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How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Ford F150?

How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Ford F150?

Here are the best DIY methods for removing and adding a new fuel filter in your ford truck. We have added all the details in this easy step-by-step guide.

How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Ford F150? You can change a fuel filter on your Ford F150 by raising the vehicle, remove the pressure, detach the connectors, remove the clogged filter, and add the new one.

How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Ford F150?

This article explains these 9 DIY steps to locate and add a new fuel filter to your vehicle. You can perform all these steps at your home, follow all the guidelines.

Raise the Vehicle

Start the procedure of changing the refiner by raising your vehicle. Use a steel jack for this purpose.

The steel jack will provide a good grip and helps to stand the truck on it firmly. You can do the same when you are changing the front rotors on the ford pickup.

Remove Pressure

There is a fuse cover located on the driver’s side. Remove the fuse cover and disable the reset button, which has a red button on top.

Now remove pressure from the flow line, which has high pressure in normal conditions. By eliminating the pressure, the gas will not leak and remains within the system.

Detach the Connectors

The refiner is connected to the front and backside with the help of inward and outward connectors.

Remove the clogged fuel Filter

It is present below the driver’s side. There is a metal-made clip that is used to enclose the appliance.

First, you should open the metal-made clip. Use a compression gadget on the front end of the component. Put a small amount of pressure, and it will slide off.

Now apply the same technique at the back end of the device; with a small amount of pressure, the backside will also slide off.

When both sides are disconnected, use a flat screwdriver to remove the choked refiner. You should also add a new starter to your pickup.

Replace with New Fuel Filter

Change the old cleaner with the new one. Place it carefully in your pickup so that the arrow should be facing the front side.

Again attach the front and backside and enclose them within the metal-made clip. Apply oil on the rings to reduce friction and add a refiner component with the connections. It will help to reset the ABS light on a truck and prevent further issues.

Restart for Test Drive

Press the inertia switch in red color after installing the new gear. When the engine is running, observe any leakage in the flow system.

When you are going through the newly placed protective gear test phase, keep the engine running.

Use Motor craft Filters

Manufacturers have developed a particular type of product named motor-craft protectors and advise all the potential buyers to use motor craft products in their vehicles.

These protectors prevent the system from mud and other impurities do not penetrate inside the engine.

These protectors almost eradicate ninety percent of the impurity compounds with a size of twenty microns or greater than that.

Motor craft protectors help the vehicle from having any problem or lagging in the motor. They also ensure that the engine does not have a faulty ignition problem.

They are also used to provide better acceleration and speed compatibility. It will be safe and protected if you use the recommended motor craft. You can clean the fuel injectors on your pickup.


Whenever you change the refiner of your vehicle, note the current mileage in your notebook or mobile. So you can access determine whether you need scheduled maintenance or not.

Gasoline is a liquid form that can decompose into smaller compounds and can contaminate the flow system.

You should remove the gas before changing it if the gas is unused within the tank for about five to six months. Otherwise, if it leaks in front of you, it will be harmful to your skin and cause respiratory issues.

If you do maintenance on time, there is no need to perform any tricky test as you know that your cleaner is old. You should remove it by just applying pressure and performing volume-based tests.

Where is the fuel filter located on Ford F150?

It is used to remove dirt from the oil before it enters the engine. It is made up of cellulose and plays a vital role in keeping it clean and helping the truck run smoothly. It is located near the railing below the truck on the driver’s side.

Many fellows get confused, and it is difficult for them to locate it on their pickup. We have added an image where we have marked its exact location, and you can easily trace it.

When to change the clogged fuel filter?

It is important to remember that it should be ideally changed after completing 10,000 miles.

Some experts say that you can even drag the refiner for about 50,000 miles, but it is always better to keep it in notice because although it looks small, it has a great responsibility to keep your pickup safe and sound.

You should read the instruction manual for all the details to prevent any issues.

Why should you change the fuel filter on your Ford F150?

Here are the main reasons that explain why you should change and add the filter on your pickup.

Light Signal

A light signal is used in combination with a water sensor present in vehicles running on diesel.

The light signal will be visible if a large amount of water is present inside the system. to get rid of the water, it should be removed, and you should add a new product.

Trouble starting

The engine will not start if the refiner is damaged or old. You can easily observe this problem when you start your vehicle.

To start a vehicle, the motor requires a cleaner to work correctly. Because of the clogged refiner, the engine will not obtain the necessary amount of gas.

Hence, starting the motor will be difficult initially, and after some time, the engine will not begin to whatsoever.

The engine not working correctly

If you are using a clogged refiner, there are no more chances that the engine will not work correctly.

You can indicate this problem by just cleaning the component, or if it is much older, you should consider adding a new device.


If your engine produces a bad smell, you should know that your cleaner is contaminated. Also, there are chances that other factors may cause it.

Still, you should not ignore this indication and must check your motor. Try to fix the issue and prevent yourself from having difficulty.

Fuel leakage

If you see fuel drops in the area where you park your automobile, then it is evident that your engine has leakage issues.

However, this escape can be in the form of gas or liquid. This problem shows that you should change the gear and change the O-shaped rings present at the cleaner’s joints. You should not tolerate escape and be aware of this problem.

Less Mileage

If the pickup is not working correctly and not fulfilling the required mileage, it is also the symbol of a contaminated cleaner.

Fuel Mixture

You should not add any other liquid or water into the engine because it will eventually damage the pickup’s real powerhouse when it gets contaminated.

So it is suggested that you change the refiner if any external fluid or water enters the engine.

Engine Repair

If any mishap occurs and your motor requires repairing or any change, you should also change your cleaner.

There are injectors present near the motor, which gets dirty due to mud and other factors. The pump also needs to be changed after some time. You can use premium gas in your pickup for better results.

The container which encloses gas also needs maintenance after regular intervals. If any maintenance is required in any of the parts mentioned above, you have to change the refiner.

Planned Maintenance

As the automobile needs regular maintenance after regular intervals, one must be cautious about any problem emerging in the vehicle.

You should notice oil and water gauges from time to time. Whenever scheduled repairing is required, you should check all accessories and try to fix the problem.

Slow acceleration

The speed of the vehicle gets lower if the cleaner is contaminated. When you try to accelerate or speed up the vehicle and not go to any pick-up mode, you should check the entire system because it is not working correctly.

You should review all the factors affecting the vehicle’s performance and then try to eradicate it as early as possible. You can also convert the half-ton truck into a 3/4 ton and get good results.

This is highly reliable and offers user-friendly automation. The engine is powerful, and the interior is very convenient.

Always keep an eye on the refiner to prevent future issues. Change the cleaner after every six months or if it is used excessively, exchange it with the new product after about ten thousand miles.

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