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Common Problems with Azdel Travel Trailers

Common Problems with Azdel Travel Trailers

Azdel is most famous for its high durability, wooden floors, and composite panels. In addition, these trailers have a comfortable interior because of proper insulation and weather-resistant walls.

Common Problems with Azdel Travel Trailers include their high price due to the addition of luxurious interiors and modern technologies. Moreover, its parts have no warranty, making it difficult to purchase new parts. The bending of axles is more common due to poor road conditions. The delamination of composite panels that contain fiberglass and polypropylene is expected due to moisture and heat.

Many people use these trailers because of their large interior, which is suitable for placing every kind of luggage. 

Highly-priced accessories

Price range is a significant factor when people buy any vehicle. They always consider it because it is necessary to compare the price range according to their accessories.

Some vehicles are costly, but their parts are not good quality, and companies only charge for their luxurious looks.

The parts of this trailer are costly, and people face difficulty rebuying them if any malfunctioning comes in them.

Some parts are crucial, and they need to be changed after 3 to 4 years, but people use them consecutively due to their high price.

Their expensive range also makes it less reliable because many people also find better ones in this price range.

When the company manufactures vehicles, they should consider providing better quality in an affordable range.

Some years ago, I conducted a research survey, and my target population is America. So I interviewed more than 50 people, and most of them were not happy with these travel trailer because it comes under a high price tag.

If any cracks come in their roof, recovering them and maintaining their original shape and structure is very expensive.

It is expensive due to its high-quality exterior material like plywood covering, which is high in price due to its longevity.

It is beneficial to buy them and spend money on them because they are more reliable and reasonable than other trailers. You should also reduce their price by adding less costly accessories to them. You can also add furniture that comes under fewer price tags.

No warranty of parts

Warranty is the most vital thing that needs consideration while purchasing anything. One of the safe points for people is that if something wrong happens to their product, the company will repair or change it without charging the customers.

The warranty of different parts of Azdel trailers is minimal ranges from some months to year. At this time, the parts perform well, but if malfunctioning comes in it after one year.

It will become costly for clients to repair and replace them because their parts are much more expensive than other ones.

Many people in my circle also tell me that they are not providing a warranty for some of their vehicles, and it is very challenging to buy them.

Moreover, if any product cannot reach the customers, they cannot fully refund their customers.

They deduct more than 70% from it and then send it back to their clients. It also becomes risky for someone to buy products that have no guarantee.

Moreover, it is also costly, and with no guarantee, so many people are reluctant to purchase them.

I interviewed people about their reliability score, and about 70% of the target population are not willing to purchase it because of their no guarantee.

Some parts are costly, and if an issue comes in any of these accessories, they are not providing customer service to replace or repair them.

In addition to this, their parts are also unique, and sometimes people cannot find aftermarket products compatible with these parts.

Delamination of fiberglass

The composite panels on the exterior and interior sides and contain a mixture of polypropylene and fiberglass material.

It is beneficial for your RV because they last for a long time without damage. It will also make your vehicle lightweight, making them better for towing. Moreover, lighter ones also save fuel economy by consuming less fuel during movement.

It will make the interior temperature resistant, increasing the Air conditioner’s efficiency during hot days and propane furnace during cold days.

It will also make the exterior weather resistant, preventing its surface from delamination and scratching.

Moreover, this material also absorbs sound waves, which will increase the durability of the vehicle and makes them more comfortable.

These are beneficial to trailers because they cannot retain water like woods or a simple type of varnish, which indirectly reduces mold growth on the interior side.

A slight amount of moisture is not enough to damage these fiberglass panels. However, my cousin told me that he has been facing the issue of delamination of walls for many years. You should not buy a camper with delamination.

A few years ago, he had another trailer which does not cause this issue. The delamination occurs in them because of leakage of the water tank.

The delamination happens due to poor maintenance, which can produce cracks on the surface. It also comes from excessive sunlight heat or furnace heat.

The water that penetrates the outer layer damages the bonds of fiberglass and polypropylene wood, resulting in cracks on the exterior surface.

You can control this issue by installing the exhaust, reducing the humidity level, and balancing the less harmful moisture level.

You can also repaint the walls with better quality mixtures with more strength.

Floor problems

The flooring issue is most common in these RVs, which increases the risk of damage. The floors contain wooden material to make them lightweight.

Moreover, wood is also beneficial for maintaining internal temperature during hot and cold weather. They contain wooden floors because they are easy to manage and less costly.

In addition, it is also robust, durable, and lasts for a longer time without changing its color. It will also give a luxurious and cool appearance to the entire interior.

It will also produce less noise during furniture movement and loading or overloading different materials.

The woods also accumulate less dust and debris as compared to carpeted floors. The problem with this type is that they will rot with a small amount of moisture.

Exposure to heating also increases the chance of damage because this material will shrink due to excessive heat.

The issue with wooden flooring is that it starts to wear out after some time. Recurrent damages are also expected that occur due to the presence of scratches.

You can solve this problem by making the internal environment ventilated. The proper crossing of air reduces the humidity level from water tanks and bathrooms.

You can also maintain their finishing by properly polishing them with wooden polishes.

Axle bending

The axle is the significant component of every vehicle for operating them and their adequate movement. The rod-like structure rotates the wheels and supports the chassis structure.

It is suitable for shocks to prevent the vehicle when you are driving them on bumpy roads. The failure of axles damages the engine because the vehicle is consecutively taking power from the engine but does not operate.

The excessive load in the cargo area increases the risk of axle damage. It will also fail or bents when you are driving on bumpy roads.

Due to their bending or loosening because it can cause poor alignment. As a result, your vehicle will move to one side and increase the risk of accidents and crashes.

The tires also feel difficulty in movement due to their failure and bending. You should check them properly if you think clinking and knocking sounds while driving.

You should replace them if they start to bend to resolve this problem. It is also better to grease adequately for proper working and prevention of noise.

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