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How to fix a cracked windshield on your truck?

How to fix a cracked windshield on your truck?

Here are 7 best DIY methods to repair a cracked windshield on your pickup truck. We have added the required tools in this detailed guide.

How to fix a cracked windshield on your truck? You can fix a cracked windshield on your truck by measuring the size of the damaged area, clean it, remove the air bubbles, use a repair kit and resin.

How to fix a cracked windshield on your truck?

There are different methods to repair the cracked windshield that will depend on the type of cracks on your windshield. You have to note the problem wisely before defining any solution to it.

Required Tools:

  • Resin
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • cleaning solution
  • Repair kit
  • Screen polish
  • clean paper
  • Tape
  • Measuring scale

Determine the size and type of cracks

You have to look at the kind of damages on the screen. There are two layers in most of the screens that have some resin in them.

It provides image clarity and focuses while driving. It can also leak out of the two layers of the glass.

You can repair the glass only when the resin is not leaking from it. It means if it has little damage on the screen.

You can treat it with great care when you are looking for better clarity on the screen.

If any sharp material hits on the front side, it will make the hole around both layers challenging to treat.

There are also few rain sensors near the glass, and they cannot repair, but you have to replace them in case of any problem.

You have to understand the problem wisely that it should be easily treated or not.

Clean the area

There should be no glass particles on the broken screen. You can use different cleaning solutions to clean it. Never use harmful chemicals for this; you can use any cleaning solution and apply it.

The chemicals will clean it and make it available for any remedy. You have to find an easy solution to solve it correctly; gather all the required tools.

Remove bubbles from the windshield

You have to remove the bubbles to apply the proper technique to it. You have to inject the syringe in the outer surface slowly and start pulling it outwards.

It will remove all the air bubbles from the damaged surface. You can also add the adhesive material to make this process smooth. It will quickly remove the bubbles from the surface within a few minutes.

Use a repair kit

You can purchase any repair kit from online stores or the market. Permatex is one of the beautiful brands that provide the airtight repair kit to users. 

You have to decide the number of products by looking at the size of the damaged area. You can use one kit for 1-inch damage.

If there is a few more place, then you have to increase the number of kits accordingly. You can also use this to repair a truck door that won’t close.

You can check all the reviews by the customers before purchasing any product. It will give you an idea that the customers are satisfied with their products or not.

When you have chosen the right equipment, you must apply it to the surface. The necessary steps that are common in every kit will discuss here. Just follow this step-by-step guide for performing this procedure at home.

You have to use the plunger device to push the material on the inner side of the windshield. It is easy to inject the resin this way. You have to put some pressure on the plunger to get it downward.

You have to move the plunger through the damaged area. You have to add the resin from the equipment that you have purchased.

You can use any slippery material on the glass’s surface for the easy movement of the plunger. You have to look for all the materials that may provide you with better cohesion. You can use Vaseline to provide a slippery surface to the plunger.

The plunger you are using should be right on the top of the surface so that the liquid you are putting in it should be injected inside easily.

You can also use a few devices to fit the plunger precisely in the right position. You will no need to worry about the correct position while using it.

When you put the plunger on the surface, you have to move forward when removing from the backside. This kit is also used to get your truck unlocked without keys.

You have to look for all the sides wisely that it should not face any problem right there. You have to look for all the matters that may help you to identify issues at the start.

When you complete pushing the resin in it, you have to look at the entire surface that they have rectified easily or not.

You can check from the inner side that the view is clear or not. If you are loading a refrigerator on your pickup then place it on one side.

Repairing broken windshield

Use this solution to repair the broken and damaged parts. We have already explained techniques for using a repair kit and resin to reduce the crack.

You can use the papers pasted on the backside of the screen with any tape or gum. It will not allow the problem to exceed anymore, and you can prevent further damage.

You can remove them when you start injecting the liquid into it. You must have the idea that the liquid you are injecting in should have the quality of cohesion on the screen.

When you have followed all the safety measures of this process, then you will not face any problem while doing this process.

After getting complete knowledge, you have to start the process. It will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes if you follow all the guidelines mentioned here.

You can slow down your speed when you are doing it for the first time to gain confidence.

Use resin

When you have completed the process of injecting the material in it, you have to take the resin bottle. You have to put a small amount to remove them.

You can use strips on with this method when you are applying it. You have to place it for some time and remove it after some minutes. Do not rush into the process and must wear gloves and follow all the precautions.

You have to regularly check that the bubbles should not make on the inner side of the glass. They will not provide you a better view and cause hindrance in your view from the front side.

Use finishing materials

You can use any finishing material if you think some deficiencies are present in the whole process. This is a must for a decent finish; you can use a micro-fiber cloth for this purpose, move it gently over the surface.

It is better to do all the steps in a small-time when you have a better understanding. You have to try the patch from all the angles that may help you identify any problem.

You can also make a small drive on your vehicle to note that you are getting better clarity through the glass or not.