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How to Remove Torsion Bars on a Chevy Truck?

How to Remove Torsion Bars on a Chevy Truck?

Here are easy methods to remove the torsion bar on the Chevy truck. It is mainly present in that model, which has a lower bottom part. It is few inches above the surface, and the chance of damage increases when you cross the bump in speed.

How to Remove Torsion Bars on a Chevy Truck? You can remove torsion bars on a Chevy truck using tools and without tools. Park the truck on the ramp and lift it up and go under it. Lose the nuts and bolts to separate the steel bar from the frame and remove its connection with the axle. It becomes necessary to remove the torsion bar when it breaks due to damage and rust.

It is necessary to arrange all the tools in one place to minimize the time duration.

Easy steps to remove torsion bar from the Chevy truck

You will need these tools to separate the bar from the bottom of the Chevy trucks.

  • ½ inch ratchet
  • Socket set
  • Jack
  • Impact wrench
  • Air hose
  • GM tool J-36202

You should be careful while separating this part. You can do it on your own or take the truck to the workshop for service.

Park the Chevy truck on-ramp

First, you should park a vehicle on the ramp if you prefer to take it to the workshop. Second, take it on the ramp slowly to avoid any incident. Mostly the manufacturer made it with high quality and weight-bearing metal.

It has to manage the weight of a heavy truck, so it should be firm. Therefore, it has two rails present at the same distance as its wheels.

Here is an option to increase or decrease the gap between the rails according to the model and size of the vehicles. The ramps rails are wide enough to hold the tires and maintain their grip with them.

Sometimes the rails have little supports and guardrails to keep the tires in between. You should drive slowly; it will take you to the heightened place about 6 feet above the floor.

Lift it up

The ramps will automatically lift the vehicle above the surface. You will need to lift it up when you are doing it at home or in the garage.

The professionals use a jack to lift the vehicle from the floor. You can use a manual and electronic jack for this purpose. Park your truck at a safe place and place the jack under it.

Rotate it in a clockwise direction, and it will move that side up slowly. Lock it at the desired position. The company used standard material to make the jack.

It can hold heavy-weight trucks. You can place the jack at different positions around it to move all sides up. You should lock it carefully; otherwise, the vehicle will fall with a sudden jerk that is not good for it.

Go underneath

The ramp will allow a person to go under it in a standing position. You should make sure that you have locked the vehicle and it is in a stationary position.

In addition, you have to go in a laying posture when you have to park it in the garage or at home. You can also set it aside on a balanced road and in an open area.

The engine should be off before few minutes and leave it to decrease the temperature. It can burn your hands when you touch it immediately after turning off the engine.

The Chevy treks have high strength lower part that can bear shocks and bumps during driving, so it will be safe for you to take a step and go forward.

Locate the torsion bar

The first purpose of going underneath the vehicle is to identify the torsion bar. Mostly the professional fixes it between the frame of the truck.

He attached one end with the frame and the other end with the arms control. Its length is according to the width of the vehicle.

It has two options for connecting with the control arm. First, it can attach to lower and upper control arms. Mostly the torsion bar is attached to the lower control arm.

It is mostly present in the middle under the belly between the rectangular supports. The primary location is under the doors attached with keys and an adjuster.

Remove bolts, nuts, and keys

It’s time to loosen the nuts, bolts, and keys from the bar to separate it. Next, attach the air hose to the compressor and then to the air impact wrench.

Place the compressor on the bolts and press it to rotate and loosen the tight bolts with the help of a wrench. You should remove the adjuster and key because these are present with torsion bars.

Another method is to take a torsion bar unloader that is D shaped and place it. Rotate the lower rod until it gets fit in the hole. Then press it to rotate and remove the bar.

You can also remove it using GM tool J-36202 by placing it on the keys. The professional use it under the cab, and you can remove it using ½ inch ratchet and wrench.

Start loosening the GM tool J-36202 with the wrench and pull the bar away. Then, repeat the same method to remove the other supporting part under the cab of vehicles.

Remove the torsion bar

Usually, pull the bar toward the tailgate of the truck from the lower arm support. Here are the keys with the cross member, which attaches this part under the truck.

Again pull it towards the arm support and detach it from the keys. You should carefully slide it carefully and slowly to the rear part of the truck.

As a result, you have done with it in few minutes. The professional will take less time as compare to you to remove and adjust it.

How do you remove a torsion bar without a special tool?

You can remove it without using a specific tool such as torsion bar unloader and GM tool J-36202. Furthermore, you also do not need any ramp to park it.

You can park it in the home garage and outside the home if there is open space. Then, lift the truck using a jack and loosen the nuts and bolts using a wrench and socket.

Place the tire iron at the tip of the nut and rotate it anti-clockwise. It will remove the bar connection with arm support, and you will detach it.

You do not worry if you have to remove it in emergency conditions without purchasing the tool kit. Instead, go through this method and detach it.

Is it necessary to remove a torsion bar?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove it from the vehicle because it causes bangs while crossing the bump and uneven surfaces.

The company used high-quality material in making the torsion bar. Unfortunately, it enables to hold the heavyweight of the truck on rough roads.

It can break and damage the other parts. Sometimes it bends and hits with the upper apartment. It can cause scratches and the release of fluids when they do not handle the vehicle’s load.

This is because the rust spread to the nuts and bolts and weakened its strength.

You can remove it if you think you do not need it. Its attachment depends on the roads. Separate it when you are not going on rough roads and uneven surfaces. Some trucks already have heightened and leveled surfaces, so they do not need a supporting bar.

How does torsion bar work?

When you pass through the speed breaker, it will support the vehicle’s belly and do not allow it to rub.

One end of the torsion bar attaches with the frame and the other to the axle, which acts as a shock absorber. It rotates and converts the energy into thermal energy. In this way, it provides spring action to the vehicle.

Sometimes its surface becomes rigid due to the presence of dust and rust. You should apply oil and spray so that it will rotate without any restriction.

Does torsion bar wear out?

It will wear out when you are driving the Chevy Truck with a heavy load constantly. The bar will create a bang sound while crossing the speed bumps.

It means that it becomes too soft and contacting the surface. Anything will succumb to the metal when you load it heavy for a longer time.

The constant rubbing and contact of the steel rod with the rocks will damage it. 

Can you drive a truck with a broken torsion bar?

You can drive with the broken bar, but at in slow speed. So you should be very careful when you know about the breakage of this instrument.

You will lose control over the truck when you drive at high speed with a broken bar, resulting in a serious accident.

So it is better to remove and adjust it when it breaks and loses, respectively. In addition, the massive weight of the battle tank will put extra load and soften the bar.

It is better to remove it. Otherwise, it will affect the maneuverability of the vehicle and immobilize it in extreme cases.

Can you adjust the torsion bar?

Many people think that they can adjust it when it becomes loose and create sound while driving. 

To adjust it, take out your wrench, ratchet, and tire iron from the toolbox and fix the nuts tightly.

According to the best manufacturer and advisors, removing the torsion bar instead of adjusting it is best. It will work for some time after tightening the nuts and bolts, but it may damage the Chevy Truck after a few days.

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