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Common Problems with Newell Coach

Common Problems with Newell Coach

People love the Newell coach because of its interior space and high-quality materials. These provide comfortable rides because of the good performance of the engine and transmission system.

Common problems with the Newell coach include a rusty frame, damaged spray paint, poor description, the soft floor near the entry door, and sun blistering on the roof surface. Moreover, the interior is not fancy, expensive to maintain, and has leaks in airbags.

Every RV has minor issues, which are also present in these motorhomes, but you can select them for camping because of their high-end quality. It provides a lot of storage in the bedroom area with a large closet for storing different things.

Newell Coach Problems Solutions
Rusty frame Replace the chassis frame
Damaged spray paint Recoat the damaged or cracked area
Poor description Visit physical stores to examine parts
Soft floor near the entry door Replace the damaged subfloors
Sun blistering on the roof surface Apply protectant layer
Interior not fancy Change paint color and wall panels
Expensive to maintain Hire a mechanic for maintenance
Leaky air bags Replace airbags

Rusty frames

Many people complain about the rusting of the Newell motorhome chassis. The corrosion can ruin the whole frame, and you must replace the whole chassis to get rid of the corrosion.

You can see rust on the sidewalls of the tires, which can also damage the wheels completely. The chassis of these motorhomes’ high-strength steel material.

It is low-quality steel material that can easily react with the oxygen in the environment and produce cracked marks with brown color on the frame’s surface.

In addition, steel is the type of metal that can rust when you park them in open and outdoor areas.

Rainwater and outside moisture increase the humidity content and trigger the oxidation reaction on the chassis frame.

You cannot completely stop this procedure because it can originate from hidden corners. Therefore, the only solution to completely get rid of the rusty frame is to replace them.

It is a costly procedure but protects the other parts from damage.

Damaged spray paint

The doors and exterior of the Newell Coach are coated with spray paint which is less reliable than brush paints. As a result, it can easily crack when it is prone to hot, dry, and dusty environments.

Moreover, the durability of spray paints is also less relative to other types. Application of spray paint requires more effort and care for a complete finish.

You can see cracks on the doors of the motorhomes because of poor paint application. The cracking issue comes due to the poor application of multiple coats.

Many times manufacturers apply the second coat before drying the first coat. The unfinished double layer produces cracks when these dry completely.

You can resolve the issue by repainting the cracked area because rust can come on these exposed metal surfaces.

Sand the cracked area to remove old coats of paint and apply a new coat of similar varnish. Wait for about 12 to 18 hours after applying the first coat.

Poor description

You can see multiple visible faults on the interior and exterior of the RV. They only show the good parts in the pictures that do not have any damage.

An incorrect presentation from the company can make people worried in the end. Moreover, people face different issues when they purchase a new one from the market.

It is better not to rely on pictures and make the decision after seeing the pictorial presentation.

Instead, you can resolve the problem by visiting the physical outlets and taking the expert with you to examine its several parts.

Soft floor near the entry door

You can see that floors near the entry door become soft and spongy because of overuse. The entry doors are in the middle of the motorhomes to reduce the generator noise in the inner cabin.

The significant and leading cause of soft floor is the high traffic areas. In addition, the entry doors are more in use because people constantly come inside and outside.

These become spongy and get damaged when this area is in more use. In addition, the issue comes due to water damage in these areas.

Rainwater comes on these surfaces because of wet shoes from outside. Water can damage the inner foam layer and make it soft and saggy.

You can resolve the problem by replacing the damaged subfloors. Moreover, identify the water leakage and reduce the humidity to reduce the chances of damage.

Sun blistering on the roof surface

The roof of these motorhomes is made of aluminum material, but these are coated with urethane material.

The urethane plastic coating is present over the aluminum to insulate the interior. It is a plastic coating that can get damaged over time, and you can see color fading issues.

The blistering and surface scraping of the urethane coat because of sun exposure. In addition, the staying water during rain can also damage them.

The heat from sun and UV radiations produces blistering and color fading of this plastic coat. You can protect the urethane coat from scratches and blisters by treating it with a protectant layer.

Spray the protectant or sealer coating over the urethane to increase its life.

Interior not fancy

The interior of the Newell Coach is not fancy or glitzy, which can give a luxurious appearance. It contains high-quality floor plans, furnished or insulated walls, and good furniture.

People often only want luxurious and appealing RVs for their trips that provide a comfortable feeling without any issues.

The interior is rough, and people are reluctant to purchase them. However, the company can fix the issue by making the interior more appealing and glitzier.

Choose a brighter color scheme for wall paints that give a unique appearance. In addition, it is also better to choose modern wall panels that can provide a luxurious interior look.

Expensive to maintain

The Newell motorcoaches are expensive to maintain because of their high-quality parts. Moreover, the parts are costly but do not last long because of the weight of the RV.

Engine, transmission components, and tires are costly to repair when they get damaged after some years.

You need to spend more coats on replacing damaged and worn-out parts. In addition, you have to clean them carefully because of their steel chassis.

You cannot do the service and washing procedure at home because it can damage the steel frame or the electric component.

You can fix the issue by hiring a mechanic for servicing and deep washing after every trip.

Furthermore, you can decrease the cost of expensive repairs by checking the problem and fixing it on time.

Leaky airbags

Airbags are the component of the air suspension system that provides a smoother and more comfortable ride on bumpy roads.

It is something different from the standard suspension system in most vehicles. These have coils and struts for absorption of road impacts instead of airbags.

The airbags are less durable because of their plastic balloons, which can puncture easily.

In addition, the small holes in these bags cause air pressure leakage, and you can feel an unbalanced driving experience and poor stability.

The plastic balloons of the air suspension deteriorate over time, and the pressure on each side becomes different because of air leakage.

Moreover, these are located closer to the ground surface and road, which can increase the chances of puncture in them.

The road elements like dust particles, hard structures, and dust come in contact with them and cause damage.

You cannot patch the holes in the airbags, and it is necessary to replace them for safe driving. Perform a bubble test to find the hole in the air suspension system.

Inflate the plastic balloons properly and spray their surface with soapy water. You can see bubble formation in the area of the leakage.

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