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Can You Tow a Golf Cart Carrier Behind an RV?

Can You Tow a Golf Cart Carrier Behind an RV?

Towing a golf cart behind an RV is not difficult, but it does require some planning. A golf cart carrier is a small frame or trailer on which you can load up your vehicles and tow them anywhere you want without the fear of damaging them in any possible way.

Can You Tow a Golf Cart Carrier Behind an RV? You can tow a golf cart behind an RV by attaching it using hitch bars. Drive your golf cart up the cart carrier with the help of the ramp. Close the back gate of the cart carrier and secure it properly. You can now start your RV and take it anywhere you want.

These carriers are sturdy and reliable devices that you can use to transport your golf carts. 

Attaching Golf Cart Carrier behind an RV

You can make sure that you tow your golf cart whenever you desire, but you also want to make sure that the process of connecting and disconnecting is simple.

You can use cart carriers or directly attach the golf cart with the trailer using hitch bars.

First of all, you need to park your RV in a safe place. Now pull the hand brake of your RV and let it rest. 

You can also change the gear to Park if your RV has an automatic transmission system. In the case of a manual one, you need to put the gear in a neutral position. 

In the case of a carrier, you will need a ball receiver.  A ball receiver hitch is a device that makes it easier to tow with an RV. You can attach one of its ends to the rear bumper of the tow vehicle.

The other end is known as the receiver hitch, in which you can place the ball of the carrier. 

It lets you attach your RV to the golf cart carrier with ease without having to lift or remove any components.

Now, with the help of the latch, keep the ball receiver safe. It helps in keeping the carrier at its correct position once you start traveling. 

Use a wiring harness to attach it with the hitch. Your cart carrier may contain a gate at its rear end. Open that gate and put a ramp on the back end of the carrier. 

You can also push it with the help of some other person if you do not want to drive it on the carrier.  

Now take out a big string and tie your cart on the carrier. In the case of a roof on the cart, you can also put straps on the top to secure it. 

Once it is in the carrier, you can remove the ramp and close the back gate of the carrier. 

You can now start the engine of your recreational vehicle and take your trailer to your destination without any fear.

It is essential to read all the precautionary measures and manual guides with the cart carrier. Another solution that can be possible is directly attaching the golf cart to the motorhome.

For this purpose, you need to have hitch bars at the front end of your cart and the back end of your RV. 

With the help of bolts, attach both the hitch bars. In this case, you need to move the vehicle very slowly. Otherwise, you may have an accident and lose a lot of money. 

Average Size of a Golf Cart

The size of golf carts depends on their design and purpose. Therefore, it comes in many sizes, such as 1-seater, 2-seater, and 4-seater.

A single-seater cart is designed with one seat for an individual golfer. It is perfect for playing alone or with only one other friend. 

A two-seater is suitable for couples who are playing together on the course. For a smaller golf cart, the average length is 8.5 feet. They are approximately 4.5 feet wide, and their average height is round about 5.8 feet.

Larger carts in which more than four people can travel have an average height of 5.7 feet. Their width is 4.5 feet, and they are approximately 12 feet long. 

For example, you can buy a gas cart that has more engine power than an electric cart. 

You can also buy electric devices if you want your cart to be eco-friendly. For example, electric carts do not produce any smoke or noise. 

The time needed to tow a Golf Cart

You should know what distance is safe for both vehicles when connected and the time required to fix it. For example, if you do not use a golf  carrier, experts mostly recommend distance is between 4 to 7 feet. 

This distance provides enough space between the two vehicles to keep them from bumping into each other during turns and stops. 

When you are towing a lighter-weight cart, like a Club Car Precedent, behind an RV using a hitch hauler, then you can do it in about 20 to 30 minutes.

However, if you are towing more of a heavy-duty cart like the Yamaha Golf Cart or something similar, plan for about 1 hour. It is because these are heavier and more challenging to move around. 

Why would you tow a Golf Cart behind an RV?

Some people may assume that golf carts and RVs do not go together. They could not be more wrong.

You can park your RV quickly in the parking space. You do not need to buy an extra parking ticket for your small vehicle. Once you get to the golf course, it is one less thing you have to carry around with you all day.

One of the many great features of the RV is that you can tow all kinds of things behind it. From motorcycles to boats, RV  can haul around a variety of different items. 

The most significant benefit of towing it with your RV is that you do not need to carry around two different vehicles when traveling. 

It is pretty helpful for those people who participate in tournaments that are far from their homes.

When you do not have to worry about traffic or getting to your favorite golf course on time, it makes the game that much more enjoyable. 

Having a golf cart at your disposal while out in the middle of nowhere is a luxury that everyone should experience.

It saves money and gas and makes for easy transportation and storage while you are traveling. 

It provides you with another way to get around when walking is not an option, and you can take it as a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Things to consider when you tow a golf cart carrier with your RV

It would be best to consider many factors before attempting to tow it behind an RV. You need to take extra precautions while adding your golf cart since it will need to be pushed along by your RV while being connected behind it.

Towing it with the motorhome is not the same as towing another vehicle with an RV. Towing is a dangerous job. The wrecker driver has to be aware of many things and must be very careful all the time.

The first and foremost thing you can do is to observe the rules set by DMV for towing. For example, you can never exceed the speed limit while towing.

It is not only unsafe but also illegal to tow above the permitted speed limit. It would be best if you obeyed traffic signals as well as other road signs.

Towing laws for RVs are different than those for standard vehicles, and if you do not follow these, you could end up paying big money in fines or, worse, get into an accident.

There are little things you should know before doing so. First, as with any vehicle, you have to check your state’s regulations for towing double. Many states do not allow it. For example, it is illegal in Florida to tow two or more vehicles behind a truck or an RV. 

Rules in each state will be different from other states. You will need a special license plate or sticker to tow an extra trailer behind the RV. You should also check whether your hitch is secured correctly. 

It would be best if you also took a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. You can use it in case of a fire. Another thing you should consider is the number of people traveling with you. The more people you have, the more space and comfort they need. 

You should also carry a user manual with you. Your tow vehicle needs to have enough horsepower or torque capacity so that it can safely take you and the cart to its destination. Make sure that its brake pedals are working fine. 

Do not exceed the weight limits of your vehicle. For example, if your trailer can tow 10,000 pounds maximum, make sure that you do not add extra equipment or other stuff in the trailer, which will make it more than 10,000 pounds. 

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