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Common East To West RV Problems

Common East To West RV Problems

East To West is a division of Forest River that has been manufacturing its RV and trailers since 2018.

They provide high-quality services to their customers at a reasonable price while maintaining quality standards for many years.

Common East To West RV Problems include faulty seat belts which usually come due to defective retraction mechanisms, buckle, and webbing. The sagging also occurs in these travel trailers due to their heavyweight and damaged parts. It also has shelves which reduce the storage space. Moreover, the screws of the draws and cabinets are also loose.

The primary benefit that people seek from this RV is their large-sized bed. Due to this feature, people ignore its problems because these are also repairable.

Sagging issues

Sagging is common in these trailers due to poor quality material or some underlying cause.

Joists or jacks are present on the inner side to provide a stop. They will start to bend when you place heavyweight material and more pressure on the floor.

The joists and jacks also start to bend when they become weak or old. The presence of humidity for a longer time also reduces their life and make them vulnerable.

The accumulation of joist dirt will also weaken the joists and cause this fault.

This problem will also occur if the seals from the windows and doors are poor. The poor sealing will increase the risk of entry of moisture.

Sometimes the jacks are not appropriate according to the size of the vehicle. Also, the humidity on the floor for a longer time will cause the sagging of the floor. In return, they can’t be able to bear the heavyweight furniture, electrical appliances, and other items.

The floor becomes uneven where the pressure is more on one side. Moreover, the drooping will also occur due to heavyweight beds and heavy slide motors.

Sagging is typical in wooden floors, and they are more susceptible to damage.

You can also add new jacks of good quality to prevent drooping. It is also better to install jacks that can easily bear the weight of internal appliances and accessories of the RV.

My friend is using a travel trailer of another company whose floor is made of better quality steel which does not start to sag early after placement of heavyweight.

Fewer shelves

Shelves are a vital part of RV for storing different and valuable materials. People always take all the possible luggage and accessories according to their requirements during the tour.

Many of my friends who use this travel trailer for their trips complain that cabinets and shelves are not enough to place small things.

It will also make the place congested because people place their hand-carry and luggage bags on the sides of the floor.

I think that fewer shelves are due to their lower length and width. The availability of kitchen cabinets is also less, and it is difficult to manage them.

It is also challenging to adjust electrical appliances like an oven in a short space.

It will also cause a problem during cooking because you have to place utensils on them. If the shelves are also small in rooms, it will cause an issue for placing hangers with a cloth.

You should resolve this problem by using shelves extenders to increase the space for the hanging of clothes and bags.

You can also use small bags to place on these shelves to increase the space.

Loose screws of draws and cabinets

The screws of the draws and cabinets in the trailer become loose, and it will cause many issues. It will produce uneven noise, which becomes the reason for disturbance for the driver. They become unable to focus while driving on roads.

Moreover, the uneven noise also makes people uncomfortable during sleeping hours. It will also increase the vibration and wobbling sound.

It is necessary to cope with this situation for the comfort of passengers and drivers. The screws become loose when they become too old; their connections become weak with wooden cabinets.

Their problem also occurs when exposed to high humidity, accumulating rust on their surface and becoming weak.

When you forget to tight them after traveling in hilly areas or bumpy roads, they start to produce a vibrating sound.

They also become loose when you don’t use the appropriate screws according to the type of cabinets and draws.

The draws start to fall from their position when their screws become loose; it is difficult to fix them at their place.

It will also make the people irritated when they continuously listen to uneven noise, and their draws are coming out after some time.

You should tackle this situation by adding toothpicks in the gap; it will make them tight, and vibrating noise will not produce.

If you face this issue, you can install new screws of better quality and appropriate size. I have surveyed 110 people who are using East To West RVs.

The study results showed that about 70% of people who used this trailer had faced this issue after some years.

Problems with wall paneling 

Wall paneling is a protection cover to protect the walls from scratches, and it will also make the interior beautiful and luxurious.

Sometimes, wall paneling aims to make the room cozy during winters. It starts to damage when they become too old.

It will also damage the low quality of material used for their manufacturing. The primary issue that causes this problem is the high moisture level in the surroundings.

When your travel in an area where the humidity level is high, it will automatically increase the humidity of the internal environment.

The increase in dampness in return will decrease the life of wall paneling. If these are of wooden material, you have to face more problems like molds will grow there more and damage the whole structure.

If you cannot secure them tightly with screws that are apart from one another, it will also cause warping of the outer surface.

It also depends on the type f wooden material; if the wood is lightweight with less density, it will be less prone to damage than goods of high density.

The scratches also appear on them when you continuously move your accessories from one place to another due to congested space.

The paneling will also wrap when not adequately attached with good-quality glue. You can resolve this issue by using high-quality glue, nails, and screws to secure them at their position.

Moreover, you should also limit the movement of different appliances and materials to prevent scratches on the surface of walls.

Faulty seat belts

Seat belts are one of the significant parts of every vehicle to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers n highways and hilly areas.

East To West trailers have fewer seat belts, which is very risky, and it will increase the risk of accidents during the application of sudden brakes.

Moreover, the seat belts are low-quality material that will damage early. The issue that comes in them is stretching the capacity of its webbing.

Buckles of the belts play a vital role in securing the passengers; when clips are unable to lock the straps, they will fail to hold them on their seats.

The inappropriate holding increases the risk of injury during driving at high speed. Sometimes, seat belts unlock suddenly on their own due to these faulty buckles.

The issue also comes with a retraction mechanism, disturbing their holding capacity. Moreover, the poor quality material of webbing also has less life.

You should always check the functioning of seatbelts in the trailer before going anywhere to prevent yourself from serious injuries.

It is also better to check the defect of retracts from the wheel’s side and weld the buckles if there is an issue.

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