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Common Problems with Capri Campers

Common Problems with Capri Campers

Capri campers came into the market more than 20 years ago. They have some problems, but people buy them because of their lightweight design and unique features.

Common Problems with Capri Campers include its smaller size with less bed and storage space, including rooms and shelves. The roof leakage also occurs due to cracks due to continuous exposure to rain and snow. Propane heaters also do not work efficiently to faulty thermostats and ignition sensors. 

They come up with a refined and neat interior with a soft and comfortable mattress and cushions. Moreover, they also have the proper ventilation system, and the interior lights are also bright, which makes the interior comfortable and enjoyable.

Problem with attachment on High flatbed 

The Capri campers are manufactured in such a way that they come in the market without wheel boxes. Instead, you can place them on the flatbed of your truck.

Most of the trucks have high flatbeds to make the luxury and prevent swaying of vehicles.

The attachment with any pickup truck will cause problems to the people. People feel difficulty when they come in and out.

 Many people also take their pets with them when they go on a long tour so they can’t feel lonely at home.

The placement of campers on high flatbeds also causes difficulty for pets to come in and out. 

It will affect the people and pets and cause problems during loading and unloading. Many of my friends who use this for camping complain that they need special care when unloading their breakable luggage.

The loading of heavy objects like electrical appliances and furniture is also a challenging task. The people also get tired when they come in and out again and again.

When you are also taking your elderly with you, it will also create an issue because they feel difficult to step at this much height.

You can tackle this situation by using some support for your pets so they can quickly jump in and out without any injury.

You can also use small stairs for your easiness and comfortability.

Small size

Campers mostly come in small sizes, so people can easily attach them with their trucks. However, many people complain that the small size is not suitable for them.

These campers are of small size that it can only adjust 2 to 3 persons. It will make the interior congested and uncomfortable if more people try to accommodate them.

People also complain that they feel difficulty adjusting their luggage due to the ample space. Moreover, the major problem is that it does not have a separate bathroom area.

It will also cause storage issues for the placement of accessories during the trip. The beds are also small, and less if a person is tall, it will be difficult for them to sit on small beds comfortably.

The shelves are also less because you cannot adjust the electrical appliances and other accessories.

I have surveyed 100 people using Capri campers for at least 10 months, and I asked them about their vehicles’ common faults and issues.

70 of them say that the space is less and it is challenging for them to adjust their luggage and bags.

11 of them said that the size is fine, and they can also say that this size is perfect rather than spending the night intent.

19 people said that the larger ones are also best because you can attach them with any pickup truck.

You can adjust their space by using trundle beds which can take less space, and two people can easily sleep on them.

Moreover, you can also use less furniture and prefer good quality carpets for a pleasant stay. It will also be better to use fewer electrical appliances and less luggage.

Roof leakage problem

The roof leakage problem is also common in these RVs, and it will also cause damage to its internal parts. 

The dripping of water from the roof is due to different reasons, increasing the humidity level.

The water comes from the roof because it can be of low-quality material, which has less strength and can damage easily after some time.

The continuous exposure of roofs to heat coming from the sun during hot weather also damages their surface.

The cracks will also produce on the surface when they get old or due to harsh weather conditions.

Sometimes constant exposure to snow falling for a long time also produces cracks on the roof, and water starts to drip inside the vehicle.

The water inside the camper is problematic because it will damage your fabric sofas and chairs. It will also cause dampness on your bed, and you cannot feel comfortable sleeping on them during cold weather.

Many of my friends complain that the roof leaks from the ventilation system because of their loose screws.

Many times the manufacturing material of roof also deteriorates after some time and become less effective, and their life also decreases.

Some of these models come with a sunroof, which can cause water entry inside the vehicle due to excessive moisture than the normal range.

The seams will also appear on walls and sides, damaging the wooden shelves and other parts.

You can control this issue by proper maintenance and inspection of the roof before traveling. You should also park your vehicle in a safe parking area during rain and snow falling to prevent their surface from cracks.

Inadequate working of propane heater 

Many people complain that their propane heater in vehicle is working but does not supply warm air.

The main reason behind the less supply of warm air are clogged filters of propane heater. These furnaces also contain filters for proper flow back of air.

Exposure to dirt and some insects can block these filters, which can cause inappropriate flow of air. In addition, the accumulation of dust also blocks this filter, and air will not come out properly due to this issue.

The pilot light or ignition sensors are also the vital part that signals the furnace for ignition. The accumulation and faulty sensors will not signal the device for proper working.

Sometimes, I also forget to change the current room temperature to AUTO or on hat mode. Then the temperature control system is also unable to work and produce heat accordingly.

The gas and the electrical furnace both need power switches to work efficiently. The problem in these power switches or faulty barkers that can trip easily also cause hindrance in their working.

You can tackle this condition by proper maintenance of the thermostat. You can prevent the accumulation of dust and corrosion for consistent working.

You should also check and adjust the room’s current temperature adequately; if the propane heater is t working in the camper, you should also check the electrical supply. It is also possible that the sockets of the RV do not provide a proper electricity supply.

The problem in removing the camper from the truck

Turnbuckles are primarily crucial for the attachment of the Capri camper with the bed of the truck. You need jacks to slightly raise the camper above the truck’s bed for appropriate attachment.

Many people complain that when they attach them with a truck, it can cause an issue in taking off due to turnbuckles.

The turnbuckles may tighten when you drive on bumpy roads continuously, and they become tight due to excessive vibration.

Sometimes these bolts become tight due to the accumulation of rust on them and cause their removal difficult.

The taking off will also cause an issue when you mistakenly tight these nuts and bolts. Keeping the balance between the camper and the truck’s bed is also necessary while removing.

If both are not in balance, it will cause detachment difficulty.

You can resolve this issue by adequately tightening the turnbuckles and ties. However, you should not tighten the bolts and sufficiently maintain their cleanliness, preventing dust and rust.

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