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Can you turn a half ton truck into a 3/4 ton?

Can you turn a half ton truck into a 3/4 ton?

Here are the 13 best DIY methods for converting a half-ton truck into a 3/4 ton. We have explained all the required tools in this step-by-step guide.

Can you turn a half ton truck into a 3/4 ton? You can turn a half-ton truck into a 3/4 ton by adding shock absorbers, safety chains, improving tires and rims, increasing the truck bed’s length, and changing the axle and rear springs.

These are massive vehicles that are used in the transportation of heavy equipment.

Can you turn a half ton truck into a 3/4 ton?

Many fellows are confused when it comes to converting a half-ton truck into a 3/4 ton truck. Before going into the details, let me explain a few basic things.

What is a half-ton truck?

It is the truck’s payload capacity that they can carry from one part to another. You have to note the capacity of the vehicles to lead only the relevant on it.

It means that it can carry 1000 pounds on load. You have to check the specifications of the vehicles that you use before using them for massive weights.

What is a 3/4 ton truck?

This name also depicts the weight carrying capacity of the loaders. You can carry 1500 pounds of the weight from it or three-fourth of a ton. These are massive and are used in the transportation of heavy machinery.

Comparison between a half-ton truck and a 3/4 ton truck

Features Half-ton truck 3/4 ton truck
Payload capacity 1000 pounds 1500 pounds
Axle size Basic twin tube Twin-tube gas charged
Length of the truck bed 65 inches 78 inches
Price $34000 $39000
Vehicle weight 4100 pounds 4700 pounds
Horsepower 280 380
Fuel average 8.25 Km/L 7 Km/L

You have to increase the payload capacity by increasing its ratings of the mechanical parts.

Add shocks absorbers

You can increase its capacity by adding the coil near to the truck’s suspension. It will add elasticity to the system that will not become the reason for breaking the shocks and other suspensions.

When you add a good quality shock absorber, you will get a better ride on the bumpy roads and other dangerous areas. You can also load a refrigerator on your pickup with these tools.

You have to add more U-joints to make it easy for the suspension to work smoothly. You should choose the right shocks for your pickup. This will give more strength to the automobile while you drive.

Change the tires

You can also expand to at least double-width to increase the weight carrying capacity. Wider tires will provide the strength to carry the weights at longer distances.

When you make any mechanical changes in the system, you have to try it before using it regularly.

Older tires will not work in this process; you have to replace them after a short period. It can burst due to heavyweight when they are older and have a rough tire surface. Measure the weight of the Ford F350 and then replace other parts.

Add safety chains

You can also use chains to support the truck bed. It will be dangerous when you are using chains that have weak nature.

Different methods are available to tight the chains. You can use it lengthwise and widthwise. It will depend on the shape of the trailer that your vehicle has.

You have to look for all the options that provide a better support system. You should change the clogged fuel filter in your Ford F150 for better results.

You can also use both ways at once to make better support. Must tight the buckles properly so that it may not lose and break away. It is not compulsory to use steel chains only, but you can also choose leather belts.

Add trailer to a truck

The trailer that you are having in your vehicle may be of lesser size. You should look for a better measure to handle more cargo in it.

You can attach the different sizes of trailers by looking at the needs that you want from it. You will require one trailer, hook, chain, and a holder to complete the whole process.

You have to take the trailer near to your automobile. You have to attach the hook with the trailer for attaching the chain with it.

The chain should be lesser in size so that it may not face any problem in the connection. You must secure that small chain or belt with the holder with the four-wheeler.

You have to check that it should not break away when you are running at maximum speed.

If you have any trailer attached to your vehicle, you have to replace it with a larger size. You have to decide all the things with great care and focus because they will impact your whole journey.

Increase the size of the truck bed

If you are not using the trailer or of lesser size, then you have to increase its size by adding different materials at its back or front side.

You have to purchase a piece of steel or any other metal that can easily connect with the backside parts.

You can also use sheets of plain wood of the same width as that of your vehicle beds. You can use drilling or welding options to make its proper attachment.

You have to make proper holes and fix a good amount of nuts and bolts in it. You have to look for all the possible arrangements that can make a better connection.

Add shelves and racks

You have to look for the height of the lower part. You can add shelves and racks on the system that will help you to carry more items quickly.

You can make them for one visit or permanently also. You can adopt other ways to increase the bed’s space that suits the shape of the trailer you are using.

You have to take care of a few things while doing this that you have to do this after adding capacity to the system by changing the rims and wheels.

Change axle of a truck

It is the central rod type material you are using to support the wheels and connect.

The shaft you are using in the mechanical setup of the vehicle plays an important role. You have to replace it with the latest version of the axle with better capability than older versions.

You can consult a mechanic to note which version suits you most.

Change rear springs

It is a semi-elliptical spring that is also known as the spring leaf. They are used for the suspension of the wheels.

You have to look for better leaf springs that provide better suspension in the heavy commercial pickups.

It will remove all types of unnecessary problems from the suspension system. You can change it to improve the strength of your system.

Change rims of tires

Rims of tires are also playing an essential role in enhancing the weight-carrying abilities. You can increase its width and length and change the material for its manufacturing.

You have to increase the capability of the rims as you can. You can adopt different methods for this purpose. You can also change it to get better results for a longer time.


There are disadvantages of increasing the weight carrying limit of pickups. You may get damage any mechanical part if the capacity is not adequately improved.

The steering of the vehicle will remain stiff when it is filled with heavy objects. If your car has power steering, then its functions will not perform efficiently.

You will feel difficulties to operate the steering when filled with a heavyweight.

The sidewalls may get inflated due to the high weight, and pressure will increase in it. It can burst within a few seconds if you have not solved it quickly.

You have to look for all the problems that may be created due to heavyweight should be solved quickly.