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What Size Bolt to Remove Silverado Brake Rotor?

What Size Bolt to Remove Silverado Brake Rotor?

Rotors are like discs and attached to brake pads. Its role is to slow down or stop the rotation of the tires and vehicle movement when you apply the brakes.

What Size Bolt to Remove Silverado Brake Rotor? You can remove the Silverado brake rotor by selecting the correct bolt size. The average bolt size that is preferable for the different models of the Silverado is M8x1.25 or M10x1.5, while the bolt head is approximately 12mm. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to remove these brake rotors.

When brake pads are squeezed through clippers attached to brakes, brake pads put pressure on rotors, which causes the tires to slow down and eventually stop if necessary. 

These can become inoperative or less efficient due to severe brake use or improper disc maintenance. 

You must use the correct way to remove these Silverado brake rotors before removing these; otherwise, you risk damaging the brakes. In addition, it requires the proper application of bolts and the subsequent tightening of a nut of the appropriate size onto these bolts. 

After that, you must be aware of using force for the stated purpose. Any wrong method can cause damage to the material. You can visit any authorized or well-experienced person to get this job done in the right way. 

In manuals, complete technical details are provided to completely understand any tool, part of your vehicle, and accessories. 

Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis and process are also available when and how to repair any broken or out-of-order part of your vehicle.

Tools Required

To remove the brake rotor, use bolt size and also need other necessary tools. It includes a ratchet and socket kit, torque wrench, C-clamp, Torx, and jack and jack stands.

Choose the Correct Bolt Size

The Silverado uses several bolt sizes to remove the rotor. If you use these to force the rotor off, you will damage the thread. Many people use 18mm bolts for the 1999 to 2003 model to remove the rotor.

In the 2004 Silverado 1500 truck, if the rotor is not loose even after using heat, lubrication, or trying a big hammer. Then, the M8x1.25 bolt size is suitable and perfectly fits into the threaded hole. 

In the 2006 Silverado model, a 12mm push bolt is preferable to remove it. Do not remove the spindle nut, or if you consider the lug nuts, it can be average 7/8 inches with a torque of 145 ft pounds.

In the 2007 model of the truck, the T-30 Torx screw can hold the wheel hub. The threaded hole in the brake rotor is best to fit bolts to help in removing the rotor. An average bolt size can be M8x1.25 that suitable for it.

 You may live in a region where air, salt, and cold can damage the truck parts. You need to remove it for that use the suitable bolt size. For my 2013 Silverado, I use M10x1.5. 

According to our survey, this bolt size gives more satisfying results. In this way 2014 to 2021 of that truck, you can use the bolt size around M10x1.5.

Remove the Silverado Brake Rotor by Bolt

First, you have to remove the wheel by unscrewing the lug nuts.

The rotor is strong enough, so scrap it and pull out obviously if it is not strong. Then, you can employ impacting force by hammering around the sides and knocking it out. But impacting force cannot be a favorite method because it produces stress on your truck parts.

Another easy method is to use the bolt with the appropriate size. For example, a lot of rotors come with a threaded hole. Sometimes you cannot find it, but that threaded hold can accommodate around M8x1.25 thread with a 12mm head. 

 You can put the bolt into the hole then unscrew it with a 12mm tool. Apply a little bit of force and take out the brake rotor. 

While using the bolt, you do some necessary measures because sometimes you face difficulty due to rust. Avoid using the cheap products from any source using the recommended strong bolt because it cannot pass through the threaded hole and cut the rust properly.

Sometimes rotors are stuck and face problems to remove it so you can use the penetrating oil, handheld impact driver with appropriate size bit, and #30 Torx screw.

In what conditions should you remove the Silverado Brake Rotor?

There is an issue with the brake rotors if you experience some form of vibration or buzzing in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes. 

It may occur due to many reasons, like, excessive use of brake results in wear and tear of discs of the rotor. Furthermore, due to heat generated during friction, it becomes uneven and results in problems during brake application. 

When blue color appears on rotors, it is necessary to evaluate your entire brake system. The appearance of this blue color is called blue coloration. Because of its blue color, it causes your vehicle’s brake system to work inefficiently. Many people sell the old parts, and you should know the price of scrap rotors.

Furthermore, quality standards, driving style and the region where you drive, and vehicle weight can cause the wear and tear of the rotors.

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