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Common Problems with Aliner Campers

Common Problems with Aliner Campers

The Aliner camper is small in size, has a comfortable interior, and is economical for the family to go for long tours. 

Common Problems with Aliner Campers include a short bed that cannot hold the weight of two people. The triangular shape of the roof looks stunning, but it can also damage the sealing and allow the moisture to come inside. It has a poor ventilation system for air circulation and daylight. It restricts the people to carry the luggage as it has less storage space.

These are famous for their less weight than others, and vehicles with less towing capacity can easily tow it.

The triangular shape of the roof

The company made the triangular shape of the Aliner to make it look stunning. As a result, many people buy it at first glance when they see its attractive and different form.

It is economical for the whole family to go on a tour on a low budget. Many people have small vehicles which have low towing capacity. The A-shaped frame of the roof also decreases its weight; you can easily tow it to distant places.

It can climb on the slight slope of hills and go through the rocks without disturbance. Moreover, the triangle shape sometimes damages the sealing of the walls as the rain and snow directly fall on its surface.

The poor sealing will absorb moisture in the wall material and swell it. In addition, it softens the texture and weakens the bonds of enamel with a wall.

The damaged seal will allow the moisture to come inside, damaging the interior. You cannot hang the decoration ornaments and wall clock in this vehicle.

The triangular shape of the roof makes the space congested and darkens the internal environment of the camper. It also limits the space for hanging colorful or classic curtains and window blinds.

Sometimes people prefer the bunk bed in the trailer to make the journey more comfortable for each person. However, you cannot add a heightened bunk bed in it because it already has a slope on both sides.

It decreases the width of the inner side, and you cannot take additional necessary accessories to it. It also reduces the size of cabinets and cupboards on the wall.

If you celebrate your vacations, you should manage things. For example, take a small size clock or side table timepiece with you.

It is preferable to check the sealing and holes in the walls before starting your journey. Then, apply additional sealer on the exterior walls to protect in the rainy season.

Short bed

The vehicle has a small bed due to less space. Therefore, the manufacturer adjusted the bed in a small area to make the space for other things.

You can only adjust the small size bed in it; otherwise, there will be no space left for walking. The small-sized bed is ideal for these, but it only allows one person to rest.

The interior designer furnished the camper so that it looks broader inside. In addition, the placement of the bed at the ideal position makes room for couches.

The other person can rest on the sofa and have a sound sleep. Many people go towards the other vehicles because of the short bed.

Sometimes the manufacturer uses low-quality material for making the bed. Moreover, the small bed does not have sufficient space for a family.

The people will rest on the ground at the sides of the bed. It is not better in the winter or summer season because the people on the floor will feel cold in winter.

In the same way, you will not get enough air in summer. Many people replace the short bed with a large bed, but it is ineffective.

It is better to adjust the small bed in the trailer or replace it with a mattress only. Place the mattress on the floor and make a bunk bed with short height.

Absence of door stop

The vehicle door opens outside, and mostly it has a doorstop to prevent it from banging against the wall. So when you open the door, it keeps it open until you close it.

It is necessary to protect the walls from sealing and paint damage. Therefore, the company made the door stops in different styles and materials.

There is an absence of door stops in the Aliner camper, so the door does not remain open for a long time. Instead, it will shut automatically after a while.

It disturbs you when you take something into the trailer. So many people carry their sports kit, musical instruments, and other things.

The door closes itself when they pass through it. An additional man will open the door and stay there for a long time.

The door bangs and hits the wall of the vehicle. It creates an annoying sound and damages the door and the wall. First, the sealing cracks when the door hits again and again at the same position.

After that, the scratches will appear in the enamel and paint. It makes visible and large dents if you do not repair it at time.

It is better to add the door stop at the backside of the camper door. Attach one part of the doorstop with the wall and the other with the door.

When you open it, it attaches to its other part. It remains in an open position until you hold and close it. The door stops are available in many styles and designs.

Poor ventilation system

As the roof shape of this camper is a triangle, there is no proper space for ventilation. Its width is less from the upper side; it is slightly broad on the lower side.

Proper ventilation is necessary to make the interior moisture-free. Therefore, you should open the windows during the day when you go on a trip in winter.

It also reduces the condensation; otherwise, it will damage the interior, such as mattress, couches, upholstery, and other sensitive material.

It regulates the temperature of the internal environment to the outer environment. In this way, the vehicle’s internal environment will be more comfortable.

Sometimes the prolonged closure of the trailer for a long time can produce a smell due to moisture condensation and other reasons.

The airflow from the outside to inside reduces the irritating smell and removes the pollutants. There should be proper air circulation through windows and ventilators in it.

The trailer with a broader roof has more air vents on the ceiling and wall. Unfortunately, the Aliner camper lacks ventilation in the top due to its shape.

When there is a proper fresh air flow, it makes the interior pleasant and fresh. In addition, if you park it in the garden or near the natural flowers, it will increase the freshness of the outer and internal surroundings.

The fewer number of windows also reduces the light in the trailer. However, it does not have space, and daylight cannot come inside.

This vehicle has a small window due to the triangle-shaped wall. 

Spray the air freshener, clean the dust and vacuum clean the furniture timely. You can increase the brightness by adding more lights by hanging light color curtains, bed, and couch covers.

Less storage problems

Its small size limits the things and appliances in it. For example, you cannot hang the fan on the sidewall or the roof: the vehicle lacks electrical appliances and decorative items.

Many people face difficulty carrying their camping luggage with them on trips. Moreover, after furnishing and managing the fewer things in it, you will have limited space to go from one side to the other.

Some people bring the baby cot with them, but it does not have enough space to carry these things.

It has a small kitchen and toilet at the corners. Furthermore, it has small cabinets and drawers to store the dishes. You cannot place the large size furniture in it.

It is better to cook food in an open area; it will manage other necessary appliances. Remove the unnecessary things from the shelves and drawers.

You can set the oven and small electrical appliance on the side table near the kitchen. In addition, you should make the small shelves on the triangle wall in an A shape.

Many people manage the things in the drawers under the bed and the table. Take this camper on a trip in winter to avoid any air conditioner issues.

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