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Can I Use an Electric Blanket in My RV?

Can I Use an Electric Blanket in My RV?

Electric blankets not only heat the room but also consume less energy than other heaters. Therefore, it helps you to sleep better when the external temperature is cold.

Can I Use an Electric Blanket in My RV? In general, you can use an electric blanket in your RV because it can immediately warm your surroundings. Plug its wire into the switch and select the desired temperature. An electric blanket has integrated electrical wires that generate heat within a short time.

Its wires are covered with plastic insulating material that is sensitive. Handling it with proper care can prevent you from a severe accident.

Can I Use an Electric Blanket in My RV?

Check the blanket wires properly after unboxing that they are free from damage. Then, fit the blanket to the mattress.

Set its wires and fix the removable plug on the foot side. Turn ON the switch by plugin the socket, and it starts to become warm. 

RV Electric Blanket types

A fitted electric blanket is a type in which you can cover its sides under the mattress.

Fix it under the mattress by removing sheets and keep the plug outside.

A non-fitted is a type in which you do not fix the side of the blanket around the corner of the bed. Instead, you can tie it under the mattress to fix it; that is why it is also called as a tie-down electric blanket.

You can use throw electric blanket regularly, and it is good alternatives to using it in the living room.

Set the temperature

Temperature is set by pressing the buttons on the device. For example, press 0 to OFF the device and set the temperature according to your environmental conditions.

Automatic shut off

I always prefer to buy those that automatically shut OFF after 3 to 8 hours. These features save you from any hazardous situation. 

Do I need an electric blanket in my RV?

People prefer these blankets over propane heaters and electric heaters to keep them cozy because they are safe.

Not costly

The new designs make them more efficient than the old device. It saves money because it takes less energy than electric heaters. 


In a colder climate, it keeps you warm and cozy when the thermostat is below freezing.

Attach the extension cord and do not pass the cable under the carpet. Instead, turn it ON and spread it on the bed before 20 minutes go to bed. 

Do not use the equipment made from thin material because they are uncomfortable and unsafe to use. Instead, use a good-quality product made from thick material in which wires are not prominent.

These are made up of various materials such as wool, fleece, polyester flush, etc.

Long wires

Like other devices, they have long insulating wires that keep them hot in cold weather.

You control the temperature by setting it on the outlet device. It also has a temperature control unit that controls its temperature. 

Things to Consider when using an electric blanket in the RV

If you do not use it carefully, it is very harmful to you and causes the death of any person. 

Use of electric blanket whole night

Some blankets have a timer, and they shut OFF automatically after some time. However, all of these do not have an automatic system.

Do not use it for the whole night because it becomes overheat that is not good for you. After turning it OFF, it keeps you warm for 2 hours.

Do not leave it ON; otherwise, it sparks a fire that can damage your RV

Keep away it from other devices

Do not use it with other heating devices such as heating pads and electric mattresses. 

Do not use a hot water bottle and an electric blanket at the same time.

Not use more devices at one time because it produce more heat. 

Do not put things on it

Keep it on the top and do not put it under you; otherwise, the wires break. Also, keeping your books and material on it affects the coil and causes combustion.

You do not take them like any other blanket and not put anything on it either on or off. 

Do not fold it

Never fold your blanket because it can damage its cords that decreases its efficiency.

Instead, store it by loosely wrap it so that its wires do not harm; therefore, proper care is necessary.

Do not use sharp things

Do not use sharp things such as pins that may damage them and cause serious hazards. Also, avoid tucking it and take care of it so that you save it from any accident.

Do not jump

You cannot use this blanket on moveable beds; otherwise, crease forms and wires bend. Away from children to sit or even jumping on it, so that it’s wiring, not damage.

Do not pass the cables under the rug and carpet that cause stop the electricity flows.

Never use a heated blanket with an infant, child, and heat-sensitive person. It is dangerous for people who have health issues because it emits radiation.

Check the equipment before using it; in this way, you can prevent any disaster. Do not use blow dryers to dry it.

Avoid smoking while sitting under this device because it can catch fire that can seriously injure a person.

When it becomes more heat, turn it off and remove the switch. Do not fold it when it is ON; otherwise, it can damage it working.

Always use it at room temperature, and if you operate it at high temperature, then wire damage and burning smell produce.

Do not iron your blanket

Avoid ironing your blanket because it melts its structure and wiring; spots form that lead to a fire.

Not pet friendly

Do not allow the pets to sleep on or under these because it can overheat. Even single wire damage can cause severe combustible effects.

Power requirement for electric blanket

It is best to spend most of your time in your RV and make it cozy and warm. It uses low power and is easily adjustable with your RV electric system.

If there is cold and you use it the whole day, it costs about $2and if there is less cold weather, it costs less than $2.

Always use it with an AC supply circuit and avoid using extensions.

How to clean your RV electric blanket?

Clean your blanket carefully so that you should not damage it.

Now unplug the power cord and separate it from its other parts.

Use of washing machine

Dip it in the water for 20 mins and then wash it in the machine gently only for 2 to 3 minutes.

Then, remove it from the machine, wash it and stretch slowly so that its crease diminishes.

Wash by hands

Soak it for 20 minutes into the soap water. Wash it gently without folding them, hardly otherwise wire damage. Now wash it in fresh water to remove soap.

Air drying

Stretch your blanket slowly without damage it and keep it in a clean place for drying purposes. Do not use cloth pins; it breaks the integrated wires.

Avoid dry cleaning because chemicals and solvents used in this that damage the insulation material.

Never use bleach to remove stains because it deteriorates the blanket look and damages its heating wires.

Avoid wringer to squeeze water from it because it bends it hardly and breaks its wires.

Do not iron your blanket to remove the crease. When you use it, the insulating material melts, and it catches fire.

Is it safe to use an electric blanket in the RV?

Use this blanket after the test at a high temperature; new products are safer to use than old ones; they keep you warm within minutes when cold outside.

However, other heating devices heat the whole RV and consume a high amount of power while it only keeps you warm.

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