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How to load a refrigerator in a pickup truck?

How to load a refrigerator in a pickup truck?

Here are the 7 best DIY methods for loading a refrigerator in your pickup. Collect all the required materials, and you can do this within a few minutes.

How to load a refrigerator in a pickup truck? You can load a refrigerator in a pickup truck by using a moving cart, lock its door, secure it with plastic straps, place it on the truck bed, and use brackets.

Always remove all the equipment from the fridge before you start this process, and secure its door correctly.

How to load a refrigerator in a pickup truck?

In this article, we have explained 7 proven techniques for loading and unloading a refrigerator on your pickup. Let me explain the required tools.

Materials required

  • Moving cart
  • Tape
  • Strips or cords
  • Blanket
  • Plastic sheet
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning tools

Remove all the contents of the fridge

When you decide to move, its first step is to remove all the items from it. Mostly these are piled up with food, vegetable, fruit, and other edibles.

Withdraw all of them and store them at some safe place. Some edibles can rot when kept outside, so eat them or give them to someone else.

You can easily store the dry items. Remove all the ice cubes and other frozen items from the freezer of your kitchen appliance.

After removing all the edible, now remove its parts. Remove all the trays side shelves, vegetable baskets, and other dividers from it.

You can also secure them or fix them in their place with the help of any adhesive tape. Different refrigerators differ in the types and handling of its components.

You should carefully read the manual of it. It will guide you about how to remove them properly.

When it is empty from the inside, turn off the switch and plug out the refrigerator’s switch. Fold and wrap the cable of it and secure it with the help of the tape.

Keeping it free makes it difficult to move the appliance. Unplug the stabilizer and keep it in its separate box. You should not damage the door; otherwise, it will not close; you can follow the steps to fix a truck door that won’t close.

Defrost and clean the refrigerator

You should start the process immediately after emptying and unplugging it. It can damage the electrical parts of it.

Keep it on its place for about 5 to 6 hours. Let all the ice in the freezer to melt completely. You can speed up defrosting by using a hairdryer or hot water to melt the hard ice pieces.

When all the ice is melted, wipe out all the water from both the upper and lower part of the refrigerator.

When all the water is wiped away, take a sponge and soapy water to clean it. Soak the sponge in water and scrub all the inner and outer part of it.

Clean all the smudges and filth from it; after this, wipe out all the moisture. Open its door and turn on the fan of the room for some time to speed up the drying.

You can also place any moisture absorbent in it like silica gel; it will absorb the moisture within no time.

Wrap and secure with straps

You should prevent it from scratches and any damage during this method. Different products have separate ice maker with them.

Secure it in a separate box and tightly wrap the package with tape. Now wrap the body of it with a plastic sheet. It is a must other it can damage the windshield, however, you can easily fix the cracked windshield on your pickup.

Wrap 2 to 3 layers all around it to prevent scratches. Fix the plastic sheet tightly by any strips. Adhesive tapes firmly bound the sheet in its place.

The doors can cause an issue by opening and swinging during transportation. Although you have wrapped a sheet around them, they can still get open.

Take any strong cords and strips and tie them up on all sides. Tie up all the cords both in the horizontal and vertical directions.

It will prevent any accidental opening of doors. You can remove them and attach them again when necessary. It is an ideal situation for securing all the dividers and compartments of it.

Use a moving cart

Dolly is a moving cart to displace heavy objects. Measure the weight length and width of it. Choose a device that has enough space for this to stand up. It should be able to lift the weight of it.

Displace the appliance from its position and away from the wall. You need the help of 2 persons to do it.

Stand in front of it with one person and one person at the back of it. Tilt it and push it toward you, applying some force.

You can use any slider to move it from its original position. Tilt it back a little and set a furniture slider on its front. Now it can move quickly.

Then remove the sliders from the front. Dolly has different tie-down straps that you can use to tie up the electrical appliance.

While tilting and sliding, it never positions it horizontally. Keep it straight up; otherwise, the oil from the compressor can go to the cooling tube.

It can damage the functioning of it. When it is on dolly or cart, take it near to the vehicle.

Load refrigerator on the truck

To place it on the vehicle, you will need a ramp. The ramp should have enough strength to lift the weight of the refrigerator and cart.

Open the tailgate and attach the ramp with it. Just tilt the dolly until its wheel touches the ramp. Then slide it towards the bed of the pickup by pushing it from the back. It should have a clean and smooth surface. If you have turned the truck bed into a tent, place the equipment on one side.

When you do not have a ramp, you have to adjust it by lifting it with two persons’ help. First, climb on the vehicle and place the dolly in the middle of the tailgate then hold it from back from both sides.

The other two-person will push it up from the base. You have to lift it, and when it comes to tailgate, the person holding the base slightly pushes it on the inside of the bed.

It is a difficult task, and a lot of attention is required. Try to lift it with a dolly to place it at a safe place on the bed easily. You can convert your half-ton truck into a 3/4 ton and use it for this purpose.

Secure it with plastic straps

After placing it on your vehicle, you need to secure it on it. It prevents any accidental movement of it.

One option is that place it directly on the automobile with the cart or dolly. Because previously, it is secure and tightens up with the cart.

It is risky because the dolly has wheels, and if it is standing freely in a moving vehicle, it can slide in any direction.

That why extra security is essential; for this purpose, you need unique straps that are used to tie up heavy objects.

Before buying them, be sure about the durability and strength of them. The straps should have enough power to hold it on its place.

Take two straps from any shop and start to tie up. Wrap one strap on the side and tie up its other corner to any object or tool present in the vehicle.

Keep the equipment straight up, and never try to tie them up by laying on the truck bed. Take other strap and wrap it on the front to back and tie its other corner to any hooks in the vehicle. Now it is entirely secure for transportation.

Unload the refrigerator

After transporting it to its destination, you have to unload it. To do this, you have to perform the steps in reverse order.

First, loose and open all the straps, use any knife to cut the straps from it. Now slide it with the help of someone to the tailgate.

Set up a ramp again and slightly slide down it by pushing the dolly from the back. A person should stand in front to handle it when it reaches the ground and supports it to stand up.

When it is without any cart, then you have to lift it again to put it down. Tilt is and slightly push it down, and the other two-person will lift it from the base until it reaches the ground.

Unwrap the plastic sheet and open all the straps that tighten up to protect the doors from opening.

Now again, you need some cart to displace it to its new position. Repeat the process by setting it on the carriage and slide it easily. You must replace the old front rotors in your Ford F150 for a better and safe journey.

Setup and fix all the detachable parts of it and wait for 4 to 5 hours before plugging it on.