 x 59.4 x 72 inches
2014 GMC Canyon Regular Cab 73 x 59 x 72 inches
2015 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 63 x 57.3 x 72.3 inches
2016 GMC Canyon Extra short Crew Cab 62.4 x 59.2 x 71.4 inches
2017 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 63.7 x 57 x 72 inches
2018 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 64 x 57.9 x 73.1 inches
2019 GMC Canyon Short Crew Cab 64.2 x 57.4 x 72.2 inches
2020 GMC Canyon Extra short Crew Cab 62.9 x 59 x 71.8 inches
2021 GMC Canyon Extended short Crew Cab 75 x 57.3 x 72.4 inches
2022 GMC Canyon Extended short Crew Cab 75.4 x 57.5 x 72.6 inches

What are the benefits of a GMC Canyon short bed?

The GMC Canyon is a short truck than many other items. However, there are many advantages of using this short-sized bed for your truck.

Convenient handling

The handling of a truck short bed includes the driving conditions as well. These are convenient in terms of handling due to their small sizes. 

They have enough space to fulfill the requirement of a user. In addition, the sides are safe, and you can move them even on heavy traffic roads. 

They have no challenging conditions because of their safe dimensions. They have comfortable parking conditions, and you can move them. 

Also, they have quick movements due to short sizes, and any standard parking station can accommodate such structures. 

Their maintenance and cleaning are easy for every user. In addition, it takes less time than other lengthy beds. You should estimate the weight of your GMC Canyon for better understanding.

The repairing methods are quick in case of damages. 

The utilization is excellent due to such supporting features. For example, a driver can bring a small pickup to the mechanic shop conveniently. 

They can adjust inside these places without any possible error. 

Ideal for daily use

These are ideal for daily use. You can park and drive these structures 3 to 4 times a day.

They provide excellent performance regularly.

You can also take these structures on all types of road situations. They can make their way through the heavy traffics.

They have minimal chances of any surface damage due to striking other vehicles. You can carry a specific weight from one spot to another daily.

They never disappoint the user due to their dimensions and manufacturing style. 

Comfortable driving at turns and edges

The short beds of these vehicles have comfortable driving techniques at various dangerous turns. A standard driver with ordinary driving skills can move the structure on any edge. 

It happens without causing any damage to the external surface of the setup. Therefore, there is no need to install back view cameras during these methods.

The short bed trucks can move on these cuts and edges without any restriction. The driver never fears the bumping of the rear section with the concrete spots. 

Safe driving and convenient cuts help a driver to enjoy the journey even in the worst road conditions. 

Enough space

Despite the small sizes of the truck bed, they have enough accommodation space. In addition, the weight towing ability of a bed is higher than many other lengthy bed options. 

It does not affect the engine performance and handles the heavyweights appropriately. You can adjust heavy masses and various luggage items on these without any hesitation. 

They support heavy loads and moves without any damages. 

It can adjust at least 2 to 3 adult people with minimal chance of any distortion. The heavy loads have no harmful effect on the speed of these trucks.

They move with excellent efficiency and protect the load. In addition, the transportation facility enhances due to short sizes of beds but with high limits of weight carriage. 

Beneficial for off-road driving

The short truck beds have high centers than the lengthy ones. Therefore, it offers the stability of the structure in off-road conditions.

There is no need to install a lifting kit on this bed. Instead, drive it with high speed and control conditions off-road. 

They can tolerate the intensity of terrain and improve driving on these surfaces. This is because they are high above the ground surface.

The turbulence of the road cannot reach the center of the bed. 

Not expensive

You can get a short bed of a truck according to a specific package. The cost of such truck beds is lower than the other long-bed options. 

Every truck user can afford these structures for multiple purposes. They have high facilities with moderate cost limits. 

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